Tuesday, January 05, 2010

“Whites” not welcome at accommodation on Table Mountain

There have always been double standards for whites and blacks in Africa. Whites paid more for everything. South Africa has been aligned with the rest of Africa since '94. I expect we will encounter many more incidents such as the one mentioned in this post by Kallie Kriel.

The civil rights initiative AfriForum has just submitted a complaint of racial discrimination on behalf of two students – Etienne and Stiaan Terblanche – to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) against the Table Mountain National Park, after these two students had been refused accommodation at the People’s Trail Hut because they are “white”. AfriForum will also take this case to the Equality Court if the HRC does not treat the matter with the gravity it deserves.

While hiking on Table Mountain, the students came across the People’s Trail Hut and called the number given on the door of the hut to find out whether they could make a reservation for a night. They were then told by telephone that the hut is for the use of “black people” only and not for “whites”. The voice of the student who made the call was used as criterion to classify him by telephone as “white”. The People’s Trail Hut is available at a daily tariff of R30 per person, while other overnight accommodation on the mountain costs R800 per person.

According to Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, it is alarming to see that the state’s obsession with race is now manifesting itself in student accommodation at a national asset such as Table Mountain, that is supposed to belong to everybody in the country. “Youths who only started their school careers during the new dispensation, are in effect now being treated on Table Mountain as second class citizens because of the colour of their skin,” Kriel added.

Kriel emphasised that it would be a blunder to try and justify the racial discrimination against the “white” students by using the hackneyed argument that this is an effort to eradicate inequalities and to make Table Mountain more accessible to all. “No inequalities can be eradicated with racial prescriptions on Table Mountain, as a “black” millionaire’s children will now be able to make use of the student accommodation, while indigent students from other communities are being refused,” Kriel said. “The eradication of inequalities according to Kriel unfortunately has become a smokescreen for the promotion of racial ideology.”

AfriForum would like to ensure that Table Mountain will truly become accessible to all and therefore proposes that income level is a better criterion than race to determine who will qualify for more affordable accommodation on Table Mountain. A great number of the people who will then benefit from this arrangement, will probably still be “black”, but according to Kriel, they will then benefit based on need, not race, while the indigent from other communities will also not be excluded.

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Dachshund said...

Jeez, that's shocking!

Anonymous said...

Get a few White guys together and dress them up in hiking gear. Kit them out with walking sticks that has a hidden Samurai blade inside. Let them take a stroll through the mountains and wait for the Munts to attack. Watch the expression on the faces of the Munts when the swords get drawn and they kak themselves. HAHAHA. I tell you what...I am more scared of a Samurai sword than a pistol. A pistol makes a small hole, but a sword takes off limbs, man.

Sakkie de Kok said...

I´m in full support of the TBNP. I´ve always said whites and blacks should be kept separate, so one up to the ANC.
Next, I propose black only buses, and once YT has got used to that, then we can move on to black only schools, black only hospitals, black only beaches etc etc, until finally, so as to get rid of us once and for all, they force us to accept our own homeland.
Mmmm.....this looks better and better all the time. Bring it on I say.

Sakkie de Kok said...

Oh yes, I almost forgot something terribly important.
Could they also introduce the pencil test again? You know the one? Only, this time, you are only considered white if the pensil falls out. Personally, I´d welcome that one, really I would.

Anonymous said...

Well Sakkie de Kok, why stop there - bring back the homeland system and give all the whites a dompass. Make them live in their own country and see if they like that. Better yet give them money not to return to South Africa out of their homeland. How does that sound?

Viking said...

@Anon 4:27am
are you kidding?
is that meant to be a negative comment?
That sounds fuckin ideal, man. I know a lot of people who would welcome that. homelands for whites?
bring it on. They'll be like Hong Kong in five years. who needs farms? get food from Argentina.

Vanilla Ice said...

@Viking. That's the problem with extreme lefties; their IQ only takes them so far.

Anonymous said...

"They'll be like Hong Kong in five years."

...and that is exactly why the ANC communists would never give whites their own homeland. It would become so successful that all the coons outside it would become jealous and would want to know from the government why things are not working as successfully on their side of the fence (this would be a big fence too and well patrolled).

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:27 - if that ever happens I'd move back to SA in a heartbeat. Can you imagine no blacks allowed? Utopia. We would be so successful that they'd once again start moving into our areas (like what happened with Apartheid). These k4's aren't stupid. They'd never let the whites have their own homeland cause they know the whites would make anything successful and they'd look...well, dumb!

Anonymous said...

It's become a shameful day with this comment.
Let those black bastards keep &*** Table Mountain.
I wouldn't want to share accommodation with them blacks anyway.
They thrive on squalor & filthiness.
Without anything being either broken down or dirty they the blacks cannot live.

Anonymous said...

I made that remark tongue in cheek as I am getting so gatvol of hearing the Americans talk about the homeland system and how bad it was. If we had to flip it the other way round, would that be bad - NO!

What the Americans tend to forget that in Russia you also had a passbook system where the government told you in which area to live. If they caught you outside of your area you would be arrested. Did you hear anyone in the 80's talk about Russia and how they run their own segregation system not with a Dompass but with a Prapiska? Not a bloody word.

amateur apologist said...

Please tell me I can immigrate to this homeland, with my wife and step-daughter, to get the hell out of the socialist nightmare the US is becomming.