Thursday, June 26, 2008

ANC statement returns us to our rightful place - what?!

This reporter must be smoking magic mushrooms. Yippee, he says, the ANC made a statement – just a statement – and that returns us to “our rightful place”?!

Wait a freakin’ minute...

For eight years, 4000 farmers and their workers were driven off their farms violently. The ANC said nothing.

For eight years, Zim has been in economic freefall and the ANC said nothing.

For more than eight years, Mad Bob has had the explicit support of the ANC regime to rig election after election and the ANC said nothing.

So yesterday, faced with condemnation from the world, the ANC finds its ‘moral’ voice?!

And just putting out a “statement” makes everything alright?

How about DOING something, ANC? How about booting that mad f**k in Zim into the sea? How about stopping his free electricity and freezing his funds? How about a good old-fashioned kick up his arse?

A “statement” is just words, something the ANC is adroit at doing. Big on words but small on delivery. Meaningless drivel.

The ANC remains as culpable for the mess in Zim as Zanu-PF and Mad Bob and until a properly elected president is in place, the ANC’s crude, dim-witted, worthless “statement” means ZILCH, NADA, N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Do you UNDERSTAND the notion, ANC?!!

- - - - -

The ugly incidents and scenes that have been visited on the people of Zimbabwe persuade us that a run- off presidential election offers no solution to Zimbabwe’s crisis.

The very legitimacy of a run-off has already been severely compromised by the actions of both Zanu-PF militants and those state officials who do not even conceal their partiality in favour of the governing party.”

The words of Morgan Tsvangirai? Of Helen Zille? Or Gordon Brown?

Wrong on all three counts. These are the words that appeared in a statement released by the ANC yesterday.

They are words that will profoundly change the diplomatic climate surrounding Zimbabwe.

For the first time, Robert Mugabe stands alone in Africa, the South African lifeline to legitimacy that has been maintained by President Thabo Mbeki finally severed.

For the first time, the world speaks with one unequivocal voice on Zimbabwe, acknowledging that Mugabe’s is a government prolonging its stay in power through unacceptable means.

The ANC statement was echoed by ANC president Jacob Zuma, who said yesterday: “We cannot agree with Zanu-PF. We cannot agree with them on values. We fought for the right of people to vote, we fought for democracy.”

But the ANC’s words do not just provide hope to Zimbabweans; they finally break the great human rights drought in South African politics.

The ANC statement returns this country to its rightful place in world affairs — on the side of the people, in favour of democracy, believing in human rights and against the tyrants.

It represents welcome nourishment for a young democracy that has been starved of hope by years of Machiavellian diplomacy, which has seen this country remain silent on human rights in the face of world anger.

We must now return to our core values and stand by them, no matter the short-term cost.

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