Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Whites in workplace are fine: Manyi

Mixed messages here from Manyi..

Feb 17, 2010 7:11 AM | By Sapa

Whites are generally the biggest beneficiaries of recruitment and promotion in the workplace, the labour department's director general said in Pretoria.

KEEPING TRACK: The president of the Black Management Forum, Jimmy Manyi. Pic: � RAJESH JANTILAL. Circa January 2009.
KEEPING TRACK: The president of the Black Management Forum, Jimmy Manyi.

quote Let's recognise people's potential and allow them integration quote

"White people in general are fine. I want to debunk the myth that there is no future for whites ... they are benefiting. What is this notion that they are rejected, losing jobs and that some are even going abroad?" Jimmy Manyi said in a public lecture at the Tshwane University of Technology.

The lecture by Manyi, also the president of the Black Management Forum, was about "overcoming hurdles that prevent transformation from being fully implemented in the workplace".

The reason why blacks were not advancing was because companies were deliberately rejecting and ignoring them, Manyi told a packed auditorium.

Companies cited the education system, skills shortage and skills mismatch in a bid to exclude black people.

"We have people in the workplace that are overlooked ... Let's recognise people's potential and allow them integration."

Manyi has been outspoken about the implementation of affirmative action.

He warned that employment equity was not part of black economic empowerment and not intended as a poverty alleviation strategy.

Instead it was designed for a clearly defined population group.

"It reverses racism," he said.

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Anonymous said...

Manyi, you obviously don't travel much. I speak more Afrikaans in Canada than I did in the SAP, and I'm a Soutie. There is more than just a few of us out here.

Islandshark said...

Have to agree VI - I have English-speaking expat friends who also reckon they speak more Afrikaans in UK than they ever did in SA.

We have wholesale importers supplying SA shops in UK with goods, such is the extent of SA shops all over the country - I have 4 less than 30 minutes from home. Many British butchers are supplying boerewors in obscure little towns and villages, because Saffas are all over the place.

The old excuse was that the majority of Saffas were youngsters on temporary visas / working holidays, so they would return at some point.

The majority of people I have met are here to stay - I don't even stop to talk to people when you hear them speaking Afrikaans in public. And I'm not talking about the streets of London, but the heart of Buckinghamshire.

Mad Kiwi said...

The Auckland North Shore IS little South Africa these days, we have a few SA products shops and even a SA butcher here on the Shore.

It's not strange to hear Afrikaans daily on the bus, in the shops, etc. Of course visitors find it quite amusing, but to us it's normal.

There are over 100,000 in NZ, which is almost 3% of the population, so no wonder. Compare that to around 8% whites in SA then the representation isn't far off.

Anonymous said...

"..some are even going abroad..."!!! Who does this guy think he's kidding?

Here in Melbourne we have 2 SA shops. In my company alone we make up 20% of the Melbourne office. There are a lot of SA's in Melbourne but stax in Perth and the rest of the country. So, not sure where this twit thinks the whites are, if not leaving in droves.

Anonymous said...

"I want to debunk the myth that there is no future for whites ... they are benefiting. What is this notion that they are rejected, losing jobs...."

This is a typical monkey statement. Sucked out of his arse in cookoo la-la land.
Go into any bank, large department store, government office, etc and you'll see how many whites "have a future". Only the top CEOs of large companys are still white, but then we know why, however this is changing too.
In the bank where I used to work only non-whites got the jobs and maybe a few token whites at the lower levels. They were even bringing in Indians from India to do the computer programming work.

Islandshark said...

It's because them Indians are cheap - just ask Bill Gates...

Anonymous said...

Just wait until the ANC does a Mugabe and orders 51% of control of all companies to be handed over to uneducated blacks. The Zuma kaffir is showing his true colours as a dictator.

It is only when the country has been reduced to absolute rubble like all other sub Saharan countries that blacks will be happy. There will be a lot less of them thanks to starvation, but the corrupt ones will still be doing business as usual with corrupt white liberals in the west.

Anonymous said...

"It's because them Indians are cheap - just ask Bill Gates..."

Ohhhh! So that's why Windoos never works properly and needs a thousand patches!

Anonymous said...

"It reverses racism" he said.

Which makes it reversed racism as racism is not eliminated.