Friday, June 27, 2008

Mbeki’s double standards

Are you kidding me!

Just when you think President Mbeki has completely gone off his rocker, he goes ahead and does something stupid again.

On the eve of his trial for corruption and defeating the ends of justice, it was announced that suspended National Commissioner of Police Jackie Selebi, has had his contract renewed and extended by a year.

Should I be too surprised that it was President Mbeki himself who supported the renewal?

Ok, I know someone is innocent until proven guilty, but when you have a national police commissioner facing charges of corruption and defeating the ends of justice – it just seems odd to have his contract extended on the eve of his court case.

Mbeki said that the decision was based "on the need to allow due process to be concluded before a final decision could be taken on the future of his employment contract with the state.”

Ok, if that is the case, why did he fire Zuma as Deputy President? Is this not double standards?

How about Mbeki’s involvement when he ordered Vusi Pikoli of the National Prosecuting Authority, dismissed for investigating Selebi in the first place?

In any case, surely they could have waited a while before renewing his contract?

I would love to know what Selebi has on President Mbeki, because he is hell-bent on keeping him there as national commissioner, despite his poor record in fulfilling his mandate and the disgrace he has brought to the SAPS and its image.

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