Friday, May 23, 2008

ANC stained by scandal and mismanagement

Mandela: Corruption under the ANC is "actually worse than the apartheid government”.

Under Thabo Mbeki, the ANC-led government has drifted farther and farther from basic democratic principles.

The government undermines the country’s constitution and legislature, often criticising judgments handed down.

It has instilled in its people through election propaganda such as “A Better Life for All”, and promises of free housing and jobs for all, a sense of entitlement in the majority of South Africans. Expectations are that it is only a "matter of time" before the government will "give" what you what they promised.

The ANC has guided South Africa through scandals too numerous to mention and condoned criminal behaviour by electing convicted criminals to leadership positions both in the party and the government.

It refuses to act against nepotism, fraud, corruption and blatant theft in their ranks. Criminals are met at prison gates by parliamentarians and hoisted on MP’s shoulders including the (House Speaker) into prison to ‘serve’ their time.

The scandals are too numerous but those worth mentioning include:

  • The Land Bank Scandal where the ANC's current deputy president embezzled nearly R800 million through fraudulent loans made from state funds.
  • The Cellgate Scandal where the country’s third cellular telecoms license was awarded to an unfavourable bidder based on an ANC connection.
  • The Arms Deal that will cost the S.A. taxpayer over R80 billion and has been plagued by endless ANC mismanagement, poor oversight and unquantified fraud and corruption.
  • Travelgate where ANC MP's defrauded the taxpayer of thousands of rands in travel funds allocated to parliamentarians for which they have never been prosecuted and do not need to repay.
  • Oilgate where R11 million of taxpayer's funds were illegally channelled to the ANC coffers for the 2004 election and the Food for Oil Scandals which involved the ANC "elites" such as Sexwale and Ramaphosa.
  • Highest Aids deaths and ratio per capita in the world: The denial of the link between HIV and Aids which results in 900 deaths per day.
  • Crime: The ANC until recently denied vigorously the incidence of rampant crime and did nothing, also leaving in place a Police Commissioner with ties to the mafia and a Security and Safety 'minister' who lists being a wine waiter on his official government website resume.
  • Chancellor House: An ANC front company set up to raise income for the ANC from BEE programmes designed to award contracts and shareholdings to ANC ministers, their wives and friends and divert proceeds to the ANC.
  • It is complicit in polarising the races hoping to eradicate the country’s white population through racist affirmative action, BEE programs and focused crime (such as farm attacks) which leads to forced emigration.

The ANC has mismanaged the economy which can no longer cope under the weight of such mismanagement and the placement of unproductive blacks to positions for which they are neither qualified nor trained. The ratio of 1 taxpayer for every 11 citizens in South Africa is unsustainable.

It is only a matter of time until the economy is left totally devastated and South Africa joins every other African nation as a self-induced begging-bowl state.

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And we shortly have Zuma stepping in?