Saturday, June 26, 2010

Why Lie About SA Crime?

Adriana Stuijt, tireless journalist of South African crime, posts from a comments section of a New Zealand news site. A commentator, claiming to be from France, writes about crimes committed against friends of his during the World Cup. When I read it, my alarms immediately went off. Here is the text:

Just returned. Francois (France)
11:51AM Friday, 25 Jun 2010
My 4 Eyropean friends were robbed and raped in most brutal fashion close to Rustenburg and then again insulted by local Police who blamed them for not having been careful. They were ridiculed and 2 girls had to go on retro-viral medications.

Anyone on this site claiming SA is safe is as far I am concerned a Propaganda writer hired by either the ANC or FIFA. That you would toy with tourists lives like that is pathetic and sickening. Your country has become a disgraceful increasingly 3rd world joke.

We will never forgive FIFAs BS safety propaganda nor forgive the safety crap you spewed before we arrived there.

We hope FIFA gets its derierre sued for playing with people lives.Bon voyage to anyone stupid enough to still visit your crime infested, corrupt and racist country. All we experienced was trauma worth a lifetime. Thanks to the writer of you story to tell your experience. We wish we would have known all this before going.
This is something that really bothers me about South African crime reports; there is so much of it about that there's no need to bullshit. And this comment is bullshit.

First of all, this is not written by a Frenchman. He has misspelt derriere ...

It is written by someone whose first language is probably English, as you can tell from the use of colloqualisms, and from the pathetic effort to insert French words.

Also, what kind of person casually mentions that his friends were raped?

It frustrated me because there are so many true stories to tell, so why make them up? It's not like similar events don't happen all the time in SA.

It goes to show that the only way you can, to quote the author, "spew" "crap" is to talk out of your backside!

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Jim Beam said...

Maybe people start feeling sorry for themselves as they think nobody is listening to them?

Attention seeking?

Viking said...

I think you're right, Jim.

There are voices that need to be heard, but, sacre bleu! this is not one of them mon ami ...

Ivan said...

derrière is not really mispelt, the guy might not have a keyboard allowing input of the accent...

Exzanian said...

Well spotted Viking, you do have a keen eye, I've noticed.....and yes, why lie? It is a mess, plenty of bodies every day in ZA.

Anonymous said...

What bothers me is your assumption that this story is a fabrication.

You base your assumption on the fact that the word "derriere" was spelt without the accent. As you can see I also spelt it without the accent, as I don't know how to use the accent.

Further your assumption is probably based on the fact that the incident wasn't mentioned by the msm, which I think is quite silly.

Well spotted. my arse!

VI said...

I tend to agree with you Viking. We have been down this familiar path before; why lie when there is more than sufficient truth out there.

Viking said...

Anonymous, it doesn't matter whether or not the story is true - it's that the author pretends to be somebody he's not. What does that say about his/her integrity?

Derriere is not just spelt without the accent, it is also spelt with the r's in the wrong place. At first I thought it was a South African living in France, but then why does he say 'your country'?

My assumption is not that the story is a fabrication, it's that the clumsy commenter casts a shadow of doubt on the facts of crime in SA.

As VI states, we have had problems with this before and I think it hurts the credibility of those who are actually trying to get the truth out.

The Rooster said...

We have our differences but I think if you ever want to be taken seriously you distance yourself as far away from Adriana as possible. She's a patholigical liar and so easily exposed when she comments on South African crime. She kills any credibility of the right wing to talk objectively about the situation in South Africa.

And yes this is obviously a fake comment and it makes white South Africans (who clearly wrote it) look like total douchebags. You know what happened to the boy that cried wolf.

Trey Cruz said...

Respectfully, Viking, "European" was also misspelt.
France is a socialist country, and it is axiomatic that basic education is one of the first things to go to hell in socialist societies [the stupid are easier to control]; in which case the reporter might be authentically French, but might also be authentically stupid.
As far as "casting a shadow" on the {crime} rape pandemic in Azania, I am not sure that is possible.
I seem to recall reading that the probability of a woman being a victim of rape in Azania was approaching 50%: A virtual coin toss.
Is this correct?
If so, how can one cast a shadow on something that is already black as hell?

Viking said...

yes Trey, I would say 50% is low if the woman is black and living in a township, a lot lower if she's white but really, the odds are far greater than anywhere else in the world.
And in SA, if your home is invaded, they might just throw in some rape as an afterthought. They might even use the husband as a mattress.

VI said...

@Rooster; a few corrections. We are taken seriously. If you travelled more often you would discover that overwhelming consensus is that South Africa is a violent, corrupt cesspool. Regardless of what you or the MSM peddles, that is the view held by rational thinking people the world over.

In order for you to be taken more seriously, you should stop desperately trying to influence opinion. It is pathetic.

As regards your opinions on Adriana and white South Africans; your views are so obviously tainted with bias, that they are discredited.

anon said...

What I don't like about Stuijt is how she twists the facts and over-dramatises things. Local dislike of "refugees" from neighbouring states is nothing new or unreasonable given the unemployment situation. Township blacks are warning visitors from Zim etc not to overstay their WC welcome or try to pinch their jobs - or else. One shouldn't be too surprised at their methods given the history of ANC inspired violence combined with the horrible conditions most of them live in.

There is more than a trace of inflated self importance and glee in Stuijt's twisted perspective. She turns the opinions of commentators around to make it appear that whites are at risk from those nasty but predictable xenophobic attacks. By "South Africans" she means white South Africans. To her, there is no other kind.

Adriana Stuijt (Netherlands)
11:49AM Friday, 25 Jun 2010
"I am a retired Sunday Times of Johannesburg journalist and have been keeping a log of the growing violence in South Africa since my retirement to the Netherlands. Chris' description is spot-on.

"And also, give a thought to the South Africans who have to remain behind with no place to flee to from this culture of violence. And things are going to get much worse: right now, a growing number of top commentators warn that after the WC2010 xenophibic attacks are planned countrywide : for instance Zuma biographer Jeremy Gordin wrote today June 24 2010 that the townships are seething with hatred towards all the foreigners and that the "foreigners" are widely being warned to get out of South Africa before the end of the world cup because the 'xenophobic killing' will start again (just like it did in May 2008).

"The tourists can leave and go back to their nice safe countries - but spare a thought for the South Africans who are trapped here and can't emigrate."

FishEagle said...

anon 19.15. Even IF Adriana Stuijt did 'over dramatise things' or even if 'there is more than a trace of inflated self importance and glee in Stuijt's twisted perspective,' at least she's out there creating awareness. After seeing all the things she's written about, I'm surprised she hasn't turned into a stark, raving lunatic yet! I salute Adriana Stuijt and all the effort she's put in to save South African lives.

Exzanian said...

Sorry Rooster, you were amply dismissed by VI, and that is probably why you launched into a full frontal ranting gutter mouthed ad hominem filth spewed diatribe...Sorry, had to send it to the garbage dump. Try somewhere else...Or try again, with a bit more self control...

The Rooster said...

yeah yeah. You actually defending this 3000 white farmers murdered since 1994 junk ?

How do you sleep at night ?

Islandshark said...

This is the problem with entertaining the opinions of demented arseholes like a certain headless chicken.

Now suddenly the thousands of murdered farmers is also a hoax.

FishEagle said...

@ Rooster. Is this another one of your attempts to 'kill whitey'? You are a coward because you don't have a liking for the reality that farmers are being murdered and tortured. We will repeat it enough times so that you may catch up to the rest of us though. Unlike most whites, we take care of our own, even when they are THAT slow.

le coq sportif said...

I think monsieur le coq (the rooster) is bitter because his business didn't fare well during the soccer world kak so now he wants to blame whitey for his misfortunes...

Anonymous said...

Forget Rooster guys! He or she is probably a Christian Holocaust denialist: probably doesn't accept that 24 000 Boer Children died in British Concentration Camps and that 20 000 000 Christians were killed by Stalin's Gulags!

There's no arguing with an anti-Christian or anti-Caucasian Fundamentalist!

Anonymous said...

It’s now official – there’s no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors:

quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
'The Israeli Prime Minister's office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million.' (page 83)

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's time Israel concerned itself with the Christian Holocaust and how many Christians died at the hands of Stalin and the Rothschilds!
If they want to talk numbers, that is!