Monday, August 02, 2010

BEE Stats a "Complete Shokka"

From News24 reader "Hoo-Kaai's Dad"

Shame, it reveals the long, uphill battle still ahead for the various nations doomed to share South Africa into the future...

Dear Editor,

Ninety-one percent of SA CEOs are white - heading of an article that not only left me perplexed but made me wonder in despair, this is the unfortunate state our beloved 16 year old democracy has presented itself to us.

Here’s a brief summary of some of the findings:

Of 269 CEO positions, blacks occupy 9% (Africans 4%; Coloureds 3%; Indians 2%) and whites 91%.

Females accounted for 3% and males 97% of 219 CFO positions. Blacks occupy 8% (Africans 2%; Coloureds 1%; Indians 5%) and whites 92%.

If these statistics don’t hit a nerve, then I don’t know. Look, let me admit my sheer ignorance towards this particular subject. Its existence of course not being foreign to me – having known this was the case; it is the severity I’ve been oblivious to.

Can this be solely attributed to blatant racism on the part of our white counterparts or is there possibly a greater and deeper reason for it, perhaps no follow through/continuation from those that are eligible?

I believe/know there’s a large group of black intelligent candidates who not only have the leadership qualities we are often crucified in lacking and as such this long awaited upsurge in black executives might remain what it is currently – a sad far reality.

What then should be done in order to ensure that we transform these shocking statistics into a positive leap for the black nation that we are?

Hoo-Kaai's Dad

(What the fuck is wrong with you?! Do you have any idea of the training, hard work and ability it takes to make a good CEO? Have you seen what black CEO's have done to the parastatals in South Africa, huh? You need to go back to school, learn to compose a proper letter. Just because this is a democracy doesn't give you the right to make a fool of yourself writing such shit. Do you think having a black skin is going to automatically qualify you as a captain of industry in the private sector? Moron!)

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Viking said...

Great comment, Ex!

And you're absolutely right. This kind of race baiting only shows the ignorance of the baiter.

Just for starters, blacks have only been "in" the economy for 16 years. now, how many people have spent just 16 years in business before becoming CEOs? few. OF COURSE they are white.

The author also reveals his, er, true colours by referring to Indians and Coloureds as "black" - which I'm sure they'll appreciate.

Let's look at the stats in 20 years time and we'll talk. By then, 100% of CEOs in South Africa will be black -

and his name is Julius Malema :)

Anonymous said...

If blacks want to be CEO's they have to start their own companies, instead of looking to steal the companies created by whites.

Norman said...

I have personally been involved with the placement of CEO’s and other upper echelon management positions over the past few years. A CEO that I placed in a top IT firm in SA’s day went as follows: about 45 minutes in the gym, showered, in a fresh suit and at work by 06h30. The first person in the office (besides the security guard who came on shift at 06h00.) Many high powered decisions through out the day, including; do I save 100 000 jobs or increase profits and can I pass on better deals to our customers or should we cut our losses and scale back the firm’s objective, etc. The man never left the office before 6 o’clock and on most days it was after dark. He would fly home to his wife and kids for a quick bite to eat and to tuck his kids in and help his teenaged daughter with her geometry. Then it was off to a late business dinner (again – even though he already ate) with clients or to his home study, checking E-mails, etc and worrying about those 100 000 jobs. In bed hopefully before midnight and so the cycle would continue.

There are many jobs that black people can do and being CEO’s is not one of them. These chaps all have degrees, MBA’s, are Accountants or Engineers or exceptionally good salesmen. No Sipho with some half-cooked qualification can compete with a bloke who’s dedicated his life to running corporations. These corporations don’t stuff around when it comes to dealing with these million dollar life and death decisions. Maybe at Eskom or SAA they just don’t give a flying duck, it’s not their money and who cares any way, they’ll get a fat bonus for their non-performance when they leave, so why would they even bother showing up at work at all let alone at sparrow fart in the morning.

As I said there are many jobs that black people can do; they make good garbage collectors, ditch diggers, street sweepers, recyclable waist collectors and anvil breakers. Stick to what you know!

Viking said...

"anvil breakers"


Anonymous said...

"Africans 4%; Coloureds 3%; Indians 2%"

Quotes like these just crack me up! Even with obvious proof like this, some like to believe a centrally controlled new world order does not exist!

If you havn't yet worked it out, they use an ethnic term "Indians", the term "Coloured" for Cape Malays and Khoikhoi, and the name of a Continent, "Africa" for Negroes!

Wake up people!