Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mad Bob to be sworn in on Sunday

If the ANC recognises the results of this sham 'election' then we can pretty much guess the future chaos awaiting our country when it comes time for the ANC to be booted out.

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Mad Bob is heading for a landslide victory in a one-candidate election boycotted by the opposition and is expected to be sworn in on Sunday, official sources said.
The sources told official tallies from two thirds of polling stations showed Mugabe, 84, defeating opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai by a huge margin in a poll his critics have condemned as a sham.

Tsvangirai was left on ballot papers after electoral authorities refused to accept his withdrawal a week ago because of violence against his supporters.

"The tallies are indicating that despite the wishes of our detractors and the propaganda of our enemies, the voter turnout was very big and that we are going to see a landslide victory," said one official, who declined to be named.

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Anonymous said...

Looking at all the solutions offered I really believe the one that will make Mbeki and the ANC sit up is if FIFA threaten to take away the World Cup. That will hit them the hardest not only in the pocket but because the South African simians will go apeshit and turn against him.