Tuesday, June 24, 2008

El Presidente Mbeki 'Hopes'

No, schmuck, stick your “hope” up your arse.

For years you were warned that your ‘quiet diplomacy’ bullshit would lead to this.

Did you listen? NO.

Did you care? NO.

Were you complicit in the failed state that is Zimbabwe? YES!

Mr ‘No Crisis’ Mbeki, you and Mad Bob should be hauled before the Hague and dealt with as co-conspirators in the fraud that is Zimbabwe and made to pay for the gross human rights violations.

Mbeki, the ANC and the South African ‘government’ are a disgrace!

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Thabo Mbeki remains hopeful that the political leaders in Zimbabwe can still work together to find solutions to the country's challenges.

This is despite tensions and mixed reactions following the announcement by Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the opposition party (Movement for Democratic Change), that it will no longer participate in the Presidential election run-off which is scheduled for 27 June.

"I would hope that the leadership would still be open for a process which would result in them coming to some agreement about what happens to their country," commented the Southern African Development Community (SADC) appointed mediator on Sunday.

To address the challenges facing the country, President Mbeki said he would try to encourage that process. The President was speaking in Nelspruit during a two-day Presidential Imbizo, which started on Saturday.

With just four days to the presidential election run-off in Zimbabwe, the MDC has announced that it would not participate in the election contest. Mr Tsvangirai, however, needs to inform the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission in writing of the party's withdrawal, according to the Robert Mugabe administration.

Mediators and observers from both the SADC and the UN are on the ground trying to find solutions to the political violence that has erupted in different parts of the country. The beatings and intimidation that has been reported has led to tensions while hundreds of lives have been lost.

Recent media reports indicate that scores of families are being evicted from homes for allegedly backing the MDC.

Addressing the media on Friday after the 6th Session of the South Africa-Cuba Consultative Forum held in Pretoria, Foreign Affairs Deputy Minister Aziz Pahad said there were now over 400 SADC observers to oversee the elections.

"We have increased the number of AU observers, we have observers from other countries that were invited.

"All of this is an attempt to ensure that we can assist the Zimbabwean people to have a climate in which they will feel that they can get their vote without fear and in a democratic way," he said.

Responding to a question on whether it is advisable for the Zimbabweans to continue to hold the elections in the light of ongoing discussions on the government of national unity, Minister Pahad said: "[It] is a decision the Zimbabwean people must take as there is no country that has the right or authority to impose that decision.

"It is not in our power to say anything to the Zimbabweans about the processes or what form of government they must have at what stage." The deputy minister said South Africa and Africa as a whole will support any decision that the Zimbabweans may take.

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Francois said...

Tell me something. Who draws the pictures? Is there a site where I can download?

Anonymous said...

@ grumbleguts..

The pics are available on the net all over the place, just a case of searching for an image topic and using a pic that is appropriate to the story - then I either leave as is or I touch up with my own 'artwork'.

Francois said...

@ Doberman said...25 June 2008 08:06

The pics are very good. I could'nt draw a crooked line if I tried. Well done.

Anonymous said...

@ grumbleguts..

Thank you. And thank you also for stopping by my humble blog. I appreciate the interest.

Francois said...

@ doberman..25 June 2008 09:28

Blogs are there to be read and commented on. This is a good informative blog. I have grown tired of hearing people say "why does'nt someone do something", when what they should be saying is "I am going to do something". You can't share in the spoils if you are not prepared to get ye olde hands dirty. You watch the Russian soccer match the other evening? They ATTACKED WHENEVER they had the ball!!! Good lesson for SA. Whites are too complacent and expect the West to solve their problems. The West caused the problems.

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