Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Any Guesses Why the Matric Results Are Going to be Lousy?...AGAIN!

LOL....From SA Jokes...

You will need to click on the pics to get *AHEM* the full picture. And as this is a decent blog, I have had to add some strategically placed stars...Please people, no complaints here, ILSA wants to keep decent folks like you protected OK?

Pics: "Teacher's strike in Tembisa" (those very same people that you
have entrusted to educate, supervise and protect your children?)


Tue, 24 Aug 2010 11:36

Matric pupils will know in the next few days whether they will write
their preliminary exams next week.

The exams were scheduled to start on 3 September but the ongoing
public servants strike has meant pupils have not covered all of the
necessary work.

Township schools have been hit the hardest by the mass action. Last
week, only around 20 percent of schools in Gauteng were open.

Over a million public servants are on strike over wages. Government
says it is essentially giving them 8.5 percent, just 0.1 percent less
than what unions are demanding.

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Anonymous said...

what are they trying to say? Flashing your arse or "mooning" generally means disrespect, but what does flashing sheeboon tits mean? Could it be "edukashan makes gives you ugly tits" or "teechass like to flash"....either way, ugly man, ugly...

Anonymous said...

Good grief! That's just horrible!

Anonymous said...

Animal Planet viewers will Know where this comes from.Next they will be throwing poo!!!It is a no brainer!

Piet the pirate said...

There is something very primitive in the desire to strip naked in order to make a point.
It´s like they´re expressing the need to return to their roots, or something equally as weird, in order for the establishment to take notice of their grievances.
Truly strange, ape like, behaviour.

Anonymous said...

and these are the educated ones...

When will white Africans get off their asses and realise they need to live seperately from these people?
I'm amazed at what people will put up with to have a maid servant!

Common Sense

Jim Beam said...

For people of their age and weight I find it a bit low.

eduard said...

Welcome to Planet of the Apes!


Gorillas without mist.

Laager said...

Am I right in saying that in the new SA there is now only one (non-racial) Dept of Education in each province. they in turn are managed by the National Dept of Education whose boss is the Minister for Education?

Therefore it follows that all Whites (about 20%), Indians (about5%) and Coloured (about 5%) are employed by the same department, are on the same payroll and receive the same salaries.

The question is:
Are these 3 minority groups also dissatisfied with their conditions of service?
If they are, are they also on strike, or are they being kept from going to work by their black colleagues who are manning the picket lines?

The camera does not lie.
So far I have not seen a single photo of a White, Indian or Coloured teacher on strike, manning a picket line or behaving like a baboon howling at a full moon.

Once again we see only the blacks demonstrating their culture and expecting the world to bow down and worship this expression of coarse taste.

Viking said...


if they were also on strike, I can't imagine any minorites going out on picket with this lot...