Saturday, July 26, 2008

Accused four “boasted” about murder

We had Mandela's birthday bash on every local and international TV station in the world for weeks on end.

Strange how the daily reality of life in this utopia that he has created is overlooked.

There are so many tourists in for a rude awakening in 2010.

Four men accused of killing a Grahamstown man by dropping concrete blocks on his head had boasted about his death, the Grahamstown Regional Court heard on Thursday.

“I was told by Kiti that the dog was dead and the others kept repeating the dog is dead, the dog is dead,” State witness Nandipha Ndnise, 18, testified.

She was giving evidence against Thobani Dondashe, 23, Lumko Kiti, 25, Masibulele Mthetho, 23, and Thando Msipha, 19, of Extension Nine, Grahamstown.

They are accused of the kidnapping, murder and robbery of Mzimkhulu Vuso, 26, of Extension Nine, at the Dlepu soccer stadium on June 4 last year.

The four allegedly assaulted him, after he had boasted about his membership and seniority in one of the prison gangs. Ndnise said she did not see the fatal attack, but the four accused had told her what they had done to Vuso.

Ndinise said she asked them what they had done to Vuso, and was told he had been taken to the soccer stadium and “bashed on the head with concrete blocks until he died”.

Both Vuso and Kiti are alleged by the state to be members of the 26 and 28 gangs, respectively.

Ndinise said she had gone to the stadium early the next morning and found Vuso’s partially clothed body lying next to a wall, with six concrete blocks near his head and chest.

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