Sunday, January 03, 2010

Why Is The ANC Training Doctors In Cuba?

Frankly, we all know the reason why our education system sucks. It had to be dumbed down to accommodate the masses. Only problem is, the dumbing down is all that was achieved. Pass rates are pathetically low.

And the reason we send black students to Cuba, to train as doctors, is also an easy one to answer. Even with the reduced university entrance requirements for blacks, they fail to clear even those hurdles. So Cuba is the only option.

Will this lead to South Africa receiving competently trained doctors? Of course not.

The only non-communist loud mouth in the ANC Alliance is Julius Malema, who seems to me to be bored and in need of decent occupation.

The ANCYL has expressed the need for students to be sent abroad to study, because of the deficiencies of our education system.

First I suggest that Malema go to Cuba, with a qualified doctor, and a Spanish interpreter, and see why we have sent 300 South Africans to study to be “doctors” in Cuba. Cuba has been isolated from modern advances in medicine since 1952, and as a satellite state of Russia for most of the last half a century, follows the Russian theory of preventative medicine, which Dr Manto also studied and tried to use against AIDS with such disastrous results. Quite apart from the fact that our SA “medical students” have to learn Spanish for 2 years before they can even start studying to be “doctors”.

One of the reasons that I am not as critical of Dr Manto as most people are, is that I don’t believe that she was ever a qualified doctor in the first place, not as qualifications are accepted in SA. Which is one of the reasons she could not stand up to Mbeki, and probably also one of the reasons that he chose her. Dr Manto “qualified” as a “doctor” in the Soviet block. Why, then, did the Botswana government, who is as short of doctors as anyone else, put her in an admin job in a clinic if she was qualified to diagnose patients?

In the communist countries doctrine overrode everything, including science. When the Berlin Wall came down and the Germans started to unify East and West Germany (previously also a Soviet satellite), they imported nurses and doctors from the East to the West – and had to send them all back. They simply were not trained properly.

In China Mao went one better – he decided that doctors needed no training at all. A book was printed called “The Barefoot Doctor” and young people were sent to rural clinics to “treat” patients as “barefoot doctors” using only this book.

Mao’s nephew decided that mental patients could be cured by reading Mao’s “Red Book” to them – which petrified the real doctors, who never knew what their ill patients would say at these reading sessions.

So if Julius Malema is serious about checking out education for the young – do us all a favour and go to Cuba first and see how our 300 students are being trained there.

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Anonymous said...

2020 in South Africa Van der Merwe goes to a government hospital with the shits. Dr Sipho looks at him and gives him a valium and tells him to come back in the morning. When the other doctors asked Dr Sipho why he gave him a valium he said - because he will still shit in his pants at least now he wont worry about it and bother to come back.