Saturday, July 26, 2008

ANC donates R1.5m to Zuma

Observe people, African ‘democracy’ at work.

The minions have chosen their leader. The leader can be a brute, a thug, corrupt, it does not matter. Hail the mighty chief.

They will follow him into the depths of hell. African culture is such that it works around a Master and Slave mentality.

The master is always right and the slave is there to serve.
The master can do no wrong. The slave cannot challenge the master.

That is the mindset of Africans and why we have despots all over Africa. The rulers can rely on the culture of subservience and absolute obedience regardless of the suffering and hurt they cause.

The slaves on the other hand believe it is their lot in life. It is their fate to be dominated and abused. And so, with all this in mind, the peasants of the ANC have chosen their next master and have begun to bestow gifts upon the master to seek his favour.

Zooma will never go to jail, of that I am 100% sure.

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ANC President Jacob Zuma confirmed that even though the party took a decision at its general council in 2005 to support him, nothing concrete was done since then.

Zuma, who heads South Africa's ruling party, made the comments after the ANC conference in Free State donated money to him. In an impromptu fundraising drive, delegates at the provincial conference raised R52 000, and they pledged an additional R1.4 million.

The conference broke into song when Zuma arrived but that was only the beginning of the delegates' generosity. With a bit of encouragement from the re-elected provincial Chair and Treasurer, they opened their hearts and pockets and amassed over R52 000 in cash and much more in pledges from ordinary branch members.

The money was a welcome boost for Zuma, who has already spent hundreds of thousands of rands to defend himself against corruption charges.

Zuma also took the opportunity to defend the ANC's decision to start its own newspaper: "It is the first concrete support that has been extended to me and as you know, I have to pay lawyers. I will be able to do that, and with this support, who can't win?"

With less than 10 days to his trial, which is bound to be lengthy, the ANC President needs every penny.

South Africa's North West ANC Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) has resolved to show its undivided support to Zuma during his corruption case next month. The PEC has taken this decision at its meeting in Taung. ANC Provincial Chairperson Nono Maloi says members of the ANC throughout the province will be mobilised to picket at the courts, demanding the withdrawal of charges against Zuma.

The PEC has further resolved that Zuma should be the country's President. Preparations for the campaign for the pickets at the Mmabatho High Court by PEC members will commence next Monday.

Maloi says the ANC in North West is expecting to overwhelmingly win next year's general elections with more than 87%, which they obtained in the last elections. The PEC also announced that disciplinary action against those members that summoned the party to court last week is underway.

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