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The Pan-Africanist Line, by Lyndall Beddy

Lyndall Beddy Why Julius Malema is spinning the Pan-Africanist line Lyndall Beddy
Saturday, February 06, 2010 [ Reads:392 / Comments:10 / 1328 ]

Julius Malema is not talking the PAC party line spontaneously but on instructions. PAC is seen as one of the threats to the ANC not Cope who shot themselves in the foot by appointing Dandala. When the inevitable happens and the poor get poorer and there are more of them as they still keep having babies that others must feed, educate and clothe; then Malema will emerge as the saviour. There is still no industrial policy in place, after 16 years of ANC rule, so there will be less jobs not more.

Thanks to Trevor Manuel’s biography we know that the ANC has had American (presumably Black) advisors since the 1990s. Last time the ANC had a problem the American’s created a “messiah”, Zuma. The Americans are grooming Malema, as the new “messiah”, and the media will oblige by being led by the nose again. After all, that is what brand labelers do, and why they are so well paid.

The other threat to the ANC kleptocracy is, of course, Prince Buthelezi and the IFP.

It is Buthelezi, not Zuma who is the 100% Zuluboy, and also a Zulu prince and entitled to wear the skins, which Zuma is not. And Buthelezi is also 100% Christian – the normal kind with one wife. He is,in fact, the most important layman in the Anglican Church. In that capacity he should have had the support of his Bishop, Bishop Tutu, who instead found every excuse to insult him because he would not support the “People’s War” of the ANC. Buthelezi is also 100% South African, who, as Minister of Home Affairs, warned that the borders must be controlled or we would import xenophobia. In other words Buthelezi has more than one identity, unlike the Pan Africanists whose only identity is their skin colour – and will therefore happily support Mugabe or Al-Bashir.

It is Buthelezi and the IFP whose policies are the policies of the original ANC of John Dube, Sol Plaatjies, and Chief Luthuli, who were educated, black, Christian, South Africans and whose policies ran along the lines of the old Liberal Party of Alan Paton and my grandfather.

Which is why violence, including the Boipatong Massacre, was fermented in the name of the IFP by the ANC, in an obvious False Flag campaign, in true communist style, the style that the ANC were taught in Vietnam.

And this smear campaign has been so successful that SAFM gave the IFP no cover at all before the last elections, and Buthelezi no interviews until after the election. None that I heard – and I listen every day.

This smear campaign of the IFP by the ANC has also been so successful that the newspapers would allow no printed support for the IFP. I know – I tried. My comments on Thoughtleader were all censored out; and my comments on The Times deleted.

And, in the meanwhile, Zuma won’t pardon the PAC and IFP prisoners lodged in prison in considerable less comfort than Nelson Mandela’s single cell on Robben Island. Are you surprised?

According to “The People’s War” by Anthea Jeffrey the ANC were taught that if they ran a Third Force (like the ANC’s Operation Vula) then always to claim the other side (De Klerk) had the Third Force and were responsible for the violence. Violence escalated after the 1994 elections and was blamed on a De Klerk Third Force, for which there has never been any proof. That violence was very likely to have been the ANC continuing its necklacing of the IFP and PAC opposition.

Which is why the TRC did NOT cover that period, but conveniently ended on election day.

Which is also why those PAC and IFP prisoners that Zuma won’t pardon are in prison.

The ANC – Africa’s oldest Liberation Movement, and newest kleptocracy, asset stripped 300 years of assets built by the whites in 16 years. Ghana was bankrupted in less than a decade by the first Pan-Africanist, Kwame Nkrumah, but then Ghana was not as rich as South Africa, so it has taken the ANC a little longer to bankrupt SA.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting about the IFP. I must say that they have also escaped my notice - obviously because they're not featured in the news. What you say is true - everyone has vilified Buthelezi so there has to be a reason. He obviously doesn't fit into the ANC's plan - ie. kleptocracy x 1000 of SA.

Anonymous said...

Why exactly would the Americans be grooming Malema for the next president? What can they gain by having Malema nationalize all the mines?

Shame it is always the poor Americans, isn't it?

Let's rather make use of a more correct term than the term "Americans" as this terms takes generalization to the extreme, not so?
I mean we can't blame the American civilian population, because they are just clueless sheeple, like the rest of us. These guys are just normal people struggling to survive in an ever increasingly hostile world.

No, the term "American" is bullshit, because you end up blaming a whole people of which 99% are innocent.

If you have to blame someone then blame the "American ELITES"
This way you are sure not to blame innocent people. The "American Elites" yo may ask: Who are they"
They are "wall street"
They are the "people that manufacture and dispense money."

Why not refine it further and blame "the moneylender" as they seem to be on some mission to create a global empire.

Why then not be specific and blame the head of "the money lenders," which in America happens to be the Rockefeller family. If anyone is to blame for manipulation of global events, one has to look no further.

And now I am operating under the assumption that for some reason the Rockefellers are backing Malema, (as the article claims) which I seriously doubt.

But let's hypothesis and pretend that this is the truth.
What does that imply?

Oh deary, nothing good.
Could we be seeing internal friction between the house of Rothchild and the Rockefellers.

Because the Rothchilds are in control as far as South African minerals goes. Actually they are in control, period.

Why would the American Rockefellers want to wrest some control away from the Rothchilds.

Are they perhaps concerned that America is going broke?
Perhaps they blame the Rothchilds for this artificially created financial crises?
Perhaps they know that the Rothchilds are behind this financial mess.


Anonymous said...

Oh deary, this would imply that the big, BIG money dudes are gunning for each other. I wonder what this means for the rest of us?

Take in mind that the Democrats under Clintonm artificially set up the banks for the financial crunch by passing legislation forcing the banks to lend money to the poor who would not be in a position to pay it back. Watch this video, consisting out of old news footage and see how the Democrats are to blame for the financial crises. A bit further on, you'll see a proud lawyer called Obama, working for Acorn, proudly mentioning the fact that he forced the banks to lend to the poor - the people that can only default on their loans- through court action.
This is what is called "the set up"
Fact is that the whole financial crises was artificially created.

where Rep. Kanjorski (KanjorSKI) admits that after the banks were put in a vulnerable position by the Democrats and Obama, the financial crises was initiated by a 550 BILLION electronic run on the banks. Watch specifically at 2 Minutes 20 Seconds into the video. Kanjorski gave a little bit to much info out there. Luckily for him the sheeple were sleeping as always.

How annoying the internet must be
for the elites. They keep deleting this video and it just keeps on popping up. You had better watch it quick, quick, before it disappears again.

So you had artificially created "set up" and then you had the artificially created "trip push"

What the article insinuates is that the Rockefellers are not taking this attack on their turf in a friendly light.
Oh deary me, what is happening to this world when the co-conspirators to create a NWO, are fighting amongst themselves to establish a pecking order. I find it hard to belief. I mean have you ever seen a movie where the two bad guys are fighting each other after they have defeated the hero?

Wonder if I should buy some frozen pizza????
Thankfully it is just a hypothesis.
Now go back to sleep. This is an order. I have to work on a hypothetical theory to keep frozen pizza frozen, without the need for a freezer. hahahaha


Dachshund said...

The mines are not going to be nationalised.

Buthelezi is old, he's past it.

Exzanian said...

A really nice piece by Lyndall - If you follow her articles, and the comments on RS, you will see she is torn, often appearing quite schizophrenic. Truly signs that the "liberal novocaine" is wearing off. The ZA that liberals in decades gone by envisaged would come to pass, has not materialised. Instead of a flourishing democracy where black and white reconcile and all are equal, brotherly love etc etc, what has happened in its place is a zombieland; greed, corruption, violence and human nature (especially frail, black human nature) have taken it's toll. Some sensitives liberals, like Lyndall, just cannot stomach it anymore. Welcome to the club Lyndall!