Saturday, July 26, 2008

Cops ready to fleece visitors to World Cup 2010

The Institute for Security Studies is issuing a stern warning regarding members of the SAPS taking advantage of tourists during the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

"And, with 2010 around the corner, some senior metro police managers have expressed concern about a potential escalation in incidents of petty bribery - such as paying money to escape a traffic fine," said Andrew Faull, an ISS researcher who specialises in police corruption.

According to News24, Faull said there was no measurable evidence to suggest police criminality and corruption were on the rise, but data indicated police authorities could do more to curb it.

Well I couldn’t agree more!

I have read countless stories of police corruption and criminality, and in many of these cases, the officer in question is still on the force.

I don’t care if it means getting rid of thousands of police officers – if found guilty of corruption or any other criminal offence – you should be out!

We just can’t afford to have these kinds of bad elements on the force. Yesterday, 27-year-old police reservist Inspector Joyce Mofokeng was shot by criminals after her and her partner raced to the scene of an ATM blast.

I am heartbroken to see the picture of her mother in tears on the front page of News24. Mofokeng's mother Florence said she was asleep when she was called by the police to tell her that Joyce had been shot.

She was escorted to Lenmed hospital in Lenasia, where she managed to speak briefly to her daughter who is recovering slowly. She said her daughter's teeth had been shattered by the bullet.

Mofokeng has for the past eight years, served as a reservist, hoping to be employed permanently. She worked four days a week,
without pay.

"She loves the police," she said. Florence said, raising the painful question of how soon her daughter - a keen cook - would be able to return to duty. Joyce is a hero in my eyes. She is risking her life for no pay.

You read this and then you read another article that states that two police officers were arrested in connection with ATM blasts in Wynberg.
One of the officers were from the explosives unit itself!

How can you have a person like Joyce working next to people like this?

So, as I said, even if we have to purge the whole police force of criminal elements, then so be it.

You have people like Joyce, who so desperately wants to be a permanent officer, and then you have others like Captain Dawid Johann Jullies, who wears the badge dishonestly. Surely people like Joyce deserve it more?

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