Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Home Affairs has eight employees to deal with backlog

I got an email from my immigration agent today with a PDF document explaining why my work permit application has taken three months, as opposed to the promised 4 weeks.

Apparently, due to the huge level of fraud, particularly in Germiston, Springs, Jo'burg and Pretoria, HA has set up a new central 'hub' so that all visa/immigration/permit applications can be physically sent there for assessment.

At any one time, there are hundreds of productive foreigners waiting in limbo for their permits, and several million rand of investment waiting to come into the country with them. Many want to retire to South Africa, with pensions coming from overseas. Many are business people looking to invest, and many are professionals who are needed by the South African economy.

But corruption, and the huge volume of applications, is playing havoc with the economy once again. HA's response? Eight adjudicators to oversee the centralised 'hub'.

Recently, when Cape Town's HA office tried to take on extra employees to deal with the increased volume of traffic, processing times actually increased, due to productive employees having to train newcomers.

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Anonymous said...

Hey it took me 8 months to get a new passport. I have written my experience on this blog before about getting so much as an application form to start with. You know when things are really bad?

When they make available a facility online for expats to check if they just got registered as married in South Africa while not being there. Thats bad but at least you can check twice a year!

Anonymous said...

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