Friday, June 20, 2008

We want your land

It begins…

Despite the new Bill being unconstitutional, the ANC, true to form will ride roughshod over the rights of property owners and any objectors and expropriate any land and do whatever it wants in a fit of yet more bad law.

- - - - -

The Agricultural Union of South Africa (AgriSA) and the South African Forestry Institution have expressed their opposition to the Expropriation Bill. The legislation has met with strong resistance from certain quarters, with the DA saying that the law would erode the property rights of many.

They say that they support the constitutional principle of land reform but that the detail of the Expropriation Bill actually goes against the Constitution and therefore they have given up reasons why they are not supporting the bill per se.

They say it undermines the provisions for property rights and that it gives wide powers to the expropriating authority. By the same token, it also limits the courts regarding compensation.

AgriSA president Lourie Bosman says the proposed expropriation bill must be withdrawn. He was speaking during parliamentary hearings on the proposed bill.

Bosman says the legislation could have unintended consequences including the loss of investor confidence and it could threaten food security. There has been concern that the legislation could be open to legal challenges.

The government and the ANC, on the other hand, feel the measure is the only way the government can deliver on its restitution goals. Public hearings on the proposed measure are being held by the Public Works committee.

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