Sunday, June 22, 2008

Julius Malema: Mampara of the Week

We have a live one here folks. You might think he is as thick as a plank and will go nowhere but then being stupid didn't stop Zuma reaching the top.

(PS: For foreign readers, mampara is a South African term to describe a fool, an idiot or as I like to think, a tosser.)

- - - - -

What a wonderful president the ANC Youth League has in Julius Malema. He opens his mouth and great clods of dung are splattered far and wide.

He’s threatened to take up arms for ANC president Jacob Zuma and kill counter-revolutionaries. He’s waffled on about distortions, misinterpretations and insults aimed at the league and himself. Now this jumped-up Msholozi Mini-Me says his statements have “been regrettably blown out of proportion with a clear malicious intent and consequence”.

Zuma had to scold Malemampara for his “grandstanding” this week. He needn’t have bothered — chances are the fool will be silenced soon enough by adroitly stuffing both his feet in his mouth.

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mika said...

no need to say anything more... he realy is a mampara!!!