Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Whites Must Accept African Leadership - Julius Malema

ANCYL president says whites believe all blacks are potential murderers and criminals (No we don't; but we do believe that a high percentage have the propensity to commit violent crime)

BLOEMFONTEIN (Sapa) - Do not be afraid to confront issues of race, African National Congress Youth League president Julius Malema told Free State students on Friday. (Yes, let's have an open debate on race.)

"It is a most sensitive issue; while you speak against it you are declared a racist. If you are not strong, you will retreat," he said in Bloemfontein.

Malema was speaking at the University of the Free State during the launch by the SA Students' Congress of a "Right to Learn Campaign".

He said "those who have oppressed us", should be pressed to show remorse and accept that African leadership was ruling the country. (In other words "Beg for mercy". What is African leadership? You mean to suggest that whites born in Africa are not African?)

"They have rejected" olive branches extended by former president Nelson Mandela and President Jacob Zuma. (Really? Last time I looked 70% of the whites voted to transfer power to a black government. That's a pretty large olive branch)

"They do not participate in anything that is of national importance, they do not observe national days, they do not support national initiatives,"Malema said. (Why should we, when we are seeing our history and heritage being revised; when we are excluded from the national mainstream.)

"... they do not care about the development of this country, they are forever obsessed with whether they are going to be attacked or robbed." (Well we wouldn't be much use dead)

Malema said white people had been taught from an early age that a black person could never be trusted, that "a black person has a potential of being a criminal, a black person has a potential of being a murderer". (Yes, so prove us wrong)

Malema said the ANC had fought for a non-racial society and was building a non-racial society. (Of course you are, as long as you define what racism is)

However, he said this would not be reached if national questions such as race, gender or class were not addressed. (Yes, in a unilateralist way)

Malema said South Africa's freedom was useless while the country's economic power was still in the hands of white males.

"There is nothing transformed in the economy of South Africa and for as long as we don't take a radical position to the transformation of the economy it will forever be dominated by white males." (Ah yes, the pesky white males, who also happen to be the largest contributing tax paying body, many of which are self-employed)

Malema said there were usually no problems with debates such as gender issues and about whether the working class should be the ruling class.

However, when the alliance wanted to fight the monopoly of white capital in society, it was branded racist.

Malema told the students the government would never be able to supply free education only through collecting taxes.

"We need extra income. Where is this? It is beneath the soil of South Africa - that is where we can get the money," he said. (And that wealth will be extracted using black intellectual horsepower?)

Malema said the government would like to guarantee the ownership of the country's minerals for the people of this country.

The government would be prepared to go into partnership with the private sector in the mining sector, but government must hold the majority share.

The ANC youth leader said the working class should be able to indicate what they wanted government to do with the money made from mines.

"That way we know there is public participation in the process," Malema said.

"We do not pay tax, because we are government but Anglo Platinum must still pay tax after declaring dividends with us," he said to huge cheers from the group.

Turning to the event itself, Malema echoed local student leaders' unhappiness that the meeting were held at the university's Rag Farm, removed from the central part of the campus, blaming the university's white Afrikaner management.

"There is an evil spirit at the UFS. The evil spirit must be confronted, that evil spirit is deep-rooted at the university and that is racism," he said.

Source: Politicsweb

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Dachshund said...

Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema are not representative of blacks in South Africa, they are the reason why many black professionals are emigrating.

As mildly entertaining as Jacob Zuma's sexcapades and Malema's stupid remarks may be, black people are getting impatient will all the bs and are no longer convinced that the collapse of South Africa is whitey's fault.

I would very much like to hear what the black middle class thinks of Zuma's ongoing grab-another-wife campaign as well as the lack of mentorship for young professionals.

Please, no gratuitous racist comments if we do get a response.

Baas said...

Al wat ek kan se is v@k jou kaffer...

Viking said...

ha! isn't he a Pedi?
curtains for him if there's any more inter-tribal warfare! wonder if that's why he is so keen to scapegoat.

Zarky said...

Talk about double standards, whites born in Africa is not Africans but blacks born in America is Americans!

Wake up smell the roses, eishhh not roses but big pile of dog shit!

The only thing that oppresses you is your flucking brain, it is remorseful for having to be there, it wants out!

And saying that we do not care about development of the country, who the fluck do you think have developed this country? YOU and your kind!!!???

O yess, look at my brothers developed countries it is so developed it is actually underdeveloped for the past eishhh since beginning of time.

What an utter and complete moron it only knows how to spew hate and promote violence to fulfill and achieve his own agenda and self enrichment at the cost of others.

You disgusting fowl breathing excuse for a human being!!!

Exzanian said...

Dach, maybe true. There are many moderate, well meaning blacks really trying to find common ground with whomever is oppossed to the ANC. Justice Malala, Senteletse Diakanyo are a couple of examples. But they are way, way too few. The masses support this snot nosed, pot bellied idiot...It's going to be hell to manage.

Dachshund said...

By the way, when I use the word kaffir occasionally, I mean a particularly stupid person who is usually black. This is not to say whites can't be kaffirs too.

Anonymous said...

Clearly this Malema idiot is a big-time s**t-stirrer and, worryingly, while his comments are often laughable for their Idi Amin-ness, for the uneducated masses there is the possible allure for the very same reason.

Nevertheless, could someone who understands economics a lot better than me, please explain why having the mines nationalised, or part nationalised, would be such a bad thing (other than corruption or mismanagement - unless those are the reasons)?

Would really like to know.

Anonymous said...

I think we all agree with what Malema is. At the end of the day, what is more disturbing is the deafening silence from the ANC leaders to shut this guy up. We can then only postulate that they are happy for him to spew his racist hatred to stir the sheeple up against the whites and any educated people. There are too few sheeple with thinking,un-brainwashed brains to make a difference. It's like pissing in the wind to go up against the masses with any kind of common sense arguments. At the end of the day, the ANC will once again win the elections so that SA can experience another round of "democracy". If not, they'll do a Mugabe and grab power anyway - they really weren't kidding when they said they'd rule till Jesus comes. No surprises in Africa...just follow the history.

Anonymous said...

Malema, like Zuma is a total fuckwad. He is being used by the ANC, as seen by their tacit refusal to muzzle and or get rid of him, to fuel anti white hatred amongst the masses. The only thing the ANC can give this country is rhetoric.

If you are still in this country and do not have a gun (legal or not) and plenty of ammo (within the act or not) and do not have a plan, you might as well kill yourself now and save the munts the trouble of doing it later.

There is a saying that goes like this: "Kak sal julle kak." Translated the closest meaning id probably "I promise that you will truly shit off."

l said...

"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king"

Unfortunately this slithering reptile is the darling of the uneducated gullible masses.

He is evil and danger personified.

Pray that his Range Rover has a blowout at high speed.