Friday, June 11, 2010

World Cup Underway!!!

The opening ceremony is underway as I write, and the atmosphere is tangible even through the TV!

The stadium is Jo'burg has some empty seats - word is, there're "traffic problems" in Johannesburg. Who saw that coming?

The other striking thing about the (Canadian) coverage is that they can't let the race issue drop. (How is it in other areas?) 20 years after Apartheid it seems that's all foreigners know about the country. How sad. When the SWC was held in Korea/Japan I don't recall them talking about the Korean War or World War II. In 2006, in Germany, I'm not sure how many times they mentioned that country's, er, troubled history.

One hopes at least that when the tournament is over, people will remember the country for something else. And let's hope that something is not 'crime'.


South Africa managed not to embarrass themselves, in fact they did quite well with a 1-1 draw against Mexico in the opening game. And, if truth be told, they deserved to win.

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Exzanian said...

It was a pretty awsome goal by ZA, I have to admit! There really is a lot of spirit at the moment, I don't begrudge anyone that. It sure must feel good after three years of back to back nasties; xenophobia, constant crime, creeping socialism, JZ, Julius, racial tensions etc. (I say three years, marking from the time the Boks beat the Poms in the rugby world cup in 2007) It was shortly thereafter that the bottom fell out (Polokwane)...So then, as now, it ever more shall be so. There will be a babalas second to none after this lot, but for now, it's party time in ZA and I know Saffers can party!

Patrick said...

Did you notice that there were quite a few Whites among the spectators. However there were omly a few token Whites taking part in the opening show. To me it looked like a racist extravaganza.I phoned Cape Talk and spoke to Solly Philander.His attitude was that it was an African world cup and since there the percentage of whites on the whole of the African continent was so small one must expect to see very few Whites taking part in the opening ceremonies.

I thought this comment was very unfortunate. When the rugby world cup was held great efforts were made to show off the Rainbow nation. Why could not the same have been done with the soccer world cup.


Have to agree with Exzanian. So far the world cup went better than expected. ( 2 games played ) Even the Bafanas seemed to have upped their game.

eduard said...

One would ask what if Baboona Bafana lost the game? Rampage of a stadium full of savages. These baboons don't think with their brains, they think with their emotions. Their brains lack the frontal lobe, the part of abstract and higher thinking.

Lime Lite said...

Thought the opening ceremony was embarassing. Fell asleep. The little I saw of the Bafana Bafana game looked quite good for SA. They've definitely improved under their current coach. Let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

It should be pretty obvious that any form of independence for the different Nations of Africa MUST be prevented if the Global Banking Cartels are to continue having their way with the continent! The UN and Western Media must make the World believe that Apartheid aka "seperate countries for seperate Nations", is in fact the greatest "crime against humanity", yes, even greater than the Genocide of 20 million Christians by Stalin (that great ally of Churchill and Roosevelt)!

Common Sense