Friday, February 05, 2010

Mothers-only school meeting attracts outrage in Denmark

The Danes have woken up first, who will be next?

Politicians up in arms over school’s anti-bullying meeting that is aimed only at mothers of pupils

The decision taken by a Copenhagen school to ban fathers from a parental meeting out of respect for Muslim mothers has drawn deep divides between politicians and school leaders.

Holberg School in the city’s Bispebjerg district has scheduled a meeting for parents about the school’s anti-bullying policy this evening. But the meeting at the multi-cultural school is mothers only, and neither Danish nor immigrant fathers of pupils have been welcomed to attend.

The invitation from the school invites mothers to attend a ‘debate about bullying that includes mother talk, yummy food, coffee and cake’. They are also invited to bring their young children with them if needed, as babysitting will be provided.

School principal Søren Ellesøe told Berlingske Tidende newspaper that the school took the decision in order to reach out to a group of parents who usually don’t attend parent teacher meetings.

‘We have immigrant women parents in particular whose husbands believe that women should not take part in something if other men are present,’ he said.

A questionnaire on the school’s website undertaken by older students showed that a quarter of the school pupils come from a non-Danish ethnic background.

Chairman of the Danish Teachers’ Union, Anders Bondo Christensen, is backing the decision taken by the principal.

‘If it’s to ensure that students get a safe and good school day without bullying then I respect the decision,’ he said.

But politicians are up in arms, most notably Socialist People’s Party leader Villy Søvndal, who is outraged that the fathers’ equality is being ignored out of consideration for some ‘obdurate religious ideas’.

‘I’m simply shocked that a principal at a public school can take such a decision. It was likely undertaken with the best intentions, but it is deeply, deeply damaging,’ Søvndal said.

He is now putting pressure on the deputy mayor for the city council’s children and youth administration Anne Vang to intervene and ensure the meeting is cancelled if fathers are not allowed to attend.

Meanwhile the Danish People’s Party (DF) is going a step further and calling for the principal to be fired if the meeting goes ahead at 5.30pm without any fathers present.

‘We won’t allow immigrant men to set the agenda for how we hold meetings in our schools,’ said DF group chairman at the city council Carl Christian Ebbesen.

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Anonymous said...

What a bloody cheek. Foreign men telling another country how to have school meetings. Man I hate these primitive, insecure muslims.They are scared their wives will find a blond man exciting. Who can blame them. Who do they think they are?????
I am glad that the Danish people's party told that LIBERAL, yellow, spinless principal to go and F$#K himself.

Anonymous said...

I´m seeing a trend here.
Four of the last eight articles on this blog are anti-Islamic. Why? What has Islam got to do with the ANC? I thought this blog was initiated in order to highlight the problems being created by our corrupt and inefficient government?
Imagine, god forbid, these articles were anti-jewish. There would be an outcry. So why is bashing Muslims considered OK? It´s hardly their fault the western nations are making it so easy to emigrate. Shouldn´t we rather be taking the people responsible for this state of affairs to task, the corrupt western politicians, as well as those corrupting them?

Viking said...

There's a lot to unpick in your comment, Anon 3:00am

First off, whatever's topical gets posted, particularly if it relates to 'multiculturalism', PC-bullshit,
liberal lunacy, anti-white sentiment (particularly); in short, all the things that contributed to the fall of the old South Africa. Like it or not, SA didn't/doesn't exist in a vacuum.

second, there are a million white South Africans overseas, so we post a lot of stories from the countries where they live, particularly as many more will end up living there,

and thirdly, very few readers complain about it.

FishEagle said...

@ Viking. Also the 'rainbow nation' is no longer the flavour of the month on the world's political stage.

South AFrica is just fucked. Not much new to report on, apart from the gruesome violence and bizarre political corruption.

By now people should know how we got here. It's the Jews, of course. Lol. Question is, how is it going to have an impact on the rest of the First World.

Viking said...

that's true, FE. some days there's just no news. But that's GOOD, cos most news is another dead farmer..

Jeez, sorry for saying it like that. Every one is a tragedy, but- come on, opening a newspaper these days is best done with your eyes closed.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3:00 - The blog can't just be about SA - how bloody boring would that be. Open your eyes to what is going on in the rest of the world. We never hear these story's in the main media so it's wonderful to be able to get relevant articles to the white man's world-wide plight on this blog. That's why I read it. SA sucks - we would all slit our wrists to read what the ANC is doing to the country on a daily basis!!! Go ILSA!

Brent said...

At anonymous 3:00am

The problem is these muslim people come in to a foreign country and expect them to bow to their demands. Damn cheeky bastards!

Im not going to come to your house and tell you what to eat for supper! Goodluck to Denmark, you want to invite people for supper and now you realise you cant feed em all and they now they telling you what to cook!

Anonymous said...

The problem round the western world is self-hating white 'elites' who have systematically sold us out in every different place. This is the common thread in the last 60 years; defeatism, nihilism, self-hatred, worship of foreign criminals, fascists and psychopaths, and that is why we are going down everywhere.

Everywhere, the details are different, because the surrender has been to whomsoever we had to surrender to; but everywhere the elite (the real white trash) are the same people; you can recognise them over and over again, as they move around the world putting the knife in.

It is our fault. If we cannot defend ourselves, we deserve to go extinct.