Friday, February 05, 2010

Concentrated carbohydrates more efficient than petrochemicals: Proof

There is a rumour going around that oil giant, Shell, has been conducting experiments into the viability of producing an alternative for the petrochemical industry based on complex organic carbohydrates, such as mielie pap (maize meal)

As the above series of photographs reveal, the spurt of energy deliverable from so monolithic a system as it's current processing plant, ie, the human body, goes to show, the sky's the limit if only scientists can convert the chemical potential of maize meal into a fluid or gaseous form for the internal combustion, or rocket, engine.

Literally the sky's the limit. Just have a look, this guy seems to be taking off FFS! Looks like he's got Pluto on his destination list....Yeeeeoowwwwww!

Seriously though, if you ever come to Africa for the wildlife, you need not worry too much about any danger from the "Big 5". The lions and the leopards are just pussy cats, the elephants make a noise from afar, as do the herds of buffalo, and sadly, the Rhino are now almost extinct, thanks in a big part to Herr Excellency Bob and his
rampaging, baleful thugs.

Ah yes, be warned gentle tourist, the one you really need to be careful of is the Hippo. Fat? Slow? Sluggish? Nuh-uh - This is the Big 5 rolled into 1...

From the Lusaka Times:

A 30 year-old man has been killed by a Hippo in Sinazongwe district in Southern Province.

Nangombe ward Councilor Robson Sialukowa confirmed the development to ZANIS that Thomas Siamajele was killed at night while he was allegedly going to steal people’s nets on Lake Kariba.

Mr Sialukowa said the Hippo hit into the canoe he was in together with his two friends and broke it into two pieces.

He explained that the Hippo bruised the head of the deceased, ripped off his chest, and had a dip cut on his leg while his two friends managed to swim to the shore.

In another development some fishermen were also attacked within the same area by the hippos but escaped unhurt.

Mr Sialukowa said the Zambia Wild Life Authority (ZAWA) from Sinazongwe visited the area to scare away the Hippos from attacking people.

In January this year and December last year a 42 year- old man, a 12 year-old boy, and a 13 year- old boy were killed by the crocodile within the same area in separate incidents.

The ward Councilor also disclosed that people’s animals were also being killed by crocodiles in Nangombe area.

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FishEagle said...

Buffaloes are pretty dangerous as well. The pics are amazing!

Anonymous said...

I hope the hippo caught the kaffir and tore him apart!

Laager said...

Thought for the day.

Africa has a coastline of about 20,000 miles

Africa has a populatiaon of 250m +

Apartheid affected about 35m blacks

Only 1 black man from Africa has ever participated in a swimming event at the Olympics.

Any theories as to why this is so?

Anonymous said...

Here is a video of the black man's swimming trial.

Anonymous said...

I see half the address got cut off. Here it is again. LOL