Saturday, August 28, 2010

Yellow Money Is Good Money, Even if it's Red

So Zuma has returned from China (and no doubt another Faustian deal has been done) Perhaps billions have been bartered or guaranteed to be available, between ZA and China under a cloak of secrecy (which needn't concern ordinary folk like you or me)

Make no mistake about it, Zuma, the moderate, the chameleon, is under immense pressure from far left wing forces in ZA (Cosatu and SACP) to bring about some radical changes in the country. Just last week he was
"slamming" the current strikes that are crippling the country. Yet today, after his return from China, he is lauding the right of strikers to strike as long as they do it decently.

What the hell is going on?

Why, the money of course! Whether it's Eastern or Western lucre, it makes no difference.

In 1994, Western Capital bought out ZA and the deal was as follows A) ZA gets a black government and the political freedom blacks have been longing for: B) The Capital remains in white (overseas) hands. It was a deal! Mandela, Sexwale and Ramaphosa bought it. We, the whites bought it; it seemed like a fair deal.

Seventeen years later that deal is on shaky grounds. Why? Because the ANC has not been able to keep their end of the bargain. The masses have been let down. Service delivery, education, health care, housing, water are non existent for the masses and teetering on the brink even for the middle classes that can afford it.

That is what the strikes are about. Zuma's about-face is a signpost that ZA is about to abandon Western ties and move east. Land re-distribution will follow, perhaps experiments in nationalisation. Who knows what else.

Zuma's administration will soon bow to the pressure of the left, play the wild card, and rely on China as a guarantor for the consequences that will surely follow.

China will bail out ZA against a falling rand value, disinvestment, even western imposed sanctions and whatever else goes with it.

China is already ZA's main trading partner
(see China, South Africa Upgrade Relations to Comprehensive Strategic Partnership) and as long as ZA has the raw materials to trade with, people like Zuma, Vavi and Malema will continue to take the easy way out. The yellow man is no doubt delighted with this bargain...

You, white man, go along as the tax payer.

Zuma calls for 'human decency' during strike

In his first public address since his return from a state visit to China, he said government respected the right of workers to go on strike in support of their demands.

"However, we reiterate that protest actions should be undertaken within the ambit of the law and basic human decency," Zuma said.

He was speaking in Cape Town at the official funeral service of former deputy safety and security minister Joe Matthews.

Zuma, who was criticised by some union leaders for going to China while South Africa was in turmoil as a result of the ongoing public service strike, said government would always defend workers' rights.

Workers were the vanguard of the struggle for the improvement in the quality of life of all South Africans, particularly the poorest of the poor.

Government fully understood the frustrations caused by the legacy of low salaries and slow progression for some categories of workers, something the government had been addressing since 1994.

But workers' actions while on strike should not deviate from the commitment of government and public servants to be a caring government and a caring society.

"The abandonment of patients, including babies in incubators, as well as schoolchildren, is difficult to comprehend and accept, no matter how sympathetic one is to the needs of workers," Zuma said.

"We are confident that negotiators on both sides will find a solution soon, and help the country to get out of this unpleasant situation as quickly as possible."

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