Monday, June 23, 2008

Mandela to be off US terrorist list

How does a terrorist cease to be a terrorist?

Let's see. He led a terrorist organisation that planted bombs in shopping centres and restaurants killing civilians.

This is a man that sang songs about killing Whites - after he was released from prison!

Just look at the company he keeps.

There you have it folks. Do your damndest to overthrow a government - violently - kill civilians (the end justifies the means), take over said country, become ‘legitimate’ somehow and hey presto, you are no longer a 'terrorist'.

Ditto Ghadafi, Arafat, Abbas (now leads the PLO/PA), the IRA (all sides) and even ETA (the Spanish separatist) organisation, all are off or may be soon off the list of terrorist groups.

One wonders how the victim’s families feel when these terrorists go free, unpunished. There is no justice in this world. Maybe in the next?

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Former South African president Nelson Mandela may have been removed from a US list of terrorists by his 90th birthday next month, officials say.

South African Ambassador to the US Welile Nhlapo said on T
hursday he was in talks with the State Department and lawmakers to resolve the issue by Mandela's birthday on July 18.

Lawmakers in April introduced legislation in Congress to remove Mandela from the list, a step that is normally a government administrative matter, because they were frustrated by the time the process was taking.

The State Department has said it and the Justice Department fully support the bill, which passed the US House of Representatives on May 8 and is awaiting Senate approval.

"We have been able to clarify and resolve certain questions that were hanging in the minds of some people as to whether to support the process or not," Nhlapo said.

Mandela and some in the now-ruling African National Congress are still blacklisted under US laws and need special permission to enter the United States more than a decade after the apartheid struggle ended.

No plan has been announced for Mandela to visit the United States once the bill passes. He last visited the United States in May 2005.

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Anonymous said...

Whilst he remains silent about Mugabe they should keep him and all the other ANC terrorists on the list. Hiding behind his age and health etc doesnt wash with me especially as he can fly to London for a birthday party and meet with the Queen and the PM of the UK.He says he is raising money for his "Charity" but I pick this up in the comments column of the Scotsman from a guy in Cape Town:

In fact if you visit one of SA's most prestigious Portugeuse restaurants in Sandton City, Gauteng. There on the wall as you walk in you will find a cheque, signed by Winnie Mandela. She took her close friends there for lunch and it cost a small fortune, but no problem for Winnie. She used a Mandela Childrens Fund cheque to pay for the meal.
The cheque sits uncashed on their wall..

Any way this can be checked out and if true exposed?