Tuesday, February 02, 2010

ANC making big mistake with Pretoria name change - FF+

Mass action? By Whites?

I dunno. Maybe. What I do know is that I speak for many thousands of white SANS when I say that living in SA comes with a heavy burden of frustration, anger and sense of loss. A way of life has changed, values that were previously sacrosanct have been trampled underfoot and we find ourselves, bewilderingly, the new victims of a system that we initially agreed to, but could not have foreseen turning out so badly. Victims of violent crime, reverse racial hatred and scorn for being born white. For being the “oppressor”

Close to a million of us have left since 1994, finding the existence there unbearable. Too proud? Yes, for myself certainly I am proud. But more than that, I was tired of witnessing the daily slaughterhouse and mayhem under ANC rule where murder, rape, hijacking and fear was a daily routine. I had had enough of the hypocrisy of BEE; having my name top of the “on the way out” list and at the same time having to pick up the pieces of BEE candidate failures all around me too eager, ill trained or incompetent to do a decent job.

Many however, cannot leave SA, or have chosen to stay. To change and embrace the rainbow nation? Perhaps. To them good luck.

Yet others choose to stay and continue to fight for their place in the sun. Do they ask too much? Are they really hoarding all the wealth and clinging onto their patch of "white man's land" No, they have given up a lot. Too much already, and are still willing and prepared to stay and work towards the future of SA. But give them something to believe in, a unique identity. They are not Zulus, or Xhosa's or Sothos. They are European descendants with a proud history, the children of pioneers and survivors. Is this not what De Klerk promised? Those checks and balances he spoke of? Freedom of association, a cultural identity?

Our cultural identity is slowly being strangulated out of existence by so called “transformation” National icons and symbols are laughed at and denigrated. The changes to town and street names are one example. There is no compromise from blacks whatsoever, no place is our own, even in name. Instead we are exhorted to embrace the rainbow nation, hold hands with blacks and effectively, engage in our own suicide.

This is why the issue of the name change from Pretoria to Tshwane is so important. It is much more than just a name. It is a symbol. Whites have identified something that they seem to feel willing to defend. Tot hier toe en nie verder nie (only up to here, and no further) Wouldn’t it be great to see a hundred thousand white people in the streets of Pretoria, peacefully protesting the name change! How my heart would swell!


For the Minister of Arts and Culture to slyly publish the name change of Pretoria in the latest Government Gazette (see
here) is underhanded and politically naive. Does the ANC really think that it is possible to change the name of the capital city of South Africa on the sly, without vehement opposition? The result will be mass protests and court cases during the World Soccer tournament and soccer games at Loftus.

The FF Plus will be looking at all possible methods to fight the change. In the past we have at various times taken the ANC to court and will, after consultation with our legal advisors, consider such action.

The ANC is making a big mistake if the organisation thinks it can promote nation building with the World Cup in mind in this way. In the world there are many examples where cities have two names or compromises had been found for similar situations. The prerequisite is of course that there is a political will with the rulers to consider everyone in such a situation. The FF Plus intends to still take up the matter at the highest level with President Zuma.

Because Pretoria's name is internationally known, the sudden change will create huge confusion with foreign soccer supporters who now suddenly will have to attend soccer matches in Tshwane. At present Fifa is using both Pretoria and Tshwane in their official documents and publications and on World Cup tickets specifically to prevent any confusion.

Statement issued by Pieter Mulder, MP, leader of the
Freedom Front Plus, February 2 2010

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Dachshund said...

I think it's high time that whites started protesting in the streets about name changes. Not only should we march in Pretoria, we should hold "proud white" parades on a regular basis.

Remember that blacks protested for a long time against apartheid. They got organised with "black pride". We should get organised and vocal too, otherwise we will forget about ourselves even before history does.

Who's interested in getting together and organising this? You can count me in.

Exzanian said...

Count me in too! Oops, forgot, I'm 14000 miles away....

Dachshund said...

I think we should contact the FF for advice and cooperation BUT it shouldn't be a Freedom Front march as such; it should be apolitical.

Anonymous said...

They should hold marches on Saturdays.

The days of mass action by whites are approaching fast and once whites experience the feeling of euphoria caused by participating in a mass demonstration attended by huge numbers, they will realize that they are not powerless.

Once you have attended a successfull mass action event, it grows on you, because the feeling is almost the same as being in a sports stadium.

The time is right and the people are nearly ready. All they require is a Pretoria name change event.

Anonymous said...

The whites will not take to the streets.
The whites will quietly make their plans to leave or to fight when the timing is right.

It would be very naive of the government and especially of the ANC to think that there is not an ultra-hard semi-right group of whites in this country who, as I write this, are bringing in arms from Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

The legal disarmament of whites under the guise of safety and "less" crime is merely the first step of the "official" genocide. The unofficial one started the day Mandela walked out of prison singing "Kill the Boer, Kill the Farmer!"

Those of us who see world events and the shaping of the chaos and lawlessness in the world as a stepping stone to absolute anarchy before the "one-world" government is implemented have made our plans too.

Strategically, you need to ask yourself this: "Do I have a better chance of survival, given the correct tools, location, and mental attitude, in a country where the military and police forces are highly trained, intelligent, motivated and well armed; or do I stand a better chance in a country where the aforementioned could not collectively organise a piss-up in a brewery?"

I think the answer is quite clear.

I think that as the screws tighten we may very well see many South Africans returning, complimented by a number of like minded whites from Europe, Australasia, and the Americas.

PS: Yes. The ANC is making a VERY big mistake by renaming one of the bastions of Boer history. Named for a Boer hero. No big fuss will be made, but the hard men will make a bigger effort to do what they need to do. I would not be surprised if there is a bombing campaign or some other such manifestation of anger over this issue.

FUCKEMALL - especially that cunt Tswane.

Anonymous said...

Ag please. More bullshit talk from soft cock toothless politicians. Let us not forget that the leader of the Freedom Front Minus, Pieterjie Mulder is a deputy minister in Zuma's government. Don't hold your breath that something will be done.

Anonymous said...

"it shouldn't be a Freedom Front march as such; it should be apolitical."

You are correct however lets look at reality. A group of blacks catch a rapist. They beat the crap out of him and as they march him up the road other blacks come out of their shacks and kick the crap out of him too.

A group of whites catch a rapist and march him down the street, the other whites in their homes watch through the curtain and do and say nothing.

Different mindsets about protests I think.