Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Black cop didn't want white doctor

With this type of black copper in the police farce, what could possibly go wrong? He is already back at work and no doubt picking up prostitutes (or whatever the woman was), getting pissed on duty and driving police vehicles without authority.

I say, viva affirmative action, viva!

The criminals know this is the calibre of their opposition and therefore have no fear of being caught.

Oh, and the blatant racist bit, imagine that it had been a white cop swearing at a black doctor. How long do you think he would have been employed?

Remember the story about the white cop fired by his black ‘baas’ cop for saying the word ‘fuck’?

There are two societies in South Africa and we must decide whether we want to continue playing the game or take our toys and go home. This is a bullshit sham ‘democracy’ and the sooner we wake up to the reality and do something about it – like uniting as an effective opposition - nothing will change. Okay, I had to laugh when I wrote "effective opposition".

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Kimberley - A police inspector apparently swore at emergency personnel, police officers and hospital personnel, and refused treatment after he was in an accident in a vehicle that he allegedly drove without permission.

Apparently there was a half-naked woman, not wearing pants or underwear, in the car with him.

Police spokesperson Mashay Gamaldien said on Monday that the inspector was driving a police vehicle on Saturday when he was in an accident about 30km outside Kimberley on the N12. The head of the Independent Complaints Directorate in the Northern Cape, Dan Morema, confirmed on Monday that a complaint of drunk, reckless and negligent driving had been lain against the inspector, who works at the police's provincial communication department in Kimberley.

'He refused treatment'

"The case was not reported to the Independent Complaints Directorate. "We only became aware of it after we received an enquiry from Volksblad."

Morema said the suspect was arrested at the accident and taken to the Kimberley Medi-Clinic. The inspector apparently refused treatment at the clinic and used foul language towards the hospital personnel.

Medi-Clinic's spokesperson Denise Coetzee said the patient had been very unruly. "He refused treatment from the sister in the emergency unit, as well as from the doctor who was on duty.

"He said he didn't want to be treated by a white doctor."

According to Coetzee, the man said the hospital personnel were racist. "He also refused to provide any personal details or medical aid information to the personnel."

Coetzee said that security had been summoned to help.

Driving under the influence

The police were also called. They handcuffed the inspector and took him to Curomed Private Hospital. He was treated for a cut on his forehead, admitted and discharged on Sunday morning.

Morema said there were claims that the inspector had been driving under the influence of alcohol when the accident took place and that he did not have permission to use the vehicle.

A blood sample was taken. Another claim was that the inspector had put in petrol in the vehicle in Warrenton and had then driven off without paying.

Morema said the inspector had not been suspended, but that a disciplinary hearing was pending.

The inspector told Volksblad telephonically on Monday that he was still receiving medical treatment and could not comment.

(Hat tip: Denise)

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