Friday, February 05, 2010

Cameron: Gay refugees from Africa should be given asylum in UK

Not really sure what Cameron is trying to do here ..

Gay refugees from Africa should be granted asylum in the UK, David Cameron has said.

The Tory leader suggested that homosexuals should be allowed to stay in Britain if their lives would be put in danger were they sent home.

Under immigration rules, gay men are often sent back to countries with homophobic regimes - and advised to keep their sexuality a secret in case local police attack them.

But in an interview with gay magazine Attitude, Mr Cameron said the rules should be changed to protect homosexuals fleeing persecution.

He also promised to do more to stop rappers whose songs contain homophobic lyrics from performing in Britain, and said he would force faith schools to teach pupils there was nothing wrong with being gay.

However, he insisted there was no need for further legislation to protect homosexuals. It follows Harriet Harman's attempts to push through her Equality Bill, which would put a duty on companies to promote the employment of gays.

Mr Cameron's comments are the latest example of his conversion over gay rights.

Once a supporter of Margaret Thatcher's Section 28 law, which banned the 'promotion' of homosexuality in schools, he changed his position after becoming Conservative leader in 2005.

He said in the interview: 'If you are fleeing persecution and that fear is well-founded, then you should be able to stay.

'As I understand it, the 1951 Convention [on the rights of refugees] doesn't mention sexuality, but because it mentions membership of a social group, that phrase is being used by the courts, rightly, to say that if someone has a realistic fear of persecution they should be allowed to stay.'

It was wrong that refugees were often told to hide their sexuality from police who would imprison, torture or kill them for it, he added. 'If you have a legitimate fear of persecution, then it seems to me that it is a perfectly legitimate reason to stay,' he said.

And he claimed that rappers who sang songs inciting violence against gays should be banned. 'I think we can stop some of these people coming into the country,' he said.

Mr Cameron also called for an end to the ban on gays giving blood, saying: 'Logic would dictate that it's time to change.'

He promised to put in place 'ground rules' to make sure religious schools 'teach equality'. But he came out against further equalities legislation, saying: 'I think it's much more about culture than about law now.'

Mr Cameron also called on Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, to follow his party's lead and move the Church of England in the direction of gay rights. 'I don't want to get into a huge row with the Archbishop here, but the Church has to do some of the things that the Conservative Party has been through,' he said.

'Sorting this issue out and recognising that full equality is a bottom-line, full essential.'

Mr Cameron refused to condemn the Tories' anti-gay allies in Europe as 'homophobic' - even though they are led by Polish MEP Michal Kaminski who describes gays as 'faggots'.

But he did apologise for his previous support of Section 28. The 1988 law was repealed by Labour in 2003. At the time, Mr Cameron attacked Tony Blair for 'moving heaven and earth to allow the promotion of homosexuality in our schools'.

But he claimed he had never believed it was possible to ' promote homosexuality' or make children gay. 'I think, now, looking back, you can see the mistake of Section 28,' he said.

'I think we can look gay people in the eye and say: "You can now back us - because we now support gay equality".'

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Anonymous said...

The UK is finished. The politicians still don't get it. They use immigration as a kind of bargaining tool.

Anonymous said...

I´m betting that the number of homo´s will rocket to record levels as the munts in Nigeria and other homophobic countries cotton on to how they can get easy access to the dole in England, which in most cases pays more than the average job, if any are available, in the shit holes where they currently live.
Good on you Cameron. Fuck your countrymen right up their collective arses. They damn well deserve what´s cumming their way. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Open the boarders to kaffirs and sand kaffirs? No wonder Great Britain is not great anymore.

The people of not so Great Britain also have to share the blame, for voting these white traitors into office.

Viking said...

"I´m betting that the number of homo´s will rocket to record levels"

that's a good point!

Wonder if they'll be asked to prove it..

Dmitri said...

Right, let me get this "straight". The UK is filled with Pakis, Turks, Romanians, Serbs etc. They are now going to allow all the black moffies from Africa in as well???

Soon the UK is going to be more mixed up than the birth certificate of Obama

Anonymous said...

What is going on with the white race. They are in self destruct mode.

Anonymous said...

It is not the people of the West that are anti West, it is the Western leaders that are anti-West.

Think of them as a group of aliens that are working very hard to destroy the society the live in.

Through this destruction, they can rebuilt a modern USSR, only it will be in Europe.

Max said...

Britain is screwed, the people have been sleeping while the lies have been spewed out by government and a lackey press. Good riddens to bad rubbish, hope all you anti apartheid protesters who screwed us over get fucked good and proper.

Anonymous said...

How many "gay" Africans will get asylum and then return to their country to fetch their 4 wives?

Brent said...

David cameron is off his rocker and a complete idiot! Im in england for another 3 months and because of people like this Moron I will never see it as a home. I dont know what he is trying to achieve but this is the problem with the british mentality, they are a on a moral high horse trying to prove to everyone that they are the saviours.

They have given their country away to foreigners. Now The UK is a sinking ship, it might be sinking slowly but never the less it wil be submerged!

Viking said...

Hi Brent, thanks for the link

I watched the vid., and not sure the Muslim replacement rate is actually 8.1 like it says, I read recently it was 3.5 or something but either way it's frightening.

The only Westernised region in the world that is breeding at replacement rate is ... America's Red States! Canada's rate is 1.48 ..

I agree with you on Cameron. Thatcher had bigger balls than he does. It looked for a while that the UK might go the American route to prosperity, but Bleur and the Labour Party have set it nicely on the Euro road to ruin.

Anonymous said...

The Tories are just another set of taxi drivers on the road to extinction.

Cameron is just a mouth in a suit.