Wednesday, June 25, 2008 gone

Geesh…what can one say to this?

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The powerful online shopping retailer Amazon refuses to do any more local business using the SA Post Office.

How embarrassing to be lumped with Nigeria as not being trustworthy enough to deliver standard shipped parcels.

This is reportedly because of rampant theft of items sent through the state postal service once they land on our shores.

Items now ordered via the Internet will cost an extra R400 for the courier service Amazon will use as a safer alternative, thereby pricing many things out of reach.

Post Office spokesperson Lungile Lose says 1 699 items were stolen during 2007/2008 and there was a 99% success rate in pursuing them. (yeah... sure)

Specialist technology and other measures are apparently in place to prevent thefts. This number of thefts does not seem to be too way out of control but, as with the thefts of airline passenger luggage, once South Africa’s honesty and reliability is besmirched, suspicions and bad news travel fast.

And what a pity that this freedom of choice should now be gone when online shopping has provided so many new overseas-sourced products for South Africans.

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