Thursday, February 04, 2010

Cronin Sets Himself up for Malema Abuse

While this is a positive development, it's hard not to see this as Jeremy Crony's last stand against Malema and his thugs. He could find himself on the receiving end of more racial abuse and threats.

Not that I have any love for this SACP scum, but would rather his position, outlined here, win the day over more radical elements.

Cronin warns against nationalisation

South African Communist Party deputy general secretary Jeremy Cronin has urged the party to "guard against the opportunistic appropriation of nationalisation".

Writing in an online newsletter on Thursday, Cronin said nationalisation should not be treated as a "stand-alone" issue and used as a "rhetorical badge of 'radicalism'".

He welcomed the ANC Youth League's attempt to raise questions around transformation of the mining sector, including nationalisation, and said the SACP was not "scandalised" by such discussions.

"We are concerned, however, that unless this important debate is raised in a constructive way, and for principled reasons, it runs the risk of dividing the ANC and our broader movement and of discrediting the very real need for major structural transformation of our society."

The ANCYL recently finalised a discussion paper on nationalisation of mines and warned ANC leaders to support its position or risk losing its support in the party's 2012 elective conference.

Cronin said "grand-standing" did not help. Any call for nationalisation had to be a "coherent and do-able part of an overall democratic programme".

"Threatening comrades that you won't vote for them in the future elective conference unless they support your position is infantile and unhelpful," he wrote.

The SACP was not opposed, "in principle", to state control of resources, but there were qualifications.

State control of key resources was not in all cases an "anti-capitalist move", he said, citing the apartheid regime's "excessive state ownership" as an example.

The turmoil in South Africa's parastatals showed that public ownership was "no guarantee" that public property would "not be plundered by senior management for their own private accumulation purposes".

"It would be the height of hypocrisy, by the way, to be calling for nationalisation on the one hand, while being intimately involved in the private plundering of public resources on the other."

Cronin said the SACP's perspective on "socialisation" was located within the context of the alliance's shared priorities -- jobs, sustainable livelihoods, health care, education, rural development and fighting crime and corruption.

In the newsletter, Cronin wrote about the "melodrama" which unfolded at a special communist party conference in December when members of the ANC, including Malema, were booed.

He said the "central threat" to the unity of the alliance was "Kebble-ism", which was "a dangerous axis between unscrupulous business people (black and white) on the one hand, and a bullying, chauvinistic, populist tendency in parts of our movement on the other".

"Behind the headline stories of high-life parties and the flaunting of ill-gained wealth, lies the sordid reality of manipulative sponsorships, wheeling and dealing, organisational factionalism, arm-twisting and the general subversion of our democratic order," he said.

Cronin's letter followed the party's first political bureau meeting of 2010 at which, he said, there had been a "widespread" endorsement of concerns raised over "Kebble-ism".

"What has especially been appreciated has been the SACP's evident readiness to stand up against this dangerous tendency."

He said the party had received messages of support from within the ANC, from the workers movement, the youth and others who "are appalled by corruption, bullying and chauvinism." - Sapa

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Anonymous said...

The problem Malema has, is that the mines that he wants to nationalize are the property of the "money lenders" and these are the very same people that have been financing the ANC throughout the struggle.

Talk about irony.

What I find fascinating is that the Boer prophet, Siener, predicted the destruction of the English empire. Of course as a devout Christian he put a religious spin on it and claimed that it is punishment from God for all the wrongs that the English have done. He specifically referred to the Boer war etc.

The Boers expected that the English would be destroyed at the hands of a white South African.
Oh, the irony of it, because as it turn out the person sowing the seeds of England's destruction is none other than the young black Malema.

It is irony to the n'th degree.

Siener predicted the nationalization of the mines, that this drop in revenue would lead to the final collapse of the British empire. Destroyed by their own creation.

The irony.....

Snowy Smith said...

Juliarse Malema the next Fascist Dictator Robert Mugabe