Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Dumber by the number

This year's matric results are wretched, yet another indictment of the mismanagement of the education system by the ANC regime. Understand firstly what 'matric' today actually means. It is a fraction of the standard of 10-15 years ago. That's the first point. This is a system that spat out Julius Malema for fu*k sakes, need I say more? The next point is that 40% of pupils drop out before matriculating. What happens to those kids? 40% is a HUGE percentage.

Of the remaining kids, it is largely an exercise in producing a generation of under-educated, under-achievers. If only 20% of those pupils achieve university exemption, what does the other 80% do, that's assuming all 20% with university exemption actually go to university?

The focus of this variation of OBE (Outcomes Based Education) is to leave no-one behind, again, exhibit A is Julius Malema with his marks of Es, Gs and H, one of these for woodwork! We've dumbed down our standards in order to let as many through the system otherwise there would be hordes of 21-year-old matriculants (refer Julius Malema once more).

And the final point to remember is that we risk our universities losing international accreditation due to the low entry standards into university, all in our haste to meet race quotas where the requirements for whites, blacks, Indians and coloureds are very different.

For example, UCT's
"Guidelines for Admission to UCT in 2009 for holders of a National Senior Certificate" states that people that want to enrol to study medicine are classified into racial categories. To be admitted to study for medicine at UCT black students should have an average school mark of 74%, coloured students 78%, Indians 88% and white students 91%.

What are we saying here? That blacks are naturally stupid and need a hand-out in order to be able to compete with their peers from other races? That's what it says to me. This system is not means tested so even black kids that attended the best private schools only need to attain the same 74% school mark. If we continue along this route, pretty soon, our degrees and diplomas won't be worth the paper it is written on.

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Pass rate 'unacceptable'- Readers' Letters to News24

6 out of 10 matrics have passed

The country’s 2008 matric class received a pass rate of 62.5 percent, Education Minister Naledi Pandor has announced. Out of this group, 20% achieved a Varsity Pass.

Of the 533,561 candidates with a full set of results, 333,681 candidates or 62.5 percent met the requirements for a National Senior Certificate, she told a press briefing in Pretoria.

Overall 589,912 candidates had written the 2008 examinations but the Minister was reporting on the results of only 533,561 candidates.

Pandor said that there were 56,810 candidates with incomplete results. This, she said, was due to "outstanding internal marks, oral or practical requirements or pending irregularity investigations". "The failure to provide results for all candidates is extremely worrying," Minister Pandor said.

The minister pointed out that it was important to avoid the temptation to make simple comparisons between the previous exam and the new one.

She said that while she would indeed signal comparisons, she did so with the caution "that we have entered a new phase of school leaving examinations in South Africa".

Pandor said that in 2008, 107,462 candidates - or 20.2% - achieved the minimum pass rate required for entry to undergraduate study at university.

This compared to 16% (85,000 pupils) in 2007. The requirement was a minimum of four subjects at 50 percent or above and a maximum of two subjects below 50 percent.

Pandor said that 124,000 candidates had achieved the minimum pass required for entry to a diploma or a non-degree programme at university or a university of technology.

The requirement was four subjects at 40 percent or above and a maximum of two subjects below 40 percent.

The minister added that 102,130 had achieved the requirements for entry to higher certificate programmes.

For this, the requirement was three subjects at 40 percent and three subjects below 40 percent

The South African Democratic Teachers’ Union expressed its concern that the matric pass rate had dropped from 65 percent last year to 62.5 percent this year.

"We... have to understand and address the factors which lead to drop out and failure," Sadtu president Thobile Ntola said in a statement.

"Our sense is that issues of historical disadvantage and poverty associated with race, class and the rural-urban divide, and uneven support and poor management, especially in some districts and provinces are crucial here, and we would expect the Department of Education to deepen its analysis in this respect," he said.

Pointing out that more than 40 percent of pupils never even reached matric, Sadtu asked who made up this group, whether they joined the ranks of the unemployed and what could be done to turn around the situation.

It also asked what support there was for the 200,000 pupils who failed matric this year, demanding that adequate resources be made available to them for rewriting.

Sadtu did, however, express encouragement at the number of candidates this year and that a higher percentage of them qualified for tertiary education than last year.

"Higher education institutions need to gear up to accept these increased numbers," said Ntola in congratulating successful candidates, their families, teachers and examiners.

"For those students from poor communities who pass and achieve endorsements, much more needs to be done to assist access to tertiary institutions," he said.

Sadtu also praised the new Outcomes Based Education (OBE) curriculum -- the matriculants who wrote this year were the first educated under OBE -- as "a necessary break with apartheid education". (???!!!)

The union said it made education more relevant to the needs of society.

"The union opposes any attempt to destabilise the education system by scrapping the current national curriculum," Ntola warned.

Although the improved maths and maths literacy results were encouraging, Sadtu said there were still uneven results across the provinces, with pupils in large rural provinces still at a disadvantage. This was primarily because of problems with resources, which led to over-large classes and a lack of permanent appointments.

Also in need of attention was the development and support of teachers, the promotion of home language instruction in previously disadvantaged schools and improving the quality of education.

"To this end, Sadtu is joining with other stakeholders to form local education committees. "We are also participating in the quality learning and teaching campaign with the understanding that teachers must be on time, in class, on task and well-prepared," said the union, which represents 235,000 teachers.

"By the same token, the Department of Education needs to provide basic infrastructure and learning materials and training and local support to teachers," it said.

What the readers to News24 said:

The Eastern Cape MEC released a statement concerning the matric results for his province, and while he tried finding some good out of it using percentages and other fuzzy stats, he could not resist the temptation to deflect the blame on the previous government.

Refer the paragraph: "At this point it is crucial that we note the historical structural weaknesses that still prevail in our system that is invariably to the detriment of our learners from formerly disadvantaged schools".

When are these people going to take responsibility and accountability for their jobs? I can no longer accept such garbage. We all know the EC government is the worst managed and most wasteful province in the country. They have also had 14 + years & billions of rands to get their house in order. What have they done with it? Zip, zero, nada and bugger all. Neall

I must say that the unacceptable level of matriculants passing is a reflection on the government that they can ill afford. Don't they know that education is the only way to buy South Africa out of poverty and create real sustainable economic growth over the long term? The current levels of dedication and failure to correct the culture in schools is so unacceptable that I think the minister should not even be given the opportunity to resign. She should be fired as she is responsible for the state of education in our schools.

If the schools not directly under government control can excel it shows me it is a management issue. Thus like in any other business get the managers in place to get this bankrupted business back on the road to success, our future as a nation depends on it. But unfortunately as usual it will be brushed off and the incompetent minster and associates responsible will get increases above the national average for totally failing in the basic competencies of the job descriptions. - Willie Bosman

Here we go again, as the end of year Matric results come out: Clearly disparity from one region to another and the old chant of blame on the apartheid days. Who continues to dream up such utter crap? I say face the facts that those kids were just out of nappies in 1994 so using a historical excuse falls away. Look at the real self and the parents (more so) who continue to live in yester-years. All children want to succeed and not be left behind by the rest - they thrive on challenges, yet the older generation lives in the past and fails to see into the future. It's all about mindsets - and some people have their mind set in the wrong place. - Dave Rolfe

We have again seen poor results from our learners. Let's accept that there are under-resourced schools and let's concede that this is a legacy of the past. Let's also stop being politically correct and apportion blame where it belongs. It is an indisputable fact that education is dependent on the quality of the teacher more than on the physical environment. Great people have graduated from poor schools.

There seems to be one common factor that needs to be examined. Schools producing the poorest results appear to have more teachers involved in the Democratic Teachers Union. Is this coincidence? Teachers who have, as their priority, the well being of members of the union as opposed to the well being of the learners are never going to achieve the results we need. Minister Pandor should look at this very carefully. It may well be in the interests of our people to look at sacrificing these incompetent teachers for the good of the majority. Leave teaching to those who take pride and joy in their profession and say good riddance to those who think it's a "job". - Lloyd Macklin

For the fifth year in a row - our matric pass rate has dropped. South Africa used to be noted for its high education levels and was one of the best in the world. Now it is an embarrassment. What is happening? We are supposed to be uplifting our nation - not dragging it through the mud. Education - of any kind - is a major key role in a country progression. Quite frankly I think it is time to trade in our minister of education for somebody who knows what they are doing. This new system is even worse than the old system which was worse than the system it replaced.

Maybe it is time to dig up some of the dinosaur education systems that actually worked and bring them back. It is also a time to push for the education of teachers. I think under-qualified teachers are also a major contributing factor. If we continue to produce results like this our whole country is going to slide into the quagmire and turn into nothing but another poverty stricken African dump.

All our educated people who have any qualifications are leaving South Africa - mostly due to the crime rate or lack of job opportunities. I think it is time our government took a serious look at the major mistakes they are making and realise that they need to implement a whole new system - if not a whole new government. This is proof that you have to run a system with skilled people and not nepotism. Ginger

Race Terrorism

Racist! The most powerful word of the day, nothing can shut down opposition so fast or rob one of credibility as efficiently as the word 'racist'. At least when it is wielded in opposition against one of European decent. For it would seem that this is the only person who could ever be guilty of such a heinous crime. And though no one would ever want to be called a racist, maybe it is time to re-evaluate just what that word means.

Webster's Dictionary states that racism, is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. By this definition it is not racist, to appreciate ones heritage and people, and want the best for them.

Race terrorism exists when one belligerently calls the other a racist, the latter most commonly being of European decent. This is without uncertainty, as terrible as using the most nasty, racially explicit names in existence. To call a decent and upstanding person a racist would be to associate that person with the bucktoothed and inbred. Something that quite clearly the majority of European decent people are not.

Race terrorism is running rampant in many stages of public life, and it is high time that Americans put a stop to this callous and savage practice. The corporate media and its leftist goons use race terrorism to what end, who knows. There are many speculative reasons for why the media is a bunch of left wing apologists and childless femi-nazis, but they are nothing more than conjecture.

It may be time to legislate new laws into place to make the major talking heads elected officials or something, because these people have too much power. Power that can wind up in the wrong hands, as it is in our beloved America. The bottom line is that they use this hateful idea like a baton to further their own ends, unknowing the true havoc they would unleash if they had their way.

But gay rights activists and Starbucks human resources division aren't the only people guilty of race terrorism. There are others who use race terrorism because they are ignorant. These people are easily distinguished by calling anyone who is European and concerned about the path we are on as a people, "ignorant", or "kooky". They use these words because in others they see themselves. They have not grown beyond they point that they were cultivated by modern pop culture. These poor fools don't understand that every indigenous group has the right to self determination, and sometimes that includes participating in difficult discussions. They do not fail to see the relevance of tribes but are blind to the existence of their own. It is difficult for some to see the forest from the trees, but this person more than likely, is ignorant of communism, its implications, and what it looks like in practice. Alas, most Americans fall into this category, and they allow race terrorism to control them, no one wants to be a heretic. Nevertheless, this person is guilty as charged of race terrorism and it's up to the offended to decide how to react in such a case. Personally I begin to froth at the mouth but patience and a little re-education might be just the medicine.

My favorite race terrorists have been the demographic of people that also fall in line with the classic archetype of terrorism. The Americanized middle eastern immigrants, who listen to rap, and wear American Eagle. These people will vehemently attack a European American for using the word American wrong, or saying that anything is black. They hate cowboy hats and really don't have a thing to do with the racial strife in American History. While I do hope for peace in their homelands, and mine, these people have no business calling anyone racist. Anyone from this group who resorts to race terrorism is only exploiting an unnatural system that they recognize with sober lucidity, making them even more dubious than the previous mentioned groups of useful idiots.

Race Terror groups have sprung up all across the southwest as Mexican illegals put up billboards calling American states part of Mexico. These people will use the word racist until it no longer sounds like a word anymore. They advocate giving American tax dollars to foreign nationals but cry racist when they are bored of Chupacabra or the Virgin Mary. They claim that the Southwest United States was stolen by whites, and they want the land back. They call it Aztlan, and hope for a day to come when they will slaughter every white male over the age of 16. You think I am kidding, but there are some Mexican radicals out there who feel this way, and at least some of them are LaRaza members, which means The Race. If that's not racism in its purist form under Webster's then I really don't know what is. When Texas won her independence, she didn't get it from a bunch of rock throwing gnomes. The Mexican Army was professional, and Santa Anna considered himself the Napoleon of this hemisphere. These illegal, and legal, Mexicans that call European Americans racist for being concerned for the future of their children are nothing more than race terror brigands.

Some of the biggest Race Terrorists are Blacks. I will never be black and I will never pretend to understand what it's like to be black. There are dangerous people in the world and some of them are black as night. Even if they were white as snow, they would still be wicked. That does not mean there aren't good blacks in the world but the racial realists in this community are few and far between. And this simple fact alone is key when trying to discuss race terrorism. A black is not judged solely because his skin is dark, or because his facial features are different. Albeit these are things nature has done so that we may distinguish ourselves from one another. A thirty-year-old man with tattoos on his face and his pants below his ass, isn't up to any good. I don't care what anybody says.

These black pseudo intellectuals, who write essays, poetry and comic books, about lynchings, and other white on black crimes, never have anything to say about the radical truth of black on white crime that is kept so hidden from the world spotlight. The times when I have had discussions with black intellectuals, I like to ask them what their opinion is of farm murders in South Africa. If they answer, that they think it isn't a big deal because of the history of South Africa and that the whites deserve it, I know this person is a bigot and that any further discussion would only give this person the opportunity to try and use race terrorism on me.

For all this talk of Race Terror, maybe we should spend a brief moment on the origin of the word racism as we know it today. The ancient Greeks felt that other races were inferior, as well as the Hebrews, who referred to non-Hebrews as Gentiles, yet as far as we know there was no advocating the rights of other cultures before one's own in either of these ancient societies. The contemporary form of the word first started to rear its ugly head in Russia, before world war one, and then in Germany before world war two. Communist provocateurs in both these countries, sought to incite civil unrest and control through this method.

Today, if one barely skims the surface on these times, they begin to connect the dots relatively quickly. These issues we face today, have come up before and it boils down to the mind game war that Marxists have imposed on us. To expand any further would be a digression but it is important to shed light on the communist assault Europeans across the world are under, wherever it rears its ugly head.

While it may or may not be easy to identify possible Muslim terrorists, it is quite simple to locate a communist race terrorist. They simply use the word racist in a manner deemed unworthy of Webster's own dictionary. Race terror will only continue to oppress us and control our lives as long as we let it.

Race terrorism will come to an end once it has been confronted, and identified for all the world to see. I do not appreciate any form of race terrorism, and it is my belief that the sooner this is addressed, the quicker we can start to resolve key issues and work towards finding harmony for all of mankind. This harmony will never come, as long as Race Terror is alive and well.

Murder Rates Compared

There's nothing like starting the new year with a post that reinforces the reason why this blog exists. First and foremost, to broadcast South Africa's horrific crime rate, secondly to attempt to explain to outsiders why the country has deteriorated to this point and thirdly, to dispel the myth of a "rainbow nation" at the southern tip of Africa where the races live in harmony.

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Homicide rates highest in southern Africa, Central and South America – United Nations
30 December 2008 – Southern Africa, Central America and South America are the three areas of the world with the highest homicide rates, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), which has just published the first comprehensive set of global statistics on such violence.

The Times published an article that mentioned the high murder rate in South Africa in the context of South Africa hosting the 2010 World Cup. The Times quoted the absolute number of homicides in South Africa last year as "18,487".

To help put this figure into context, a page on Wikipedia compiles the homicide rate for several countries per 100 000 people. That changed the South African number to 38.6 per 100 000. Now you can compare the rate to the rates in several countries.

This chart gives much greater context for understanding how incredibly high the murder rate in South Africa really is. Now you understand why we do what we do.

Plague Of Misrule

It’s a tough holiday season in America. Thousands of families face eviction, while others just have to delay buying that 52-inch plasma TV. Thanks to Bernie Madoff, even caviar sales are down.

Count your blessings. In Zimbabwe, once a wealthy country that exported food, millions struggle daily against starvation, and inflation is counted in millions of percent. Nothing works - except the ruling regime’s network of thugs. For the holiday season, cholera, the plague of the poorest poor, has killed 1,200 people and infected 25,000. President-for-life Robert Mugabe, the man who destroyed his country, first claimed that the disease didn’t exist. Now he blames Britain and the CIA for the outbreak.

Cholera spreads through infected water and food supplies; Zimbabwe’s sanitation has broken down utterly, while its medical system is in complete collapse. The disease is readily treatable with cheap saline solutions, but Zimbabweans don’t even rate that much.

Ambulatory victims struggle across the border into South Africa, hoping to survive. More than a million Zimbabweans have abandoned their country, preferring life in foreign slums and the risk of anti-foreigner violence.

No country in our time has plummeted so far so fast with so little engagement by the rest of the world. Why? Dictator Robert Mugabe was a hero of the global left for decades, so today’s leftists avoid discussing his crimes. Better to let Africans die than admit that “We were wrong.”

When I visited Zimbabwe in early 2003, the once lovely country was already gripped by political violence, inflation, hunger and general breakdown. Some of us tried to write the truth, but nobody cared.

Six years on, the UN wrings its grubby paws but bows to oppressor regimes that condemn all interference in a country’s domestic affairs. Folks, the neocons may have gotten a great deal wrong, but they were morally sound when they stressed the inhumanity of allowing a butcher to seize power then hide behind claims of sovereignty.

The Bush administration - which genuinely sought to help Africa - has lately wagged a finger, withdrawing support for a con-job “power-sharing” deal Mugabe pretended to offer his opposition (while stringing the world along month after month). But the Bush years are effectively over, while Team Obama can’t find Zimbabwe on a map.

The worst villain, though, has been South Africa, an increasingly authoritarian state whose leaders behave with a selfishness humbling to run-of-the-mill African kleptocrats.

When I entered Zimbabwe through the capital’s somnolent airport almost six years ago, I shared the common assumption that South Africa must mean well by its neighbor - human solidarity among the liberated and all that crap. But I soon witnessed South Africa’s deadly greed.

The global media’s stock explanation of South Africa’s failure to act to save Zimbabwe’s people remains the old saw that veterans of the liberation struggle can’t bring themselves to publicly criticize an old comrade - they don’t want to give the former colonial powers the satisfaction.

That excuse may have applied 20 years ago, but not now. There are two main reasons - both ugly - why the region’s great power, South Africa, won’t help the people of Zimbabwe.

First, politically connected South African businessmen have been buying up Zimbabwe at fire-sale prices. There’s little left of any worth that the fat-cat profiteers from Jo’burg don’t already own - but they’re determined to grab that, too.

When Mugabe falls or dies, South Africans will hold the deed to an entire country. South Africa’s buying a colony.

Another reason for South African prevarication emerged in the last year. Since its celebrated victory over apartheid, the new South Africa has developed into a one-party state with democratic trappings (disappointingly similar to Putin’s Russia). The ruling African National Congress was all for free elections - as long as it remained an all-powerful monolith.

But as its impeccably tailored, incompetent former president, Thabo Mbeki, was shoved to the sidelines during a struggle within the ANC’s politburo, a new specter loomed: real democracy. A splinter group broke from the ANC to contest upcoming elections.

Simultaneously, Mugabe’s determination to rig Zimbabwe’s elections at any cost could no longer disguise the people’s overwhelming revulsion toward him. Attempting to stave off a loss of power, he entered cat-and-mouse “negotiations” with the opposition.

Amazingly, the world bought it. Colluding with Mugabe, South Africa disingenuously pledged to be an honest broker.

There was as much chance of spotting polar bears along the Limpopo River as of Zimbabweans getting a square deal. The ANC’s ruling faction dreads the notion that honest democracy could come to Zimbabwe. Next thing you know, South Africans might demand clean elections, too.

If the world wants to alleviate the misery of millions in Zimbabwe, we must sideline South Africa and act directly to remove Mugabe and his ruling clique.

We won’t, and the world won’t. Black Africans serve wonderfully for charity appeals, but no competent state will lift a finger to save their lives

A Rainbow Nation no more

Reverse racism in South Africa. A sad story by Sharon van Wyk. This one is a familiar tale for many of us. We know of these type of queue jumpers, those who feel a sense of entitlement simply because they belong a certain race.

Gold Reef City, Joburg - I’m standing in a queue. It’s my son’s 14th birthday and we’ve brought him and two of his mates from school to Joburg's favourite theme park and one of its biggest tourist attractions. And another six people have just shoved their way past us, joining a growing group further up the line, extending our wait for a few seconds of adrenaline pumping thrill for a few more minutes.

The man next to me is getting angry. So the next group of queue jumpers that barges through is blocked by him, as he asks them, politely, in English, not to push in and requests (again, politely) that they join the end of the queue, far behind us, out of sight around one of many landscaped bends.

“Don’t you tell me what to do, you white pig.” My mouth drops as I look at the dark-skinned young man who has challenged my neighbour’s right to send him to the end of the line. “I am joining my people up there and you can’t stop me.” He and his four friends push past, muttering in their vernacular as they go.

The man next to me is as gobsmacked, and as white as I am. He is from Oxford in the United Kingdom, here in South Africa on holiday with his wife and two teenaged children.

A lady to the man’s left is Xhosa-speaking and tells me sadly that the young men swore at the man as they pushed past him, saying that he is a boer and needs teaching a lesson about who is in charge now. She is disgusted and apologises for the young queue jumpers. She is also Mr “Oxford’s” wife of twenty years.

Another group of three young women pushes past us.

“Don’t make trouble, mum” asks my son, looking perturbed, which he shouldn’t be on his birthday. But I needn’t worry.

The man’s wife challenges them in their own language and a full-blown argument breaks out.

A small group of oriental tourists behind us in the queue looks shocked at the disturbance and one can only assume that the hurried whispers between them are explanations for what they think is happening. They stop talking and look decidedly worried when, from ahead of the queue, a large, black man pushes his way towards us. As he reaches us he asks, in English, what the problem is. Mr “Oxford” explains that the girls, now in a heated Xhosa exchange with his wife, were jumping the queue. The man says “Let them through, we are a group.”

Things are getting tense now, and a white couple to my right start pitching their 10c worth in, causing the oriental group to start jabbering, excitedly this time.

“We are a group too,” says my neighbour with an Afrikaans accent. “But the rest of us are further down the queue. What gives you the right to have your group push in front of us?”

The black man’s repose now crumbles.

“You boertjies must wake up, neh. You can’t call the shots any more. These are my people and they are joining me, and if you have a problem, take it up with Zuma.”

With that, he herds the three girls, still arguing with Mr “Oxford’s” wife, away, pushing past people now looking the other way, unwilling to get involved, to his position far ahead of us.

Mr and Mrs “Oxford’s” children are near to tears, their mom is shaking she’s so angry and Mr “Oxford” apologises to everyone and leaves the queue.

“I’m sorry,” he says to me as he leaves. “This has spoiled our day.”

I am livid. My son and his friend are embarrassed.

We take the ride in silence. The incident leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouths.

In three subsequent queues similar incidents occur. My husband challenges one group, to be similarly accused of being a racist boer, this time by a strident black woman who doesn’t see anything wrong with allowing eight adults to join her “group” of six by pushing past families waiting patiently for their turn.

We opt to go home, preferring the drive to Pretoria to the tension steadily building with the heat of mid-day.

My heart is sore for Mr “Oxford”, branded a racist by a young man who is more a bigot than the Englishman will ever be.

But more than anything my heart is sore for South Africa.

In a couple of days’ time it will be a whole new year. And another year further away from the day when this country supposedly became a rainbow nation.

Obviously, for some, the rainbow’s significance is lost, hidden by a brand of racism more insidious than anything which prevailed under apartheid and one which threatens to tear this country apart.

You see, I can forgive that black man his enmity. He is old enough to remember the dark days of disenfranchisement and riots. But his kids, and the majority of his “people” who joined him in that queue are not. From the looks of them they were not even born when Mandela walked to freedom and this country supposedly changed for the better.

They have learned their bitterness and hatred for whites from him and others like him. And learned that to get by in life all they have to do is play the race card and watch the wit ous cringe and cower.

They are bullies, pushing their way through life like they do queues, demanding that everything be given to them because they are black.

Watching their behaviour in those queues at Gold Reef City, and watching how so few people, black or white, challenged their rudeness and bad manners, I suddenly realised how people like Robert Mugabe are able to stay in power so long and how our future, and with it that of Africa, is so tenuous unless someone, somewhere has the balls to stand up and call a spade a spade (for want of a better phrase) and tackle the inherent racism that still pervades our society and this new breed of racists who have never known discrimination, and yet persist in perpetuating it.

For those of you who think that those queue jumpers were just being rude, and not racist, I say wake up and let’s call a thing by what it is, and not what it is not.

There’s a bad joke which goes along the lines of “What’s the difference between a tourist and a racist - about 20 minutes.”

I leave the last word to Mr “Oxford”, a tourist in our country, and the husband of one of its proud daughters. I bumped into him as we were leaving, checking out of the Protea Gold Reef City hotel.

“I thought apartheid was dead,” he said, sadly. “I was wrong.”

Obama’s Victory, Africa's Hypocrisy

November 4th, 2008 will, undoubtedly go down in world history as epoch making.

It was a day that signposted the final internment of the age-long divisive philosophy that held one race superior to another (apology to the legend, Bob Marley); it was a day the entire world came together, irrespective of creed and religion, to recite Dune Dimitis (however, not with long faces) for the monster of racial discrimination that had for long defined the political climate of America but now chased away; it was the day Barack Hussein Obama won in landslide, the U.S Presidential election.

The U.S. Presidential Election has come and gone but the echoes of it continue to reverberate in every nook and cranny of Africa especially in Kenya where Obama traces his patrilineal descent from. The euphoria of Obama’s victory will for long continue its ripples in the Negroid race of Africa.

However, the point is worth making that for the Americans, the euphoria of joy sweeping through its entire nation is understandable: That, at last, someone who has a clear vision and a good grasp of the issues that need to be addressed to restore U.S. lost glory, consequent upon the lacklustre performance of the out-going president, was not held back from realizing that ambition by prejudices.

But for Africans, what other reason beside the sentimental consideration that a fellow brother African now becomes President of U.S., can we adduce to bedrocks our own euphoria at the election of Obama?

If one may ask, what business do African countries, together with their stinking leaders, have in rejoicing over Obama’s victory at the U.S. poll when we know in our hearts of hearts that we will never allow the kind of system that has produced Obama in U.S. election to be replicated in our own land?

Or, are we under a delusion that, with Obama’s presidency, African countries shall wake up one morning, like the fabled Alice in Wonderland, and find all the good things of life in sufficiency for all as obtain in the western world, even while our leaders and people continue in their culture of greed, corruption, ethnic hostilities and all such practices antithetical to the dictate of modern civilization?

It bears repeating to state here that it borders on crass hypocrisy for African countries such as Zambia, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria, et al, to rejoice at Obama’s victory even when they are all still involved in various acts of prejudices, this time around, not even against a coloured person but against their own black brothers.

We have witnessed instances in Zambia where the first post independent Kenneth Kaunda had his citizenship withdrawn on the allegation that his ancestry is somewhere in another African country! Similar acts have played out in Ivory Coast and Nigeria (Shugaba’s case). The xenophobic hostilities in South Africa and Zimbabwe are all still fresh in our memories. Africans must be reminded not to expect too much from the presidency of Obama any more than they expected from the presidency of Bill Clinton.

Our only obvious claim to Obama is his blood ties to his Kenyan father. But we must call to memory that, for all the time the elder Obama lived, his conduct in juxtaposition to what Obama Jr. is and stands for today shows, in very lucid details, those sad commentaries of a pure bred African man. The elder Obama came to America and deceitfully led Obama’s mother into marriage, even while he was already married to another Kenya woman back home.

He was to later abandon Obama’s mother and returned to Kenya, leaving young Obama in the care of his maternal grandparents in America. It was recorded that he died drunk-driving. Should Obama’s father were to be alive, one imagines that he too may be rejoicing just like the other African leaders are hypocritically doing.

We must stop deceiving ourselves. It is high time we told ourselves a few home truths. Whatever Obama is today or stands for, he owes it all to the American society.

If he were to be brought up in Kenya, his fatherland, with all his seeming immeasurable grace of intelligence, he would have ended up, at best, as a very brilliant but frustrated university don holed up somewhere in one of our glorified secondary schools, called university, like many other frustrated Obamas in our African society today. The American society that shaped Obama to become what he is to day places a higher premium of kinship of ideas over and above that of blood.

That explains the acceptance of Obama’s candidature across the racial divides. If Obama were not of the rare breed of mankind (who recreates themselves independent of genetic force), he would not even be identifying his African root. It is only for Obama’s high sense of humility and decency that he does so and I commend him for it. Africans must be reminded that as we cheer Obama’s victory, we must cast away that extra baggage of hypocrisy and begin to reflect on the need for us to home-grow a system similar to what sustains in the U.S. that has made possible the Obama phenomenon.

The world today is ruled by ideas. It is not enough for us bank on blood kinship to Obama and think that alone will be the open sesame to our El Dorado.

In today’s modern world, kinship of ideas, as aforesaid, rather than of blood or ethnicity is one of the driving force of attraction. In doing so, we must remind ourselves that until we jettison that negative attitude that encourages subjugation of fellow man rather than our environment which is what the white man has effectively achieved, we shall continue in our collective grope.

Joseph Secreve's Open Letter to Chris Warnes.

This was posted on Dan Roodt's site a while back but it demonstrates a curious double standard which the West often employs against Afrikaans folks. This open debate got started when Dan Roodt made some positive points about Apartheid & while I do not support Apartheid as it was administered [as it was a failed attempt at coming to grips with the macro State & the heterogeneous national & ethnic groups lumped together therein without quite reforming the macro State itself] the following observations are interesting as they demonstrate that the truth was overshadowed by the propaganda which was aimed at removing a dispensation.

Open Letter to Chris Warnes.

Joseph Secreve.

For an academic I was quite surprised by your un-academic condemnation of Dr. Roodt’s wish to be present at the “Woordfees” festival. Indeed a sign of moral decadence, if there ever was one.

Once again the age old comparison of Apartheid as being equal to Nazism is alluded to in your comparison of David Irving. Before and after the Second World War, there was a clear reduction in the number of Jews and Gypsies…genocide no doubt. There were concentration camps and openly declared hatred aimed at these minority groups from a majority group. Could you please show me where those odious architects of apartheid built their concentration camps to incarcerate Africans? Or perhaps fragments from political speeches made by Verwoerd, Vorster or anyone claiming that apartheid was a system designed to obliterate Africans?

The only people who were victims of genocide in South Africa were the Afrikaners [ed: the Boerevolk - most Western Cape Afrikaners were fine], during the Anglo Boer war and today. During apartheid Africans in South Africa enjoyed the highest standard of living compared to Africans elsewhere in Africa. Up to the 1950’s, the French tortured and killed 60 000 Algerians, the Chinese communists murdered 90 000 Tibetans, the Americans had thousands of Indians killed or forcibly removed, the English killed approximately 80% of the Aboriginal Australians, while Verwoerd had schools, free housing, universities roads and hospitals built for Africans in the same period.

Other than the Swedes, Germans, English or French, the Afrikaners never supported theories of racial superiority. From this perspective, Roodt’s claims that Apartheid was basically good is not a value judgement, but an empirical fact, considering that the African population multiplied itself twenty times in the period 1900-2000, which one can hardly call a genocide at all. Other than this, 40% of the entire South African population, that incidentally counts eight times more blacks than whites, claims that even though Apartheid led to excesses it was basically a good idea. If you consider that 51% of the same South African population does not trust the government, Dan Roodt might just have a point, as painful as it may seem. The current political system in South Africa resembles Nazism and fascism much more than Apartheid ever did.

According to Dr. Gregory Stanton, head of Genocide Watch, South African farmers are in the semi-final phase of full blown genocide, and farming in South Africa is considered the most dangerous profession in the world at this stage. The number of farmers murdered is twice as high as the number of Africans killed by the erstwhile police force during 40 years of Apartheid. Incidentally, during the first 18 years of Apartheid, the number of Africans killed in politically motivated acts is 183. Compared to the number of Africans killed for political reasons in 1990, which stands at 14 000, this could hardly be called some upmarket (or should I say bourgeoisie) proclamation. It surprises me that while all these horrors are happening, Stellenbosch University is doing its utmost to pretend that this isn’t really happening, and anyone claiming otherwise is deemed a racist, or fascist.

Other than your use of undefined, emotionally laden terminology, dr. Roodt simply states facts that could be read in everyday English liberal newspapers or World Bank statistics. What surprises me is how South Africa’s intelligentsia feels threatened when he speaks, as if the moral guardians themselves have something to hide. Where Roodt quotes statistics, he is deemed a racist propagating hate speech. If Nadine Gordimer states that Afrikaner women are “lower than rats, closer related to plants, just fit enough to be raped in an act of genus preservation”, she wins the Nobel Prize, as well as a Knighthood and some honorary doctorates. She still has to come up with scientific evidence to prove that Afrikaner women are genetically (or otherwise) inferior to rats. But no, she’s not considered a fascist! Is it perhaps because she writes in English?

Personally I believe that the liberal predominantly English “Boerehater” elite is so well socialized in childishly proclaiming a puny sense of superiority over Afrikaners, that if all of a sudden an Afrikaner who doesn’t fit the “dumb Dutchman” profile makes himself heard, it catches them off guard and renders them insecure. Hence the strong words against him to attempt to stay in the saddle. An interesting article written by McGregor and Marigold (2003) posted in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology vol. 85 nr. 5 p. 838-852, gives a clear perspective how this defensive zeal works.

The fact that dr. Roodt dared to write his “adapt and die” article should be read in the same context as his words state that one should not treat the symptom, but the problem. Considering his article racist, says more about the reader than the writer. In any scientifically responsible community, one must see this as a problem as the statistics prove this to be such. The next step is to hypothesize as to why this is the case. Nowhere is mentioned that blacks are more violent because they are black. The question ’why’ lends itself to scientific enquiry which should be treated as such. Unfortunately this topic is heavily laden with political correctness which makes a scientific enquiry almost impossible, and shooting the messenger is to go from bad to worse…very ’uncool’ for an academic.

If Stellenbosch University still regards itself a university at all, dr. Roodt of all people should be given a speakers podium. Unfortunately it has become an institution of anachronistic dinosaur worship that has shown it’s loyalty to a system that collapsed before Apartheid did and killed, starved and incarcerated hundreds of millions of people more than Apartheid even dared to do. I suggest that, in order to get ahead, one must address these problems that fundamentally tear at the social fabric of South Africa. One can only deny reality so much by fleeing to ideological convictions. Ultimately reality does catch up with one. The collapse of Berlin Wall is living proof of this.

The Subversion of the Boer Republican Movement.

The following was posted by Adriana Stuijt in an article on African Crisis in mid 2007. I am re-posting it here because it shows how the Boer Republican cause was subverted & maligned by the old Broederbond establishment. The cause of Boer self determination was opposed by a number of forces including the Afrikaner financial / media & political power.

The AWB wasn't formed as a political party and it never aspired to participate in official politics at all. Their purpose was completely different. Eugene Terre'Blanche was a very interesting man who inspired a lot of people with his amazing speech-making ability, he also was a good writer of Afrikaans plays, something which a lot of people probably don't know, and some of his work was even used in text-books at Afrikaans schools at the time. The thing I remember most about him was how genuinely fond he was of the African landscape and the Boer people, and how well he knew the history contained inside that landscape. He also was a very impulsive man and not sophisticated politically. He also was rather more knowledgeable about the culture of the African tribes in his region around Ventersdorp than most 'whites' were.

Robert van Tonder who founded the Boer State Party, always called him a 'wonderfully creative Boer" and while he also didn't much like that flag and some of the followers and especially didn't agree with any violent means of gaining their goal, these two men often held meetings together all over the country. The purpose of these meetings was not to gain any kind of political support because I was convinced that neither believed in participating in actual politics all that much at that point any more. Instead they embarked on this countrywide travel routine during which they held weekend meetings to teach Afrikaners about their own 'lost' history and to teach them to become Boers again - under the National Party government, they weren't allowed to know a lot of their own rich history and the word "Boer" wasn't used much by National-Party ministers.

Robert printed his own books about the Boer State ideals on his own printing press at his farm and they drew a lot of people to these meetings. And always there were these loud-mouthed agent-provocateurs at these meetings with nazi-flags, men who often were rude and rowdy to deliberately create an uproar which would reflect badly in the news media. After a while their supporters became quite skilled at identifying these guys and keeping them out of their meetings. One comment which always shut them up was the question: 'if you don't support our Boer autonomy inside our own borders, why do you support it for every other race in South Africa who have their own homelands"?"

While posting on another blog Stuijt expounded on Robert van Tonder.

In response to Ron's explanation about the history of the Boerestaat ideal, I do wish to add the following:

Robert van Tonder spent most of his own money to plead for the Boer-cause abroad. He not only self-published his boek 'Boerestaat' in four different foreign languages with many reprints: English, Dutch, German and French; he also maintained his own (illegal) underground printing press at his farm, and all his school-age children were involved in printing this small book, and also distributing his monthly newspaper 'Die Stem".

Some editions were even banned, much to his delight, since the contents would then get publicity in the mainstream news, too.

Van Tonder explained the Boerestaat ideal in a thin booklet of only fifty or so pages.

His use of language clearly was very economical, also because he was a very practical businessman - having been the very first Afrikaner in Johannesburg to set up his own car-dealership and the very first local businessman in Johannesburg to advertise in Afrikaans newspapers, he also used this same business-like approach to also propagate the Boerestaat ideal.

He wasn't into fundraisers or paying fat-cat salaries to any party organisers -- which squeezed cash out of the poorest of the poor Afrikaners, as the National Party and the Herstigte Nasionale Party always were so fond of doing.

He merely propagated his Boerestaat idea - and, realising that most people had been deliberately denied much knowledge about their own post-Anglo-Boer war history, most of his time was spent trying to teach people about their own history.

His opponents inside the Nationale Party also were tireless in discrediting him as much as they could - and they had all of the state's machinery to do this with.

They were relentless in attacking this maverick messenger and undermining his personal life, too, although this was not clearly understood by everyone concerned at that time, it created great hardship for his children.

Still, he continued his campaign. Nothing seemed to deter him from his chosen path.

He used to appear at many public meetings - he would go to wherever he was invited -- and often he was pelted with trash, abused, beaten and shouted at, and people often attacked him while trying to take away the microphone to stop him from even being heard.

Then the Afrikaans newsmedia would write afterwards that the meeting had been 'rowdy, typical right-wing neo-nazi thuggery', and publish pictures of NP-members who had been planted at the meetings carrying Nazi-flags. This was all done quite deliberately by the National Party hierarchy to constantly discredit Van Tonder and any of his followers in public.

There also was tremendous pressure placed on his personal life too: his own Gereformeerde church in Randburg even kicked him out as a member because he had remarried without their permission after his wife's death from cancer -- even though Van Tonder was a major contributor to the church's building fund, and his own nephew was the then-SA-president F W de Klerk; and in spite of the fact that Van Tonder's own great-grandfather Rev Durk Postma had been the founder of this church.

The NP-regime also tried to undermine his income -- government departments in Pretoria for instance, deliberately blocked his long-running application for turning his 200-ha farm Zandspruit north of Randburg into a middle-income housing development.

Today, this farm is a mission station for members of the Ndebele-tribe, and the beautiful wellspring of the Zandspruit river which Van Tonder had always protected by creating a small bird sanctuary around it, has become a filthy, stinking swamp.

Van Tonder also was the founder of the city of Randburg -- and was that city's first real-estate agent.

Thus he amassed quite a few of the first little cottages which had been built there by retired Boer mineworkers over the years.

He wanted to preserve this specific group of cottages as a museum of the history of the post-war Boers: many of these little houses had been built with explosives-boxes for instance.

So the NP-city fathers of Randburg confiscated these little rental properties, which he was renting out for very little money to empoverished Afrikaner families -- and bulldozed them all.

He still held a sit-down protest in the middle of the street for several days to try and stop the bulldozers.

Van Tonder was a physically small man but also the most courageous man I'd ever seen.

He could stand on a platform and get shouted down and have trash thrown at him, sometimes shots were even fired past his head, and National Party members were constantly jumping up behind him, waving Nazi-flags for the photographers' benefit -- but he just never gave up.

He would arrive home covered in trash and rotten tomato-goop, send his clothes off to the cleaners and start planning the next meeting.

The only thing which finally made him give up on life, was the devastating pain of skin-cancer ( something which many Afrikaner/Boer families also suffer from due to their genetic tendency for porphyria. )

He also took his plea for Boer independence to various international bodies, such as UNPO (Unrepresented Nations and Peoples' Organisation (UNPO) in The Hague.

They turned down the Boerestaat Membership's membership application.

He and his Boerestaat Party had complied with all the requirements for membership - including the one requirement which said that they 'did not propagate violence to obtain their goals'.

The only reasons UNPO turned down the Boerestaat Party's application were the violence-driven activities of AWB-leader Eugene Terre'Blanche and his Ystergarde.

Van Tonder often was an invited guest speaker at AWB meetings.

Of course, Van Tonder always told me, that he would speak anywhere and on any platform to propagate the Boerestaat ideals. He went to any meeting he'd been invited to.

It's not true that he refused to speak English. That's basically one of those myths which has been created around him.

He in fact spoke English better than many an Englishman and loved reading the language, too. This self-educated man was in fact an avid reader in English, Afrikaans, Dutch and German.

It was however his personal policy as a businessman that he could serve his customers in quite a few languages and always did whenever asked: English, German, Afrikaans - even the members of the Malawi royal family would buy cars from him and he'd treat them just as courteously as he would the poorest Afrikaner who came to him for a used-car deal or an inexpensive rental home.

What he objected to was the extremely rude behaviour of English-South African business people who always persistently refused to serve Afrikaner customers in the language of their own choice, i.e. Afrikaans.

He resented this constant need for Afrikaners to have to negotiate with rude unilingual shop-clerks about which language they, the customers, should be served in.

That's why he felt that the Boerestaat was the only solution for the long-term survival of the Boer people in South Africa: a place where they could flourish in their own cultural environment, where they didn't have to constantly go around apologising for the fact that they were Boers and where they would not need to negotiate about their own language rights.

In 1977, he had a visit from Time Magazine Johannesburg bureau chief William McWhirter, and the two spoke for hours, walking across the farm. McWhirter then wrote a surprisingly positive piece about Van Tonder's Boerestaat ideals, with only one negative comment, namely that the homestead of the Mahlangu family-workers on the Van Tonder farm did not have electricity, although they did have running water and working toilets.

He was also interviewed by other foreign correspondents - and nearly always in English.

Westerners have often heard of the charismatic but bombastic Eugene Terre'Blanche but most have never heard of the mild mannered intellectual & statesman like Robert van Tonder who understood that the best path to secure the freedom of his people - the Boerevolk - was to restore the Boer Republics in some form & who was significantly suppressed & repressed by the old National Party regime. Van Tonder had his own illegal underground printing press which he used to help get the information out about his people & their overlooked / marginalized post Anglo-Boer War history. Van Tonder left the National Party in 1961: -the same year that Hendrik Verwoerd turned South Africa into a nominal republic - in order to pursue the goal of restoring the old Boer Republics which were taken from the Boerevolk after the conclusion of the second Anglo-Boer War. Robert van Tonder also wrote a short book entitled Boerestaat which was published around the time he started the Boerestaat Party which was made available in English / Dutch / German / & French as well as Afrikaans. Van Tonder ended his life on August 5 1999 as a result the severe pain he was suffering from due to his long struggle with cancer.

First Apartheid Type Laws of Africa Were In... Liberia.

When it comes to the old Apartheid laws: most people in the West erroneously presume that the said laws were initiated in Southern Africa & often presume were enacted from the late 1940s on. This is demonstrably incorrect on numerous fronts. Not only was Apartheid originated by the British Colonial regimes during the 19th cent but even they were not the first regime in Africa to institute Apartheid type laws. Few people appear to be aware that the first Apartheid type laws ever enacted on a grand scale on the African continent were in fact implemented by the Americo-Liberians of Liberia during the mid 19th cent.

As early as the middle of the 19th century, long before [ed: Grand] apartheid was instituted in southern Africa by the Afrikaners, it had been invented and made flesh by the rulers of Liberia - descendants of black slaves. In the small, bigoted world of Monrovia, an ordinance was instituted forbidding close contacts with the local population, particularly intermarriage. To this end, the government in Monrovia allocated to each tribe (there are 16 of them) a territory where they were allowed to live - not unlike the typical "homelands" created for Africans decades later by the white racists from Pretoria. All who spoke out against this were severely punished. The chiefs of unsubmissive tribes were eliminated on the spot, the rebellious population murdered or imprisoned, its villages destroyed, its crops set afire.

The full article is here at: Slaves of Freedom.

The Americo-Liberians were the descendents of American slaves whose ancestors were originally from West Africa who later went back to Africa & were the founders of Liberia of which as a minority they ruled over & segregated themselves from the larger native population.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Black teens killing each other in U.S. soars by 34%

Daily Mail Reporter

The number of black teenagers killing each other has soared by 34 per cent in the United States, it was revealed yesterday.

The FBI figures, hidden in an overall fall in murder and violent crimes, were analysed by criminal justice experts James Alan Fox and Marc Swatt.
The number of black male murder victims aged from 14 to 17 rose by almost 40 per cent.

The professors, of Northeastern University, Boston, said federal cash for schemes to help troubled youngsters dried up after the 9/11 terror attacks, when cash was prioritised elsewhere.

Mr Fox added: 'We either pay for these programmes now or pray for the victims later. Crime doesn't wait until the economy improves.'

The increases, covering the period from 2000 to 2007, far exceed the corresponding statistics for white males of the same age range of 17 and 3 per cent respectively.

Among their findings: an increase of more than 39 per cent in the number of black males between the ages of 14 and 17 killed between 2000 and 2007, and an increase of 34 per cent in the number of blacks in that age group who committed homicide.

The increases for white male teens age 14-17 during that same period were about 17 per cent and 3 per cent, respectively.

Have A Prosperous 2009!

Being the last day of 2008 'n all, I thought I would give myself a day off from posting. Besides, I'm sure you will all be celebrating the arrival of the New Year with your families rather than browsing our humble blog. Right? I know I will.

Would you believe that 1 January 2009 marks eight months that our little blog has been around? Where did the time go?

It has been a kak year for South Africa so there was no shortage of content to post. From the power outages, the xenophobic violence, crime and corruption which still remains rampant, reverse racism becoming more entrenched etc I suppose the (two) silver linings to come out of this year (if one can call it silver linings as the jury is still out whether what follows is better) was the booting out of Mbeki and his bunch of rubbish "collectives" from office - and the resultant split of the ANC.

2009 is going to be a tumultuous year, with the elections, with Zuma becoming el presidente, with the recession, lots of uncertainty await us.

We'll be here to add our two cents' worth as long as you guys keep visiting. It's been commented on here that people are able to gauge a clearer picture of events in South Africa from reading our blog than through perusing online news outlets. I think that's because we don't hold back and we include more varied opinions from as many people as possible, of all persuasions. Hearing the same old same old from the usual media outlets will never give you a proper perspective of what is transpiring in the country.

So dear readers, from myself and the other bloggers, enjoy your New Year's eve, have a good couple of toots in celebration, don't drink and drive children ;o)~, stay safe, have a prosperous 2009 and we'll see you tomorrow.

Motlanthe urges Guinea military to hold rigged elections for legitimacy


South African president Kgalema Motlanthe has condemned the military takeover of Guinea, saying that if coup leaders want to be seen as legitimate they must emulate Robert Mugabe by calling elections, beating and starving voters, and refusing to accept the outcome, before being given R300 million in aid by South African taxpayers.

Guinea has dominated international diplomatic discussions since last week when its corrupt and autocratic military dictatorship was overthrown by corrupt and autocratic military dictators.

The junta has vowed to move Guinea forward from the 1960s to the 1970s by changing the upholstery of government limousines and allowing army generals to grow Afros and wear more gold jewellery.

It is understood that the citizens of Guinea have not yet realised that they have a new government as Members of Parliament are still wearing the same camouflage fatigues they wore last week.

Speaking to journalists over a bowl of leftover trifle this morning, Motlanthe said it was unacceptable that African leaders still came to power by force, and urged the Guinean junta to rig elections as soon as possible.

"It's the modern way," he said, adding that if the junta was unsure how to stage a sham poll they need only look at Zimbabwe.

"As far as the South African government is concerned, Comrade Robert Mugabe did everything that was expected of him as a senior African statesman," said Motlanthe.

"If Guinea's new leaders want us and the rest of the African Union to welcome them, they also need to do some serious ballot-box stuffing in the next few days. You can't just say you're president without having done the paperwork."

He said that once the junta had imprisoned the necessary dissidents, South Africa would consider donating another R300 million in aid.

Meanwhile Motlanthe has been widely quoted in the media as calling on Israeli and Palestinian officials to negotiate a two-state solution to their conflict, and journalists used this morning's briefing to ask him to explain his comments.

Asked why he was dispensing advice to the Middle East while his government had failed so abjectly to address the unfolding crisis next door in Zimbabwe, Motlanthe said that it was "a lot easier talking about Palestine" because it was unlikely that anyone of any importance would listen to him.

"That way we as the South African government can make statements without any consequences that might adversely impact out pensions one day," he explained.

The suffering that Hamas causes

Watching the television coverage of the Gaza situation convinces me that we live in a modern mainstream media world devoid of objective reporting. Turn on Sky News, CNN and BBC and all you see are wall to wall images of 'frightened and suffering' Gazans. On the other hand, little time is allocated to the suffering of the 'other side' Israel where 3 more people were killed by Hamas rockets and tens of thousands more live in terror, women and children included.

We are subjected to sanctimonious television anchors tearing into Israeli representatives making their enmity towards Israel very evident and revealing their woeful ignorance of the facts on the ground. This shameful display is compounded further - their useful idiot roles require it - when they overplay the "sympathetic presenter" when a Hamas terrorist spokesperson is interviewed, allowing these vile creatures ample time to spew their hateful vitriol and propaganda.

These liberal presenters forget that the aim, the sole purpose for the existence of Hamas is to destroy a country, a people, Israel.

It is not there to look after its people. It has no interest in a peaceful settlement with Israel. It has stated so repeatedly. What does Israel need to do to convince people that it is the victim here? 8000 rockets fired into its territory, what would the US or UK do? Let's get some perspective. The days of Hamas-like thinking is over, it is time we acknowledge that. There is no place in the 21st century for anything or anyone to be 'wiped off the map' and we need to make it clear to Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist entities that terror tactics belong in the past.

From the Boston Globe

Last month's commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights provided the occasion to ask difficult questions about societies whose political leadership serially violates them. What, for instance, is to be done about places like Darfur or Zimbabwe, or any one of a multitude of places governed by leaders whose consciences appear untouched by the suffering they are causing? To the list of grotesque human rights violators must be added Hamas, whose disdain for the suffering its policies cause the Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip is exceeded only by its open, and even proud, infliction of atrocities on Israeli civilians.

This year alone, Hamas, which expressly calls for the obliteration of Israel, has launched approximately 3,000 rockets and mortar bombs into Israeli civilian centers, always for the purpose of killing and maiming Israelis if possible, and terrifying those who are not actually hit. In the last week or so, Hamas has fired some 200 rockets and bombs into Israeli communities.

Under these circumstances - circumstances which would have continued without end had the Israelis failed to act - it seems clear that the Israeli military response was not merely a necessary one. It was, regrettably, the only one left.

Israeli author Amos Oz, whose call for peace with the Palestinians is shared by a majority of Israelis, succinctly described the brutalization of Israeli civilians in terms that cannot fairly be disputed. In a recent piece entitled "Israel Must Defend Its Citizens," the longtime advocate for reconciliation between Palestinians and Israelis wrote: "The systematic bombing of the citizens in Israel's towns and cities is a war crime and a crime against humanity."

Oz is correct. But it isn't only Israelis whose fundamental human rights Hamas is violating. It is those of the Palestinian population about whose welfare Hamas professes to care.

In direct contravention of international law, Hamas uses Palestinian civilians as human shields, utilizing homes, schools and community centers as launching pads, content in the knowledge that if innocent Palestinian civilians are caught in the cross-fire, it will be Israel that is criticized.

This amounts to a sort of Daily Double of human rights violations: the use of innocent Palestinians as human shields for the infliction of violence upon innocent Israelis.

It is Hamas that perfected the use of the suicide bomb, by which young Palestinians were induced to kill themselves so that Israelis could also be killed. It is somehow apt that Hamas should be forever associated with the suicide bomb, for in a larger sense Hamas has proved to be an instrument of the demise of Palestinians in Gaza.

Hamas's persistent call for the annihilation of Israel through jihad, its unequivocal rejection of any peace with Israel under any circumstances, its seizure of Gaza through a coup d'etat, its repression of women and freedom of expression, and its embrace of Iran have all disgusted the international community, which will have little to do with it. Hamas has likewise repelled numerous Arab governments, which might otherwise have been expected to dip into their ample reserves of petrodollars to provide much-needed aid and foreign investment to Gaza, but which have steered clear of it.

Thus Hamas leads the Gazan population on a kamikaze course. The suffering of Gazans cannot conceivably be a genuine concern of the leadership, given the perpetuation of that suffering for which Hamas is responsible. And the suffering of Israelis is its avowed goal.

Whether it was South Africa or Sudan, the international community has understood that the way to deal with truly egregious human rights violators is not to placate them, but to speak the truth about them, and to them. If the truth is spoken plainly enough, and forcefully enough, to a Hamas leadership whose cruelty and callousness have reached alarming levels, it may be that the Palestinians and Israelis alike may be spared further suffering of the kind to which they have been relegated in the past.

Jeff Robbins, an attorney, was a US delegate to the United Nations Human Rights Commission during the Clinton administration.

My head hurts now...

Quite amazing just how our cops have a complete disregard for human life and act as if they are cop, prosecutor, judge and hangman. The blue light cops are a classic example of abuse of power. Now even your common garden variety guards are pulling these stunts.

Today we have two stories - one of a black security guard who told a white family in a shopping centre that they may not stand where they were, and when they refused to go, he forcibly pushed the son who in turn hit him, whereupon he coolly went to his van, fetched his gun and shot the guy in the lung....fortunately he lived and is on the mend.

Polokwane (Pietersburg). – Die dag voor Kersfees het hier amper in ’n bloedbad ontaard toe ’n veiligheidswag ’n inwoner by ’n besige winkelsentrum trompop geskiet het. Nadat die koeël mnr. Marthinus Beukes (28) by die Game-winkelsentrum in die bors getref het, het dit ook mnr. Extra Mashita, ’n Gautenger, in die maag getref. Mnr. Thomas Mathebula (38), die veiligheidswag, het gister vlugtig op twee aanklagte van poging tot moord in die Polokwane-landdroshof verskyn.

Hy is op borgtog van R1 000 vrygelaat. Beukes, ’n vragmotorverkoopsman, is skrams in sy linkerlong getref. Hy is ná die skietery na die Limpopo Medi-Clinic geneem en is op Kersdag ontslaan.Mnr. Hennie Beukes, sy pa, is erg geskok en woedend. “Ons het net hier gestaan en pies geëet. Ons het niks verkeerd gedoen nie; toe word my kind geskiet.”

Volgens Beukes sr. het hy en die res van sy familie die dag voor Kersfees na die sentrum gegaan om ’n familiefoto te laat neem. Daarna het hy en sy seun elkeen ’n pastei gekoop. Hulle het dit naby die ingang van die sentrum gestaan en eet. Die sentrum was besig.

Mathebula van die veiligheidsmaatskappy Group 4-Securicor het met sy geldwa voor die ingang van die winkelsentrum stilgehou. Hy was op pad na die Absa-kitsbank.“Hy het aan ons gesê ons mag nie naby ’n pilaar staan en eet nie, want hy wil daar loop.“Toe sê ek en my seun ons sal nie loop nie, want daar is hóéveel ander mense wat ook daar rondgestaan het.”Volgens Beukes sr. het die wag sy seun glo daarna van agter aan sy gordel gegryp en om die pilaar waar hy gestaan het, gepluk.Beukes jr. het die wag daarna glo op die mond geslaan.

“Toe loop die wag terug na die geldwa, haal sy pistool uit, stap terug na ons toe en gaan staan seker so ’n meter van my seun af. Toe skiet hy my seun sonder om enigiets te sê. Ek het gedog hy gaan my ook skiet,” het Beukes sr. gesê. Die koeël het ook vir Mashita, wat na Game geloop het, getref. Hy het ’n noodoperasie in die Polo?kwane- provinsiale hospitaal ondergaan. Sy toestand is bevredigend. Intussen het Mathebula klagte van aanranding teen Beukes jr. en sr. ingedien. Mathebula moet weer op 4 Februarie in die hof verskyn.

The other of a traffic cop who runs over a pedestrian and when the pedestrian tells him he is an asshole for bad driving, shoots him.....

Johannesburg - A man was shot allegedly by a traffic policeman in Reiger Park after an argument over bad driving, said police on Monday. Spokesperson Constable Tsietsie Lamola said a 31-year-old man was walking on the pavement late on Sunday afternoon when he was bumped by a black VW Golf driving by.

The pedestrian sustained injuries and an argument about driving apparently broke out between the victim and the driver of the Golf. The Golf driver, aged 33, then apparently shot at the man with a licenced firearm. Lamola said the driver was an Ekurhuleni traffic police official who handed himself over to the Reiger Park police after the incident.

The victim was taken to hospital with serious injuries. The driver appeared in the Boksburg magistrates court on Monday on charges of attempted murder and reckless and negligent driving.

Monday, December 29, 2008

SA pound Aussies

That's the way, ah ha, ah ha, I like it...

South Africa condemn Australia to first home Test series loss in 16 years

Cricinfo -
It's not funny anymore

Why Haydos and Roy must be dropped

Hayden survives, rookies called in for Sydney- Sydney Morning Herald

Australia slumped to their first home Test series defeat in 16 years as South Africa completed a nine-wicket triumph on day five of the Boxing Day Test.

The Proteas, who started the day on 0-30 in pursuit of 183 for victory at the MCG, lost skipper Graeme Smith for 75 before Neil McKenzie and Hashim Amla knocked off the runs after lunch to seal South Africa's maiden Test series win in Australia.

Smith hit 10 fours from 94 balls before he was leg before to off-spinner Nathan Hauritz to end the opening stand with McKenzie at 121.

McKenzie was 59 not out with Hashim Amla unbeaten on 30 when South Africa finally passed their victory target.

Australia had not lost a Test series on home soil since 1992-1993, when Richie Richardson's West Indies claimed a five-match series 2-1. South Africa's Test series victory was their third against Australia, and their first in nine since they won a four-match series at home in 1969-1970.

Smith could not hide his elation after the match. "It has been such a special moment for all of us," he said on the Nine network. "It has been an incredible team effort. "I have been smiling non-stop since we hit the winning runs."

South Africa veteran Jacques Kallis was thrilled to cap his fourth tour of Australia with a series victory.

"At the MCG, what better place to want to do it," he said on the Nine Network.

"I've had some individual highlights here, but lost Test matches and drawn Test matches, so this one takes the cake.

"Having won a Test match here beats all those (previous) feelings ... and is an unbelievable effort."

The teams now head to Sydney, where South Africa will usurp fallen giants Australia as the world's top-ranked team if they win the third and final Test.

Australia retained struggling veterans Matthew Hayden and Andrew Symonds in a 13-man squad for the SCG Test, adding Doug Bollinger and Andrew McDonald to the mix.

Zuma Urges Tougher Laws on Crime (for non-ANC bigwigs)

Less yakking and more doing. I'll believe the ANC and Zuma are serious about tackling crime when it stops disbanding specialist police units like the Scorpions, scraps affirmative action in the police service and Zuma himself stops his bullshit delaying tactics and faces his day in court. Until then it is just talk. Oh wait, my bad...he means tackling crime committed by the little people, not ANC bigwigs...I get it.

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The president of South Africa's ruling ANC Jacob Zuma on Monday urged tougher legislation against all forms of crimes in a country where over 50 murders are committed every day.

"I am convinced that within the parameters of the constitution there is significant space for us to toughen legislation against all forms of criminality and to erase the space within which criminals are able to operate," he said in The Star newspaper.

"Criminals must know that breaking the law will have severe consequences and that they'll suffer as a result of their actions," said Zuma, a presidential hopeful in next year's elections.

Critics say that current legislation is not adequate or tough enough to prevent crimes and deter criminals.

"Adequate and long sentences that fit the crimes that are committed and the detrimental consequences these have on our society must be handed down by our courts," said Zuma.

He said that while the African National Congres (ANC) would not "erode" rights enshrined in the constitution, he wanted to see the establishment of an efficient and transformed criminal justice system, working with communities to fight crime.

"The goal is to reduce serious and violent crime by seven to 10 percent per year," he said.

Crime-weary South Africa's new Safety and Security Minister Nathi Mthethwa vowed last month to deal firmly with armed violence, saying police in the "killing fields" had to be ready to return fire.

Addressing parliament, Mthethwa said his top priorities would be fighting organised crime, improving crime intelligence and strengthening the capacity of task forces.

"We don't believe that when you are faced, as SAPS (South African Police Services) are on a daily basis, with criminals armed with sophisticated weaponry, their task would be to take out and flash some human rights charter," he said.

"Because we are in the killing fields where criminals are killing law-abiding citizens... we ourselves have an obligation to strengthen the arm of these task forces so they are able on the field to teach those people a lesson.

"Fight fire by fire, there is no other way on that."

South Africa is one of the world's most violent countries. Crimes such as housebreaking, hijacking and cash heists are often accompanied by high rates of murder, torture and violence.

The country's high crime rate has raised concern about its ability to host the 2010 Football World Cup, but Mthethwa insisted the country would be ready for the games.