Sunday, February 07, 2010

Robin Hood Is Coming To Town

Finally, a movie that may be about European culture, albeit folklore. But my thoughts are that Ridley Scott may be expecting lightning to strike the same place twice. Nevertheless, it looks like it may be a good one.

3 Opinion(s):

Karl said...

I hope they won't make of Richard the Lionheart a king that loved his English subjects. He did not speak English, loathed England and stayed mostly in France (when not kept in prison).

Better king than John of England though [Jean Sansterre in French, The Landless John, since he stole the throne].

I fear some French-bashing...

FishEagle said...

Great choice for the lead role.

Viking said...

yes, and he's got the accent too.

thanks for the info Karl.
I read there was evidence that Robin, whoever he was, was part of Saxon resistance to the Norman overlords, but I doubt they'll touch on that in the movie.
I wonder has anyone had more movies made about them than Robin Hood.
Maybe Jesus!