Friday, May 23, 2008

Minister admits to dirty water problem

After months of denial (would you expect anything different?), the gubbermunt munista in charge finally admits what South Africans have been tasting in their mouths and feeling in their bowels.

The solution is simple: more 'legislation', placing unqualified 'experts' to monitor the situation (the criteria for selection being firstly based on the appropriate skin pigmentation) and watch for more of the same.

South Africa had the highest quality of water standards in the world - until the ANC got its hands on it.

Maybe we'll get around to tackling the problem for real when the ANC no longer dominates the gubbermunt.

Careful what you drink now, y'hear?

- - - - -

National government could intervene in municipalities who fail to supply their residents with clean water, Water Affairs and Forestry Minister Lindiwe Hendricks said on Friday.

Speaking during the department’s budget vote debate in the National Assembly, Hendricks said 6% of municipalities, manly in rural areas, had failed to comply with the minimum standards for drinking water. (6%? Wishful thinking. Try 60%)

“It has become apparent that there are municipalities that clearly cannot perform their functions,” she said.

“We are now looking at the legislation and regulatory framework to identify the means of taking their water quality management function, and where boards can be used to perform some of these functions,” she said.

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