Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Foul stench of rotting Cabinet

I like this Jusice Malala. For the expats out there, he is the Political Correspondent for E-Tv and he calls a Spade a F&^*@ng shovel and he doesn't like the ANC.

Success of Zuma administration questioned.

Jan 31, 2010 11:51 PM | By Justice Malala

Justice Malala: President Jacob Zuma's young administration and the post-Polokwane ANC coalition that it represents is unravelling.

President has been reduced to a polygamous curiosity quote

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Eight months into its existence, it is becoming impossible to work out what the Zuma administration's real purpose is, except for its penchant for grandiose and empty promises about nationalising the mines and bringing about a more representative state.

The Zuma administration is mired in scandal and persistent reports of corruption. Zuma himself is emerging as nothing but a priapic nonentity, a man laughed at behind his back by his Cabinet ministers as he fumbles from one disaster to another.

He is useful to all those around him for one reason only: every faction in the warring tripartite alliance wants him to stay in office until they have finalised who should replace him.

This week's Cabinet meeting - if it takes place - will be interesting not for what Zuma's Cabinet will be able to grapple with and resolve, but for just how much stink of scandal will permeate the room.

Zuma, who never tires of telling the youth just how rampant HIV is and how they need to use condoms, will walk into the room with the stench of yet another child out of wedlock scandal engulfing him.

It is now clear why Mbeki's two Cabinets were so silent when the man said HIV does not cause Aids. They were not afraid of him, as they like to claim nowadays. They fully agreed with him, as Zuma is demonstrating.

Zuma's Intelligence Minister Siyabonga Cwele will walk in with the weight of his wife's alleged drug dealing hanging over him. Now, Cwele might not have known about his wife's double life, but surely the Cabinet needs to ask itself and answer to the nation whether the man in charge of intelligence for the 2010 Soccer World Cup has in any way been compromised.

Do not expect any response to such a pressing matter from the Zuma administration.

The newspapers have been full of stories of Communications Minister Siphiwe Nyanda and his numerous and lucrative contracts with state entities. These contracts seem to be a subtext in the ongoing battles at Transnet engulfing Minister of Public Enterprises Barbara Hogan.

While these stories are being openly discussed in newspapers, bars and shebeens, do not expect our Cabinet to respond in any detail to any of these damaging allegations.

To be truthful, the Cabinet cannot respond simply because while these fights between ministers continue, Zuma is absolutely powerless to intervene. He has other personal problems on his mind. Over and above that, ministers such as Nyanda are now seemingly more powerful than Zuma in the Cabinet.

Back at Luthuli House, ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema continues to make a mockery of Zuma's injunctions to tone down his attacks on colleagues and to not disrupt schooling. While Malema travels around Gauteng visiting schools during school hours and enjoining children to sing songs praising him, Zuma keeps a silence that clearly demonstrates he is not the man in charge.

When Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe admonished Malema for his outrageous antics, Zuma was conspicuous by his silence.

All these things would be counted as insignificant if the Zuma administration was big on action. But what exactly has this administration done in eight months?

Except for the increase in the number of Cabinet portfolios, we are surrounded by an incredible amount of verbiage, lekgotlas, alliance summits and other talk shops.

A new document is unveiled every week to much fanfare, only to be consigned to the paper recycling bin the next.

All these documents illustrate just how confused the ANC is on policy. Every Tom, Julius and Blade now makes grandiose and useless policy pronouncements, leading to immense confusion among foreign and domestic investors.

Last week nearly every member of the ANC's top six rattled off a new policy proposal on parastatals, nationalisation and other aspects of policy. Yet there is no action.

At the same time Jimmy Manyi, the department of labour's director-general, revealed that so far only R10-million of the R2.4-billion earmarked for training for retrenched workers had been spent on training programmes. The R2.4-billion is supposed to be spent by April to alleviate the plight of these jobless people.

The incident displays perfectly what's wrong with the Zuma administration: long on promises, extremely short on delivery.

While world leaders were being asked about the state of the world economy and other important issues at Davos last week, the most reported-upon issue involving Zuma was his three current wives.

Like Mbeki being asked about his Aids denial, this is what Zuma has swiftly been reduced to: a polygamous curiosity on the world stage.

Zuma needs to pull himself together and start concentrating on the real reason he was elected. He must start governing.

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Dachshund said...

Great post. If only more black people realised what an idiot Zuma is and demanded that he be kicked out on his arse, together with all his gold digging whores.

Anonymous said...

Zuma needs to pull himself together and start concentrating on the real reason he was elected. He must start governing.

All correct my friend, except you forgot to mention he should be removed with immediate effect. Oh Shit! there is no one else.

FishEagle said...

I have so much empathy for an intelligent black. Oh boy, shame.

Exzanian said...

I like his style too Pensioner. As they say, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Pity there are too few of them....

Dachshund said...

I suppose Motlanthe would be a logical choice, but who could forget the way he trashed that white guy's house he was renting to the tune of R500k damage a year or two ago? Another nigger who hates whites and can't do them enough harm.

Old Thabo has been making himself heard lately. Hope he isn't planning on making a come back, he hates whites and blacks equally; who could forget all the nauseating hand holding with Mugabe?

So is there an honest kaffir in the country who can provide leadership, or is it still the case that the only honest kaffir is the one with his arms and legs chopped off?

Islandshark said...

Brilliant post!!

Anonymous said...

Go Zille! Maybe she'll be the next president at this rate??

Anonymous said...

The JOC is running the country. Zuma is nothing more than a populist puppet trotted out by the powers behind the throne every so often to make some noise about something and throw the "proles" a little hope.

If... If he was a leader he would deal with certain little fuckers like Julies-Arse. He has NO leadership ability. He does on the other hand (Darren) have the uncanny ability to morph his argument into whatever his current audience wants to hear to tickle their ears giving the impression of an astute man who has all things under control. Without the white shadow powers behind the ANC and those in the communist party the ANC has NOTHING but meaningless monkey chatter, corruption, scandal and graft. There is truely NOTHing the ANC can offer South Africa that is nation building, forward think or of consequence. We are doomed to the mediocrity of Africanisation and all its associated evils.

Poverty does not cause crime. Crime causes poverty. Especially when that crime is driven from the top down.

And that good people is what happens when someone says" Hey! Koos. Hold my beer, I want to let the monkey drive!"

Max said...

Moeletsi Mbeki for president. Read his book "Architects of Poverty" now this guy puts his brother to shame when it come to common sense.

Go to the following url to read more.


Anonymous said...

@ Max - that will never happen. The powers that be wouldn't put someone with half a brain in charge of SA. They need a Zuma there so they rape and pillage the country.

Max said...

I know sport, just wishful thinking, cant blame me though for hoping that figment of the liberal imagination would by some fairy tail come true.