Thursday, August 26, 2010

Prophets Everywhere!

The political situation in ZA is very fluid at the moment. I can sense the "electricity" from 13000 miles away. It's all to do with the strike by public sector workers, now entering it's 10th day.

Amazing how things have de-generated from the high of the SWC to this low so quickly!

There is a massive wrangling for power going on in the tripartate alliance and it is difficult to predict how it will play out in the coming weeks and months.

The latest from

The Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) said on Thursday that its decades-long alliance with the ruling African National Congress was in a state of paralysis and could rupture.

"The alliance is unable to convene a summit for fear of an implosion," the group said in a statement.

The comment is one of the strongest indications that organised labour, which helped President Jacob Zuma ascend to the presidency, may be willing to cut a relationship with the ANC forged in their struggle to end apartheid. - Reuters

Read that again!!! The alliance is collapsing before your very eyes!

What does it mean?

I read the recent interview with FW De Klerk with interest (the photo reveals how the poor man has aged) and looking at his conclusions, I thought to myself, he should know better. I'm excerpting his conclusions only; you can read the whole article

De Klerk: "If you analyse the broader structures of the ANC you will find people grouped together who believe in completely different things. The old glue which kept them connected was the struggle to end apartheid. Apartheid is gone now, and so is the cement.

"So the ANC is going to split. They don't like hearing it, but I'm convinced it will happen. And when it does, we will see our democracy normalised to a greater degree.

"Then alliance politics will take a strong step forward in South Africa. Alliance politics allows for realistic compromises."

He's half right for sure, but as I say, he should know better! Looking at the situation in Kenya and Zimbabwe, he must know that things are not going to be that easy. Fatcat African politicos under threat (especially if they have the invincible "struggle credential" card, will deploy any means at their disposal to ward off any perceived attackers: There will be NO compromise. They will stoop to the point of attacking and killing their own countrymen in order to cling to power.

Then there are
those that are predicting the advent of the great uprising against whites. That what is taking place right now is a carefully orchestrated execution of the the "real" National Democratic (read communist) revolution.

If you take De Klerk's view, things will be OK and what has gone before was a false dawn and what is coming soon is nothing short of the true light of democracy in ZA and the end of ANC hegemony.

Alliance politics will be in vogue, politicians will be held to account for their actions and things will be rosy for ZA forever. If you take the other extreme, things are going to get worse, quick. It's very fluid and somehow, I cannot reconcile myself to a point in the middle. I'm forced to consider both extreme options.

Is this the beginning of the real end? Or is De Klerk somehow able to see Jesus in the clouds, slowly descending, about to pull the ultimate joke on the ANC?

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Anonymous said...

I don't know, Exzanian, but Vavi is extremely powerful. Could he take over as pres in 2012? Or will the world end?

Piet the pirate said...

No, he´s not half right. As always, the traitorous piece of dog shit has got it all wrong. Any split in the ANC will create a power vacuum and a full scale civil war will ensue.
Strengthen our democracy indeed, LOL. What a full blown idiot.
God, am I going to have a party the day this piece of garbage kicks the bucket. I´ll be hooting it up for at least a week. Anyone care to join me?

Exzanian said...

Anon 27 August 2010 17:56
Good question about Vavi. He certainly calls it as he sees it and showed integrity by declining a position in Zuma's cabinet. But be careful of the black socialist/ labour leader who stands up one day and says "I cannot be bought"...Who knows where such a person might lead SA...

Anonymous said...

The Big Western Capitalists, who recently finalised the enslavement of working people (the middle class) of the Western World, created the ANC and put De Kerk in power!
They are now ready to cut ties with the Tri-Partite Alliance and create a new ANC (DA-ID with a Negro Leader) probably by claiming to be on the side of the Unions: they'll buy out a few Union Leaders, like they did with most of the SACP Leadership and take out those who don't agree, like they did Hani! They'll even let most of the land be "nationalised" ie. handed over to Negroes, despite their having less historical right to most of SA than the Boers do, AS LONG AS THE MINES ARE NEVER NATIONALISED!

It's Common Sense.

Exzanian said...

Common Sense 28 August 2010 00:22

You are absolutely spot on!

SA was a sell out. Big Capitalists backed the sale on certain conditions. Which is why I say a black socialist who sticks to his guns and who cannot be bought with a Breitling and Bling is what they most fear!

Para Bellum said...

I've been following your blog for 2 years now & I will be for as long as you Guys are posting,great stuff.Keep up the good work.Please,no more De Klerk articles.Few people deserve a bullet more than him & the rest of his traitorous collaborators.Who cares what the bastard thinks,his 30 pieces of silver is already in the bank.

Anonymous said...

2 Questions.
1-What happned to the site SAsucks with all the idiots who said there will be blood shed when the world cup was on.
2-When is Nelson the shit going to die?

Snowy Smith said...

F.W. de KLERK is a "PUPPET" of the Zionist Jews New World Order.
He was PAID by the Zionist Jews New World Order to betray the Whites in South Africa.
F.W. de KLERK and Pik Botha are NOT the White mans friend they are part of the ENEMY.

Exzanian said...

@Parabellum. Nice to see you still sticking around. However, I think De Klerk is an important person in the history of ZA, in fact a pivotal person. So I'll continue to mention him if I want to.

@Snowy. Repeat after me: Durban is shit, Durban is shit, DURBAN IS SHIT!.....(stick with that geezer, leave the jew bashing already)

Viking said...

thanks, Para Bellum, good to see you around.

As for de klerk, well, the worst I'd say about him was that he lacked forsight. I don't think he was a sellout, I think he should have ensured greater safeguards against de-democratisation in SA; but, then, when you do a deal with the communists, how can you ever hold them to their side of the bargain?

@Anonymous, the answer to the first questions is that prophets of doom do tend to reinvent themselves when their imagined chaos doesn't come to pass. Right here, generally speaking, we adopt a less apocalyptic worldview and tend to advocate a more cautious sense of foreboding :)

Snowy Smith said...

Snowy leave the Jew bashing.

YOU are living in a dream world, YOU are in DENIAL.
YOU obviously have no idea what is going on world wide.
Go and have a look at the brilliant film “Defamation” which was made by a JEW.
MUST SEE the absolutely brilliant VIDEO “The Fall of the Republic”, Presidency of Barak Obama by Alex Jones of

I can post you a copy DVD.

I have CONCLUSIVE PROOF that F. W. de KLERK and Pik Botha are "PUPPETS" of the Zionist Jews New World Order.
Both were PAID by the Zionist Jews New World Order to betray the Whites in South Africa.
There were +-20 Nationalist Party members who were PAID by the Zionist Jews New World Order.
Banking Accounts overseas.
Pik Botha special trust banking account overseas.
F. W. de KLERK and Pik Botha are NOT the White mans friend they are part of the ENEMY.
Give me your POSTAL address I will send you evidence.
P. W. BOTHA REFUSED PAYMENT from Zionist Jews New World Order
Pieter Willem Botha (12 January 1916 – 31 October 2006), commonly known as "P. W." and Die Groot Krokodil (Afrikaans for "The Big Crocodile"), was the prime minister of South Africa from 1978 to 1984 and the first executive state president from 1984 to 1989.Botha suffered a stroke; he was prevailed upon to resign in February 1989.
P.W. BOTHA, there was a “GOOD MAN” the last White to fight for the Whites.
Don’t get brainwashed by Socialistic New World Order TV propaganda. 

The Zionist Jews New World Order Offshore Banking Monopoly owns the UNITED NATIONS.

Say ”NO” to the Satanic, Fascist, Communist, Socialist, Police State, New World Order SCAM.

WFF Snowy has a deep-seated love for freedom.

Anonymous said...

Whether or not "Zionist Jews" control the Bilderberg Group, you can't argue with any of the other things 'Snowy Smith' points out, for they are the cold, hard facts!

Common Sense

Jim Beam said...


I liked the documentary 'Defamation' - it was great. I liked it when the women from the ADL described the holocaust as an 'old goat that needs to be ridden'. In other words - get the most out of it by reminding people of it. Odd one though was when the ADL was meeting the Ukrainian politcians and where told not to compare their deaths to the holocaust as it was not constructive.

Truth be told that documentary was shocking.

Anonymous said...

All I remember of Flat Wheel De Klerk was the "I know better than you" smirk on his stupid arrogant face whenever he appeared on TV.

Wish the fooker gets knocked off soon, he does not deserve to live, the bloody verraaier.