Wednesday, July 30, 2008

ANC infighting will cost Western Cape

The firing of Rasool as Western Cape Premier is a result of ANC in-fighting.

"The firing of Ebrahim Rasool as Premier of the Western Cape by the ANC will not resolve the internal problems of the ANC in the Western Cape”, was the reaction of Dr. CornĂ© Mulder, Leader of the FF Plus in the Western Cape about the ANC’s decision.

Conflict and factions within the ANC of the Western Cape is not linked to the position of the Premier, but it is all about a much deeper division.

Furthermore, the appointment of Lynne Brown as new Premier of the ANC in the Western Cape will not succeed in keeping the ANC in power in the Western Cape after next year’s general election.

"The sacking of Premier Rasool not only means the end of his premiership, but is also the beginning of the end of the ANC’s control and governing of the Western Cape. A coalition of opposition parties will govern the Western Cape after next year’s general election”, was Dr. Mulder's prediction.

Dr. Mulder also said that this is actually a refining process to replace Mbeki loyalists with Zuma loyalists.

It should be remembered that Lynne Brown was the only provincial minister in the Western Cape who was elected to the National Executive Committee of the ANC at the party's conference last year in Polokwane.

Gwede Mantashe, secretary general of the ANC, did not, without any reason last week state that not only the heads of the premiers in the Eastern and Western Cape will be rolling but that they also have the premiers of the Free State, Northwest and Northern Cape in its focus.

It makes this refining process very dangerous because it isn't about better service delivery or to curb corruption. To the contrary, the divisions within the ANC are already busy influencing the functioning of municipal councils.

Mr. Werner Weber, FF Plus provincial leader in Mpumalanga, just last week said in a statement that it is not at all strange nowadays for ANC members in the Pixly ka Seme Municipality (Volksrust) to hurl death threats at each other during council meetings.

"The ANC will have to urgently look at the actions of its members who are involved in this in-fighting and refining process in order to prevent democracy in South Africa from being damaged.

If the ANC leadership fails to do this, the internal fighting and violence will also spread to other areas of the community", Mr. Weber added.

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