Saturday, January 16, 2010

World Digs Deep to Help Haiti

Outside of Africa, Haiti is almost the world's poorest country, and the recent disaster has caught the planet's attention. We read today how the US military has been mobilised in support of the victims of the earthquake, and how many nations around the world have pledged emergency funds to help relieve the after-effects of the tragedy. Below is a list, published by the Guardian, of nations who have offered help. South Africa is the only African nation to pledge support, and there is a noticeable lack of assistance from our Arab brethren (well, they are only Kufar after all).

In addition to a noticeable lack of help from some quarters, are the counterproductive and opportunistic noises coming from the liberal lobby. They haven't quite got round to blaming Western nations for the disaster yet, although as we saw recently, some were keen to blame the earthquake on "climate change".

Another development, pointed out here as well as by Sarah, Maid of Albion on her blog, are the calls for emergency visas for both adults and children so they can be brought to Western countries for "asylum" purposes. This is another example of an "if you disagree, you're racist" idea, and is entirely without reason or merit.

There is no reason why thousands of Haitians must be brought to Canada or any other country, unless it is nearby, and this represents a blatant and disgusting attempt to take advantage of a natural disaster for ideological ends. There is no reason why emergency camps cannot be set up either in Haiti itself, or in Cuba, which is right next door.

anyway, here's the list:

Data summary

Haiti pledges of aid by country and organisation

Country/ organisation
Funding, commited and uncommited, $
Private (individuals & organisations) 135430093
Others 105353650
US 100000000
World Bank (emergency loan) 100000000
Brazil 15530000
Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) 10000000
UK 10000000
UN & agencies 10000000
Australia 8992806
Canada 5491330
Japan 5327154
Norway 4939341
China 4400000
Spain 4329004
European Commission 4329000
Denmark 3493048
Germany 3463204
Netherlands 2886003
Switzerland 1941748
Finland 1803752
Italy 1565145
Estonia 1000000
Guyana 1000000
New Zealand 1000000
Sweden 898668
Luxembourg 722900
Russian Federation 700000
Belgium 651876
Greece 290000
Czech Rep 288600
Inter-American Development Bank 200000
South Africa 134904
TOTAL 546162226

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Anonymous said...

With all that money, the kaffirs can by new cars - they won't be able to drive them, because they never built any roads.

Giving millions of dollars to those savages, is like flushing it down the toilet - they will spend it all on lotto tickets and malt liquor.

eduard said...

Should read " most pathetic cuntry in the world".
This island with all it's creoled mess and scum should disappear under the sea. No great loss for mankind and nobody would miss them, after all they have no function in this world and they , just like any other uncrowned beast of the field, makes no contribution to civilization. Let nature take it's course.

Afrikaner said...

I do not see any African countries on that list of donators apart from South Africa.

I also do not see any Arab or Muslim countries on that list.

I am surprised to see China and Japan there, because they seldom donate anything, but noticably absent are other far eastern countries such as South Korea, Thailand Singapore or even India.

I do not see any Communist country such as Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea, Venezuela, etc on the list of donators.

Apart from Brazil, not a single other South American country donated a cent.

That list is almost exclusively White. Once again the hated Whites are the ones coming to the rescue of the Blacks and Blacks just hate them more every day. The benevolence and compassion of the White man is both his pride and his ultimate downfall.

Anonymous said...

You are wrong, they have found a way to blame whites. Rumours are rife that the earthquake was the result of an underground atomic explosion, obviously planted ny America´s whites.
So there you have it my friends. We are guilty once again. And all this just when we were getting over our guilt complex. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I know I´m a brute and a heartless swine, but not one cent of my money will go anywhere near this kaffir country.
No sir, never. I´d rather flush it down the toilet.

Exzanian said...

Viking, are you sure you never added in an extra zero or two there? That top figure reads like "One hundred and thirty five million" USD..
With cash like they are getting they could easily buy Iceland and start from scratch....

Viking said...

- nope, that's as the article reports it. Mad. How can they ever spend that much? I would hope to G-d that the money is administered by outside agencies or else who knows where it will end up...

Anon - sadly, your money is likely already being donated on your behalf (depending on where you live), which is why I won't give a cent. State-administered 'charity' is a feature of our socialist regime already. I'm not being uncharitable at all, I'm just aware that the governments I pay tax to have donated on my behalf.

Freedom? what's that?

Viking said...

Incidentally, Canada has got it right - they are matching their citizen's private donations dollar for dollar. Voice of reason...

Exzanian said...


Anonymous said...

The World Bank gave them a loan? Now they will be debt slaves all over again.