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The Jews: What Is It That Makes Them A Target?

As soon as anybody provides a platform to exercise one’s right to free speech, it is usually a matter of time before the conspiracy theorists and Jew bashers clamber for attention. This is a bizarre phenomenon, and yet all too common. The modus operandi is always the same; they take an observation that correlates to some other variable, and they present it as evidence, with very little in-depth study to examine whether there is a link. Correlation in itself, is meaningless. Let me give you an example. An increase in wheat production, in Bangladesh, is highly correlated with Democratic Presidents. What does that mean, if anything? It’s the same as saying Jews own all the Main Stream Media outlets, and Multiculturalism is on the rise. Is this just a correlation or is there a linkage?

Specifically with regards to Jews, it requires a little understanding of this group.

Jews are as heterogenous a group as any other. Israel is very multicultural; a simple visit to this nation would attest to that. According to the book IQ and the Wealth of Nations, the average Israeli IQ is 94. Not exceptional, and below the European mean of 100. So how is it that they are continually targeted for persecution?

There is a group of Jews, known as the Ashkenazi Jews, that are of Germanic and Eastern European descent, who display an average IQ of 115. The entire Jewish population consists of 13.3 million Jews, of which 8.3 million form part of the diasporas, and therefore will be assumed to be Ashkenazi Jews.

It is well known that Jews make up a small percent of the US population; approximately 1.79%. Yet they constitute 50% of the top 200 intellectuals, 40% of the Nobel prize winners in Science and Economics, 20% of the Professors at Ivy League Universities, 40% of the partners at the top New York and Washington DC law firms, 59% of the writers, directors and producers of the top 50 highest grossing movies, 50% of the world chess champions. This is easily an over-achieving group, and naturally this will lead to envy, which will translate into hatred.

It is well documented that society progresses predominantly because of the efforts of those that display IQs of 120 and above, with new breakthroughs being delivered by the 140 and above category. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the distributions for Europeans, Africans and Jews, using a Monte Carlo simulator.

At the 140 IQ level, Europeans (assuming a global population of 600 million) will probably yield 0.32% of its population as geniuses, or 1.9 million people. This is a significant number, and easily enough to ensure European progress. At the same level, Ashkenazi Jews will probably yield 5.2% of its population as geniuses, or 428,000; yes 1 in 4.5 when they only constitute 1 in 16. Interestingly, if you compare the two numbers to the percentages of high achievers, it is clear the Europeans under-achieve relative to their size.

The black group didn’t yield any achievers at the 140 level, so I arbitrarily assigned 0.1 achievers out of a population of 1 billion. This would yield 10,000 geniuses, and based on Africa’s track record, I doubt the African continent can deliver this many.

When you look at the numbers, it is obvious that Europeans, as a group, produce sufficient geniuses to continue to make progress. However, by virtue of the distribution of IQ, Ashkenazi Jews will naturally be over-represented at every level. This will naturally lead to conspiracy theories, envy and hatred.

The Jews are an extraordinary group, that have made some astonishing contributions, but at the same time, they have also been the masterminds of some catastrophic failures. But because they may have been at the head of these gargantuan failures does not automatically translate into a conspiracy. The Jews are their own worst enemy. Have a look at the recent saga between Justice Goldstone and Israel.

The Ashkenazi Jews constitute the majority of Jews, and as such, dominate the achievements of Jews in general. This is a unique group, therefore any criticisms have to take into account the fact that they are genetically more intelligent than the rest of us, on average.

So, for the recent Jewish critics, I say this; make sure your criticisms are solidly researched. Do not bring your rhetoric here. If you want to appeal to the lower IQ masses, pick a different forum.

As a footnote; the actions of Jews can act as a harbinger of things to come, kind of like the canary in the coal mine. The South African Jewish population has declined from around 120,000, to approximately 65,000. Comparatively speaking, this is huge. The same exodus has started to occur in Europe.

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FishEagle said...

The Jews could very well become the downfall of the white race, but not by their doing. It is precisely because of the conspiracy theories that people like Snowy Smith are spreading. Snowy Smith is his own worst enemy.

FishEagle said...

"...naturally this will lead to envy, which will translate into hatred."

It has lead to hatred but that is not necessarily the default. Envy could translate into admiration and respect, depending on a choice we make.

VI said...

@FE. Maybe. My experience is that we do not admire achievement, we begrudge it, at least at the community level. It upsets you that your neighbour is getting ahead, when you think that you are equally as deserving. When you extrapolate that out, it amounts to mass envy and hatred.

FishEagle said...

@ VI, I agree that it has been the case with the white race and the Jews. The Jewish Holocaust is evidence of that.

It all boils down to a simple choice though, which continues to require our attention every day. Here is where religion comes in. I think if people collectively had more faith it would be easier to make that choice.

Anonymous said...

One only has to do a little bit of research to find out the the mass media of the 1st world is over 95% controlled by the Jews. The way how they represent significant stories or not, is often a pretty good indication of their goals and lately the internet has been casting a less than favourite light on these goals, which would be to censor some issues critical to their agenda and to over present others, or even give a total miss representation of the facts.

Nobody that has done a serious investigation on the mass media can claim otherwise.

Be warned the following site is anti-semitic, but luckily the page that opens up only has a spread sheet that illustrates the control the Jews have over the Western media.

Why would a specific group need to control ALL the media, if not to control the flow of information and thus shape the thoughts of the recipients of this information .

What is important to me, is whether this post will be placed or not, because that in itself will be quite a good indicator.

Anonymous said...

In the spirit of honesty let's all confess whom of us - that comment here on ILuv - are Jewish.

I suspect about 50%.

Viking said...

Good article VI

are there a billion Africans? and only 600m white/Europeans? Would have thought it was the other way around, depending on definitions.

I agree that we begrudge success, but also the exclusion of Jews from political and cultural life in Europe over a thousand years or so tended to push them into other avenues, particularly the professions and banking.

Shakespeare's Merchant of Venice gives an interesting look at how they were viewed in 16th century Europe - useful to have around at times, and useful to blame.

It's a tense relationship at times, to be sure.

Viking said...


None of the contributors are Jewish, and I would guess very few of the readership. But that's obviously an estimate -

VI said...

Africa is reported as being 1 billion, As for the white population, that is moot, depending on how you classify. At a peak perhaps 1 billion, more likely around 600 million, or approximately 8% of the global populace.

The subject is vast, and I agree, the Jews have migrated into various professions, which explains the over-achievement. However, my central thesis is that most of their achievements can be explained by IQ, rather than some co-ordinated conspiracy.

Viking said...

and an IQ-based (or even culture-based) categorisation of people is more useful than a racial or religious one in any case, I would say.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know your source of information.

Anonymous said...

Blogs like these delete comments made about jews.

It contributes towards censorship, an unacceptable practice.

You only censor people when you want to hide the truth.

The more blogs like these censor people, the harder we need to work getting the word out.

Censored info, is info we need to spread.

Anonymous said...

When you expose criminality of blacks, you are a racist.

When you expose Jewish criminality, you are a anti-semite.

Anonymous said...

I base my bias on how I grew up. It was in an english area with quite a few jews (probably about 10% of the school/community); yet their parents tended to dominate the school committee's always ensuring that their kids dominated the prefect bodies. This was in CT (Milnerton to be exact) in the 1970-80's. I grew up with these kids and they always looked down on us. Luckily they didn't excel at sport so we at least made the first teams ahead of them there. Apart from that, it was also well known that the jewish population were the funders and drivers of the PFP political party and they wanted Apartheid to end cause of the poor mistreated blacks. Yet, when Mandela was released and the shit hit the fan, they were the first out of the country. Sea Point looks like a shit hole and that's where most of them lived. I can guarantee you they don't live there anymore - none of them stayed to look after the poor blacks. That's what I base my gut feeling on - so yes, it may be a skewed observation, but that's my experience of the jewish people. On top of that, my very wise mom always said never trust a jew or a black and she has yet to be proven wrong (even though I didn't understand what she meant exactly at the time). Just like she said never turn your back on the sea. So, yes, this whole post may be picked apart by each of the contributors, but at the end of the day I listen to my gut feeling about people and I'm doing just fine thanks.

Anonymous said...

The whites (Afrikaners, Jews and English) have a common enemy.

This enemy is the black man.

I am not saying that the black man is our enemy in that he will rise up and kill all of us. (although in Africa there is always that "Uhuru" scenario)

No, what I am saying is that the black man is the enemy of the white man through his ineptitude and arrogance. Through these qualities he is slowly destroying this country, all whilst trying to blame others.

The black man will destroy South Africa and in the end himself as well. Whilst the destruction through ineptitude and incompetence may take longer than a civil war, the eventual end result will be the same i.e. meltdown of society due to corruption, arrogance, nepotism, ineptitude and incompetence.

These factors always lead to the placing of bigger strain on resources and we know that typically the black leadership, in an effort to appease the restless masses and to cling to power, will always end up at the same place, which is to expropriate property from whites, whether it be farms, businesses or mines.

The whites (English, Jew, Afrikaner) of South Africa have a common enemy and this is the black man.

If all the whites were to leave South Africa today, all development would stop immediately. This is a fact. All large companies that require white expertise to function would grind to a halt.

16 Years after apartheid and all the blacks have shown is that although they drive flashy cars, the real work and skills remain with the whites. When it comes to getting the work done, of for instance running a plant, or a farm, they still need the white man. More today than in the past actually, because they have realised that the colour of their skin entitles them to remuneration without having to have the skills required for the job.
Thus the little bit of incentive that they had to better themselves through education has also been removed. This is why less and less blacks are getting qualifications, or even finishing school.

The proof is plain to see in the state enterprises that have kicked out most whites and that are all failing.

The blacks have demonstrated this ability of theirs quite clearly in Zim. in that they will rather starve, than to accept that they need the white man. It is called stupid arrogance.

Fact is that should South Africa continue on its current path, the whites are going to lose. They will all lose their livelihoods as the country become more and more ungovernable. This state of ungovernability will happen through a massive black drive to re-distribute wealth through nationalization. Nationalization will happen to appease the uneducated black masses.

Everyone white will lose, whether he is a Jew, Afrikaner or ESSA.

This is why the whites better realise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

I am a typical modern Afrikaner and I am a next generation Afrikaner in that I can easily pass as an ESSA. We mostly vote DA. Go have a look and you'll see that most Afrikaners vote DA, even the rightwingers of old. The modern Afrikaner is NOT a right-winger. They KNOW that apartheid was wrong and would never ever stand for any regime that would want to impose apartheid again, BUT they know that to remain under black government is a recipe for disaster, because black governments are masters at squandering resources and once there is nothing left, they always look to the resources of others(whites) in an effort to stay in power.

What we whites need to do, is to pool our resources together under the leadership of a political party like the DA and demand a white homeland. This pooling of resources is already happening in that most Afrikaners vote for the DA in any case. This is the only way that we will be guaranteed to keep our possessions and to live in a capitalist country where what you get out is directly proportional to what you put in.


FishEagle said...

To add on to my last comment, I think Christianity or other religions could be useful to find confidence in our culture that something like the Jewish Holocaust may never happen again. Certainly not Futilitarianism though! :)

But if people think they can use religion to threaten others they miss the plot, AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

What I have noticed is that the contributors get very defensive when anybody has a different opinion of the jewish people than they do. Please remember that people can make up their own minds - rightly or wrongly everyone's opinion should be aired (unless extremely offensive). This is afterall a blog and we should be entitled to freedom of speech - otherwise where else can we go? We can take climate change as an example - not everyone agrees as no one knows who's right or wrong. Everyone has different views and experiences with the jews so who is right? For all your pro-jewish literature we can also find lots of anti-jewish literature (which I'm sure won't get posted).It's up to us to make up our own minds and debate. We aren't always going to agree on everything so please grant us the curtesy to also disagree at times. BTW - I think we are all in the agreement that the ANC sux.

Anonymous said...

The relationship of the Jews to other white people (and the Ashkenazim are certainly white) has, in the past, been actively managed by both parties, and often with considerable success. And everyone knew about it; it was accepted, eg in Amsterdam, and there were people to go to in either party if there was an issue.

We are now in a different era, in which 'citizenship' is meant to blur these distinctions, and mass immigration to dilute them. And, I think it succeeds in doing that. Jews are no longer the only minority, and I dare say they feel less stressed as a result. In the future,in the USA for instance, there will be no single ethnic majority and it will be a collection of minorities; and , if the PC crowd succeed, there will be substantial inter-marriage and disappearance of ethnic identities altogether.

Except, I do not believe the Jews will participate in this to any great extent, their fears notwithstanding; since they have a huge sense of obligation to maintain themselves as distinct, and do not proselytize. This could be a future Jewish crisis, because again they will become uncomfortably isolated, at least different in a way that may matter.

My belief is that their high IQ holds the key to their exceptionalism; and also enables them to deal with the fall-out, in a manner that is usually satisfactory. Doing a lot to benefit humanity as a whole is one clear and obvious example; science, medicine, the arts, culture-the list is well known-and also personal friendships that are precious- and all of this is actually appreciated by those with the capacity to appreciate it. In other words, they take pains to pre-empt and dissipate the xenophobia which their differences and talents would otherwise risk.

In my experience, the more sagacious amongst them recognize that xenophobia is hard-wired into the human psyche, and while it may lead to great evil, it is not per se evil; it just has to be managed like anything else that occurs naturally. And for our part, we need to appreciate their need for security and their strongly ambivalent attitude to acceptance by the rest of us: too little is dangerous, too much is also dangerous.

So although the relationship is no longer overtly managed by appointed officials, it is managed in a hundred million ways by all who participate in it, and I think we can make a better world by some type of deeper understanding of these things, and in particular an understanding of the acceptable limits on both sides. In particular, there should be mutual appreciation that racial dilution occasions at least as much fear in some whites as it does in many Jews; and we (ie the whole western world) will be tested on this matter in the relatively near future, for better or for worse.

There is much to gain from the careful avoidance of anti-semitism on our part, and the thoughtful consideration of our sensitivities on their part; not least, the most powerful partnership on earth.


VI said...

Seems there is a lot of pent up anger. But to aim it at jews in general is plain foolhardy. Let me attempt to address some comments.

@Snowy Smith. You were warned. No rhetoric, but researched, verifiable material only, otherwise troll elsewhere.

@Various Anons. Some of you had comments deleted. Express an opinion, add to the debate or leave. We will not accept "drive-by shootings".

@Anon 3:51. Please provide evidence of anything significant, other than outright crap, that we have deleted. Let me give you a hint, find the evidence using Google's cached pages. Also, we have no obligation to let you vent. We cater to our readers, and that means attacking any, and all subjects in a rational, well researched manner. If you can't do that, you won't find a platform here.

@Anon 4:02. You are entitled to your opinion. There is no problem with your comments. I don't like Poodles, but it doesn't mean all Poodles are bad, just my gut feel.

@A4. You are on the money. Thanks mate. Everything else is just plain strawman stuff.

@Anon 5:12. Yes, we do get defensive, but not because the criticism is aimed at Jews. Frankly, we feel if we target the blacks for criticism, then the Jews shouldn't be exempt either. But we go to great measures to highlight that black incompetence is a fact; whether this is genetic or as a result of envronmental circumstances doesn't matter. We debate that too. When it comes to the Jews, we get a lot of critics that are anti-semite for no logical reason, other than Jews occupying powerful positions. That isn't logical, nor is it a way of winning arguments. I suspect a lot of the hatred has religious roots, which makes it illogical.

Dachshund said...

The average Israeli has an IQ of 94? What a bunch of shlemieleren. No wonder most Jews don't want to live in Israel.

Exzanian said...

Matthew 27:25 All the people answered, "Let his blood be on us and on our children!"

That verse is the seed of anti-semitism. The Jews have been branded Christ Killers since time immemorial...
Nice article VI...

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. Lookie here. The blind trying to lead the sighted. LOL. It would be funny if it wasn´t so bloody stupid.
OK, I won´t pick this pathetic attempt to show the jew in a positive light to pieces, but, like that other poster from Cape Town who´s very wise mom told him to be beware of jews and kaffirs, I want to tell you my first experience with a jew.
It was in the army. I had just finished the first 6 months of my service (it was in 1966 when we did 9 months training), and the new intake of "Blougats" had just arrived in camp (Lenz, on the outskirts of Soweto). As was tradition, they were required to undergo an initiation ceremony which sometimes overestepped the bounds and lasted several days. It was a babaric load of shit where the weak were weeded out and marked for special attention. One of these guys was a little jew named Bloomberg who was being harrased by an arsehole corporal by the name of Kepler (from Rustenberg if anyone is interested).
He was a real bully boy and was making this little prick´s life a misery, so Bloomberg came to me and asked me if he could be my personal blougat, which would afford him protection from the other "oumanne". I felt sorry of the little cunt, so I agreed.
That night he came running into the bungalow and sat down on my bed, snatched up my boots and began polishing like mad. Two minutes later Kepler walked in and ordered him outside. I informed him that Bloomberg was now my personal blougat and that he was busy cleaning my boots. The piece of shit had been drinking and he lurched up to me and, spraying spittal in my face, told me to shut the fuck up. I ignored him and instructed Bloomberg to continue with his cleaning duties. Without warning Kepler struck me full in my face with his fist. Quite naturally, I retaliated, beating the living shit out of this contemptible bully, who then ran off to the guard house and came back a few minutes later with the MP´s. I explained to them that Kepler had struck me first (Kepler denied this and claimed I struck him first) and that I had merely acted in self defence, and I said Bloomberg had witnessed the entire episode and could vouch for me.
The MP Sergeant turned to Bloomberg and asked him if what I had said was true.
I was about to become an anti semite.
This little bag of dreck looked at the ground and said he wasn´t sure but he thought I struck the first blow. I couldn´t believe my ears. I was charged with assaulting a corporal and was sentenced to 28 days in DB.
It was a hard one, but it taught me a valuable lesson.

Dachshund said...

Why all this pandering to Jews? They can defend themselves perfectly well.

Ever had a parking bay you were patiently waiting for pinched by a fat-arse Jewish businessman in Rosebank?

I know I have, so whenever I see a Jew approaching from any angle my defenses are up.

I love infuriating Jewish jewellers by waltzing into their shops wearing that really great pearl necklace I got in China for a song, together with the 18k Lobor watch and other 18k gold jewellery I got off distressed American sellers on e bay. I then ask them whether they are prepared to restring my beads for me as well as make up a gold necklace according to my own design with gold I bought wholesale. Watch them go purple. Jews don't make jewellery, they trade in it, like they do with everything else.

On the other hand, I know a very good Afrikaner jeweller in Edenvale who does do manufacturing to design with my own gold, he does a fantastic job. That jeweller has PRIDE and a WORK ETHIC.

So Jews hold no mystique for me, nor do they inspire reverence. It goes back a long way. I had 3 Jewish girls in my matric class and they were all as thick as bricks. Ugly, too. I had a row with the Black Sash Jewish schoolteacher who tried to teach me her own variety of history, I called her a communist to her face.

Jews are inbred gentile haters. They are always going on about gentiles needing to interbreed with blacks, but they never do it themselves! They are not so much clever as cunning and greedy.

They've never forgiven gentiles for allowing six million of them to be wiped out. Look at all the Jewish propaganda movies still lamenting the Holocaust. Stalin killed a hell of a lot more people, and who got Stalin into power? Jews.

TheTruth said...

Shouldn´t we rather be anti Muslim? After all, the Koran teaches them that only their religion is the true religion and that anyone who is not a Muslim is an infidel and is a lesser life form. Surely this places themselves above the rest of humanity and as such we should speak out against them?

Anonymous said...

I wish people wouldn't put "Europeans" in one group for purposes of statistics, as it allows propaganda pieces like that written here to be written!
My point is quite simply that, if one were to seperate Germanic from Celtic amongst so-called "Europeans", ethnic Celts would feature far higher than ethnic Germanics in percentage of geniuses! (Remember we're talking genius status and not work ethic).
If anyone doubts this, they merely have to consider the great inventions to have come out of Europe and they will find that over 90% have come from Celtic minds, usually peoples originating from south-west France or, in the case of the British Isles, from Scotland (who were originally from Ireland, from Brittany etc.)

It's unfair then that Ashkanazi Jews get to be viewed independently, if one must compare.

Anonymous said...

"The Jewish Holocaust is evidence of that."

Not unlike the Boer Holocaust, which was obviously a result of envy on the part of the Germanic British who grew to despise the Hugenot (Celtic) Boers!

Dachshund said...

Shouldn't we rather stick to the object of this blog which is to expose ANC corruption and lack of leadership? You can't really run out of material there.

Treacle Bender said...

off subject...picked up the internet security 2010 virus on mysasucks..loads and installs when the page is launched..

fortunately managed to remove it from my pc without any glitches..

Robby said...

To answer the question "What Is It That Makes Them A Target?"

Within the Jewish community much like Christian evangelical's they have adopted the ideology of Zionism which is not a religion but a political movement that has vast power.

So it's not Jews who are the target rather it's Zionism

Anonymous said...

Ja, it is great and all, but nothing changes the fact that today we whites are facing a common enemy. When the black masters turn to nationalization in order have to appease the black masses, in an attempt to stay in power, we are going to lose everything.

don't you guys get it. All of us will lose. You will lose your properties, you will probably lose the right to own any private property. The boons will nationalise the mines, the banks, everything.

Chances are that a lot of people will lose their lives as well, as the intended policy of nationalization will lead to the complete shut down of this country.

The ANCYL has already said that they will not only nationalize the mines, but the banks as well.
What do you think will happen to your savings......c'mon, seriously.
This country will not just shut down with immediate effect, it will be more comparable to slamming a car that is going forwards in reverse.

If we do not face these fawking uneducated boons, we will lose everything. I am a Boer, I know the boon and I know that he will fawk up everything for everybody, in his effort to fullfill his materialistic dreams without having to work for it.

ex Sadf said...

I do not have a problem with jews at all. Truth be told my best friends were jews. I no longer have jewish friends because they have all emigrated, all over the world. I was brought up a christian because of my mother, my late father was jewish and was a Auschwitz/Birkenau survivor. I still know his tatoo number on his arm. But the South African jews are different to the German jews for obvious reasons. What bothers me about South African jews is namely: In the appartheid days the jewish people worked and lived with the other white people side by side. They had businesses or were doctors, lawyers, etc. They lived well and studied hard. They are very clever and nice people, and try to help where they can, however they all seemed to belong to the Progressive party(DA) today, under Helen Suzman. They obviously fought tooth and nail against apartheid, and wanted the blacks to have the vote, etc. The jews allways had a lot of servants(maids)(nanny's) to look after their children and cook for their family, they also entertained a lot.They did live the good life in appartheid South Africa. They worked hard and had lovely homes, cars, jewelery, holiday homes in Seapoint or Camp's bay, Plett bay etc. I had no problem's with that either. My problem came in 1990 when Saint Mandela was released from prison,the jews should have been happy. In 1994 when ANC terrorists took over this country, instead of my jewish friends being happy for the black's getting the vote, they saw the K4's crime and quickly packed for Perth and Melbourne. Sold up everything, closed business's took their kid's and ran as far away as possible. You see the irony here. Jew's lived well in the apartheid era, voted for the black liberal party, Progressive party and soon as the black's took over they ran, leaving us more conservative people to sit with the shit they also caused over the years. My point is the liberal jew's should have been the one's to stay here and live with the black vermin. Not us. Yes the jew's had the connections and money, which helped. I did ask my friend David in Melbourne why they voted and belonged to the PFP(DA) party and then ran for the airport! I did not get an honest answer. I am very sad because as I said some of my jewish friend's were my best friends.I also made jewish friends in the border war. I felt betrayed and deserted by them when they left.I am very conservative and was never a member of the PFP(DA). I loathe K4's but al least I am honest and truthful.

Anonymous said...

I truly belief that main problem we face today (apart from the black man) is the white liberal that still believes in the future of the rainbow nation.

For people like this I have nothing but contempt, because no amount of reason and logic -like the piling up white body count- or the sounds of nationalization coming from the ruling party, will wake them up and realize that in Africa, if you see smoke, there is always a fire.

The problem with the liberals is that they think that they will cross the bridge of nationalization when they get to it. Why I dislike them is because they have a 1st world approach to a 3rd world problem. 1st World approaches don't work with savages.

Liberals only know a small segment of the black population. This is why they feel a 1st world approach will work.

It won't.
The masses won't be appeased the same way as it works in the 1st world.

The liberals better wake up and realise that unless we band together, live in SA will get increasingly difficult and will eventually become an impossibility.

The banks and the mines will be nationalized.
If you think living like this is going to be tough, you are in denial. It is going to be impossible.

Viking said...

To be fair, all, this post didn't just fall out of the sky, but is (I think) a specific response to issues that have been raised recently and represents a reply to readers who -despite a couple of hints to the contrary here - have in fact consistently had their antisemitic views aired here and not deleted, even when their tempo rises on the occasion of any pro-Israeli or even anti-Islamic posts.

To hold a worldview where you see the world as being manipulated by some puppetmasters who infiltrate society at large, pulling our strings behind the scenes is a relatively recent phenomenon, and in some ways it can make you cautious and ultra-aware of negative forces in the world, but can also make you paranoid and might not be the healthiest mindset.

On the other hand any attempt to encroach on that worldview -such as this post- can be viewed with suspicion because the ideology is highly dualistic - you're either 'with' the puppetmasters or you're of the enlightened who 'know' about the puppetmasters and want to resist them.

This is a completely unbreakable circle of thought, because any attempt to deny the dualism of this worldview would reveal, say, me, as ignorant at best or a denialist at worst - no matter how vociferously I could claim that there is no such dualism. It's also not my/our business to interfere with your ideology, but to present our own which may be compatible in parts.

So, to the anons who suggest that anti-Jewish views get deleted : they don't.

What makes it through is not the tip of any iceberg, it is the iceberg. For the permanent record, you DON'T GET CENSORED.

Suggesting that we delete important 'information' suggests we are part of the conspiracy and this post nicely brings it all into the open, where it belongs.

Greg Berchenko said...

Shalom and thanks, gentiles, for letting us know what you think of Jews.

But would you like to know what Jews think of gentiles?

Here's your chance to find out:

Viking said...

..... Had to let that one through, cos I wanted to see the vid. Now I spend about 45 seconds doing just that, I had to laugh, the guy sounds like Mel Brooks doing his rabbi impression!

VI said...

@Anon 7:15. A quaint anecdote, bereft of any substance, however. I don't see how it fits with my article, nor whether you even read it. Using your logic I could say that I have met many pot bellied cunts like you, and as a result I hate all pot bellied cunts.

VI said...

What most critics are doing, is taking anecdotal evidence, from one or two incidents, and projecting it onto an entire group. Well that hardly constitutes evidence of anything.

Dachshund said...

Hey Treacle Bender: get yourself Eset Security. Those wankers at SA Sucks can't get past that one.

The problem with a sado masochistic narcissist is that he'll cut off your nose to spite his own face.

So beware! Install Eset! (No, I don't represent Eset, just very impressed.)

Exzanian said...

Greg, I had a look at that vid and did not find it remotely offensive. Not at all. It was quite funny actually, the Yiddish expressions are really quaint.

Viking said...


the above poster claiming to be Greg/BC is not in fact the real Greg/BC.

Just for reference.

Anonymous said...

@ Dachshund - your post 08 February 2010 8:24 PM - I couldn't agree more with your sentiments. I never thought I'd agree with anything you wrote - how wrong I was!!

Piet the Pirate said...

I don´t understamnd why you lot and old Gonville from MSAS don´t get along better. Both of you pinch each others articles and love jews and hate muslims. You could be blood brothers and sisters.
Is it just professional jelousy? LOL.

eduard said...

No individual, no group of people, no race or whatever, is above the law or above any critism. The critism should be factual and not out of a biased opinion. To criticise is not necessarily bashing, but to point out the negative issues, and there is nobody on the face of this earth that has no negative issues. Lets face it, this is a kaffir bashing, arab bashing, muslim bashing and white bashing website. These khazar jews are not without their shortcomings. They had perpetrated the worst crimes on the face of the earth and just because they are the so-called "chosen people".
The "chosen people" does not exist, in the book of Kings, GOD divorced Israel and thus the concept of the chosen has become null and void. The jewish people are a miscegenated people due to the integration with other peoples. The hate they spew against Christ is noted in the Talmud, and as for the followers of Christ and His doctrine, that is unacceptable.

VI said...

@Piet The Pirate. I'm not sure what you are referring to. I don't visit MSAS, so I wouldn't know what articles he is writing. But if our thinking coincides, so what? Should I love Muslims and hate Jews, would that make you happier?

VI said...

@Piet The Pirate. I forgot to mention; the same anti-semites troll this blog too. Perhaps you should look to the common denominator first. Are you one of them?

FishEagle said...

VI said, "What most critics are doing, is taking anecdotal evidence, from one or two incidents, and projecting it onto an entire group. Well that hardly constitutes evidence of anything."

And that is the bottom line problem. Enlightenment's put too much responsibility on to the individual to cope with. They can't see the forest for the trees now.

Viking said...

Individuals can manage fine! when they choose to...

FishEagle said...

Viking, well it is water under the bridge now anyway. They have to cope.