Saturday, February 13, 2010

State of The Nation Address: Zuma's Breath Stinks of Bullshit

Seriaas, these guys (the ANC) have been bullshitting for decades. Did anybody expect anything else? They will always achieve their "pie in the sky" targets. Was it only 480,000 jobs that were created? Maybe it was more. North Korea does all the time. I mean, hey, if Zuma says South Africa has landed on the moon, then it must be so, because he says so.

Anyway, simple logic tells you he is lying. South Africa is in the grips of a recession. There is no jobs expansion, so if he has created 480,000 jobs, then the private sector has probably shed 600,000 jobs. But who cares; they can say whatever they like. The reality on the ground says a very different thing.

Cope Youth Movement has lashed out at South African President Jacob Zuma following his state of the nation address styling him a "confident liar" who "presented an unbalanced, shameful speech with concocted facts."

In a statement issued Friday the movement said that Zuma's claim to have created 480 000 jobs "is devoid of any truth and we believe the president can only be categorised as a confident liar who does it with a smile."

"He presented an unbalanced, shameful speech with concocted facts."

It said that the president's "shocking distortion" of his own 2009 state of the nation address was not a mistake. Zuma said that government planned to create about 500,000 job opportunities and this made no reference to the expanded public works programme which he referred to yesterday.

"We view this as no mistake but rather a sign of confusion and the president's lack of understanding of the economic downturn and its impact in the global world."

They said that the President's failure to account for the ineffectiveness of the National Youth Development Agency which had been in office for nine months demonstrated again that the youth would remain secondary to the agenda of government.

His speech according to Cope youth was "shallow, vague and uninspiring" and "which lacked substance on pertinent issues."

They slated his private life as too full of blemishes, arrogant towards the problems of HIV/Aids and a burden to the taxpayer.

They once again called for him to step down as President which is consistent with COPE's intention to table a motion of no confidence.

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Dachshund said...

The private sector lost 900,000 jobs.