Sunday, July 12, 2020

Tshwane Metro Police taken to task by prominent Diplomat

Saturday, May 09, 2020

Letter to Ambassadors - Urgent Appeal

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As you are aware of the situation pertaining to the Covid-19 Lockdown in various countries worldwide, and you are probably intertwined in efforts to assist and alleviate the enormous pressure financially and medically to the suffering of your people and country, we the minorities in South Africa plead with you to consider and hear our plight.

Since the so called Covid-19 Hard lockdown started on the 26th of March 2020, the whole of South Africa, as the rest of the world has been hit very hard financially.
The South African Government procured finances to the amount of 500 billion rand, from several sources to assist businesses and individuals to cope with the financial hardship through these tough times.
That is to be commended and we are sure that you do approve of their efforts to curb the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the poverty it brought along.

However, the allocation of these funds is made available only to businesses that have a BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) rating of 2 and below. What this means is that only companies that are 53% Black-owned may benefit from this funding. BEE also prescribed for the past 12 years plus that only black people can get employment and work, should positions be available in any company.
As a financial relief for individuals the Covid-19 finances were also made available for people through the UIF (Unemployment Insurance Fund) scheme to which every employee is forced to contribute.  Unfortunately these benefits yet again are reserved only for the Black majority, leaving the minorities in the lurch. Many White, Coloured and Indian-owned companies that were micro and medium sized businesses , who incidentally employed thousands of black employees, have since gone bankrupt,  leaving those Black, Coloured ,Indian and White employees without work.
These companies still had to pay those employees full salaries during the lockdown.

The biggest concern though, is the fact that the ANC government implemented strict Draconian laws pertaining to racism, which would have been fair if they had not made black-on-white racism a lawful act (court case Thursday 30/04/2020) but yet they deem white-on-black racism unlawful. This while they hold the majority of power over a minority!
Food and food parcel schemes are allowed for the black majority only, and the White, Coloured and Indian minorities are ignored and this forces these minorities to be helped by fellow white ,Coloured and Indian South Africans, with food parcels and feeding schemes.

The latest Draconian law forced onto the  minorities and in particular the white minority, is the new law that the ANC implementedas from yesterday, that states no private person and or private organisation and or anyone, will be allowed to distribute food to people without a permit granted by the government,(applications for permits are all denied, of course) this includes NPO, NGO and other welfare societies. The ANC- led government simply refuses that the white, Coloured, and Indian minorities be fed or that these minorities help feed their own people. Instead the ANC government insist that the donated goods be confiscated and taken for distribution to whom and where they, the ANC Government, deem fit to distribute and hand it out.
(This started happening yesterday 02/05/2020 at several feeding locations across the country).

These laws preventing our peoples from being fed and these laws forced onto our peoples will have an adverse effect that can only turn to one outcome, CIVIL WAR!
That, Sir, is something South Africa and Africa as a whole can ill afford.
We are sure that you will agree that preventing such a conflict would be beneficial, not just to South Africa but also to the rest of the world.
We know, as do you, that an all-out racial conflict in South Africa will impact the whole world,  especially with the current climate of Covid-19 and financial ruin worldwide.

What should also be considered would be the current world climate of racism in EVERY country because of illegal and allowed but unwanted migration of Middle Eastern and African immigrants.
An all-out racial conflict in South Africa will most definitely resonate worldwide and cause conflict on a global scale which of course will result in the death of not 200 000 plus like the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, but of millions of people worldwide in EVERY country.
We in South Africa are teetering on an eruption of racial tension that is fuelled by the ANC government on a daily basis, with their racism and Draconian laws, and we predict that, if the course taken by the ANC government is not drastically stopped, civil war will break out within the next few months if not weeks.
In the interest of world peace we therefore humbly ask for you and your government to interfere on behalf of the ignored, oppressed and polarized minorities in Southern Africa, and issue a stern warning to the South African Government to lead the country, and not to further oppress the White, coloured, and Indian minorities through their Draconian laws. We sincerely hope and pray that you will not only see this as a plea for help  but also as a warning from minorities, too long ignored and oppressed and too long blamed for the ineptocracy and inability of a failed, corrupt ANC led Government of 26 years.
This situation screams and begs for ratification before it is too late.

Jurgens David Christie
Mandated by
Boer Republicans
South Africa

Sunday, April 12, 2020

WHO faces calls for DG to resign 

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