Tuesday, June 10, 2008

*Security Warning* - Motorist burned with acid by hijacker

There is no limit to the depths of depravity to which these criminals will not sink.

And they have the world’s most “liberal”, “enlightened” and “progressive” constitution to thank.

Back in 1994, the first order of business of the 'new' SA gubbermunt was to enshrine the ‘rights’ of criminals.

Then they proceeded through sheer stupidity and mismanagement of the police and legal system to further guarantee that the chances of criminals being apprehended and brought to book are next to zero.

"A Better Life for All" they said. They meant "A Better Life for All Criminals".

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A new car hijacking method has been reported to police: A motorist was approached by a well-dressed man who sprayed his face with pool acid using a syringe. The victim suffered severe burns.

Hijackers are using pool acid to attack motorists, police warned today.

Superintendent Zandra Wiid said in a recent case in Rivonia, a motorist had stopped at a traffic light when a well-dressed man approached the car.

“He used a syringe and sprayed pool acid on the victim’s face. He suffered severe burns,” she said.

Wiid said police in other provinces had been alerted to the new method. Although no such cases had been reported in her province, KwaZulu-Natal, Wiid said motorists had to be aware of the new tactic.

“Motorists should be careful and not wind down their windows for anyone and keep all doors locked. It is important to always be alert,” she said.

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