Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Michael Jackson had vitiligo, wore wig

Michael Jackson's full autopsy report was released following the filing of involuntary manslaughter charges against the singer's personal doctor, Conrad Murray which revealed the ravaged state of the singer's dead body.

The LA county coroner's full report, which had been kept under wraps pending a criminal charge, finally emerged and painted a dreadful picture of the singer's existence.

Jackson's body was 175cm long and weighed just 61kg at the time of his death, revealing that he was very underweight.

Some other notable new findings of the Los Angeles County Coroner's report into Jackson's June 25 death are:

Jackson died of "acute propofol intoxication" administered at a level equivalent to that used during anesthesia for "major surgery". A consultant anesthesiologist said there were "no reports of its use in insomnia relief."

None of the recommended monitoring, precision dosing or resuscitation equipment was present in Jackson's room.

Jackson had the skin pigmentation disorder vitiligo, with white patches particularly on his chest, abdomen, face and arms.

The hair on Jackson's head was described initially by police as "sparse and connected to a wig." The autopsy revealed "frontal balding". Jackson's hair line was tattooed on, as were other facial features including his black eyebrows and pink lips.
A bandage was present on the tip of Jackson's nose. Jackson had small scars on his nose, neck, shoulder, wrists, knee, and behind both ears.

A closed bottle of urine was found on a chair in the bedroom where the singer died, along with a box of catheters, disposable needles, alcohol pads, several empty orange juice bottles, a string of wooden beads and a green oxygen tank.

On August 6, a month before his burial, police went to the mortuary where his body was being held to collect hair samples for toxicology tests. The casket was described as yellow with a blue lining and Jackson was wearing a long, dark wig. "Moving the wig revealed short, dark, curly natural hair... measuring approximately one and a half inches in length."

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