Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Truth Trenches Chronicles

Those of you that have been regular ILSA followers, will recall that we have a strong leaning towards the truth. How do we define truth? Well there is no universally accepted definition, but we ascribe to the philosophy that truth, although not absolute, reveals itself through debate, science, observation and experience.

We are heavily influenced by prevailing scientific findings, and will very rarely stray from our views, unless the "truth", as defined above, has advanced towards a level of enhanced clarity. We acknowledge that the truth will cause offense to those that would prefer to see a different status quo, whatever that may be; but we believe that being armed with the prevailing facts is immeasurably superior to a belief in a notion that is not sustainable. It is this last part that gets us branded many things.

In light of the above, I have decided to start a series, called the Truth Trenches Chronicles, which will document some of our highly entertaining clashes that we endure offline, or sometimes on alternate blog sites.

You will recall that Brandon Huntley made an asylum claim during 2009; his core premise was that he was a victim of crime, due to the colour of his skin. Various commentators claimed various positions. ILSA undertook to research the murder statistics, as maintained by NMSS (National Mortality Surveilance System), which can be read here. The results of the research, based on the dataset used, suggested that Asians and Whites are disproportionately murder victims, despite the abnormal security measures taken by these groups to secure their safety. This research project was published before any other efforts were made public. Subsequently a few other reports have been made public; you can read these here (supported our thesis) and here (challenges our thesis).

Many of you will also recall that we have a deep, quadrant 4, Anarcho-Marxist detractor, in the form of Black Coffee. I will afford him the respect of anonymity. Now, it is fine to be of whatever political persuasion; we will embrace you on ILSA, but not necessarily your thoughts and opinions. Debate us with mainstream scientific evidence, observation and experience, and we will listen to you. But don't attack us, and brand us as racists, simply because we will not toe the unsubstantiated and/or unsustainable ideological line.

Black Coffee was so excited when he saw the recent report, refuting our findings, that he must have wet his pants. He sent me this; "The ... article here on race and crime blows out of the water the theory that ILSA and Andrea Murtheyn on white refugees have been perpetrating (sic). It makes me wonder if you are much better than Uhuru Guru. That and the recent article about the Chicago police with the predictably racist and inane comments about blacks having low IQ, Nigerians having an average IQ of 67, etc. It's all crazy, white supremacist theories, worthy of the KKK, but having no basis in the facts."

So, despite this chap being a research student, he doesn't understand what contributing to a body of knowledge means; nor does he have any respect for the scientific method. Even if our report was later proven to be incorrect, which it hasn't, so what? That is the scientific method, and that is how we produce clarity. But it seems that is not how the mind of an Anarcho-Marxist works.

Now, the report BC refers to, is a bunch of rhetoric laced swill, disguised as a studious report. They conclude that whites are not predominantly victims of crime blah blah blah, but they use a dataset from 2001 to arrive at this conclusion; ILSA used a 2007 dataset.

Given the obvious flaw in the report I responded to BC as follows; "It 'blows out of the water' does it? I suggest you see my response. Let me be very frank with you. After your response, you are eternally banned from ILSA. Period. How dare you send me a message, proclaiming that I, Andrea or anybody else are no better than UG, the KKK or any other fringe group. Fuck you. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. I frankly don't care that you don't like the truth; deal with it. It is what it is. As for the stupid article you sent me, did you even bother to read it? Did you, Mr Ph.D, look at the dataset used, and compare it to the dataset I used? No, you didn't, but that was enough for you wasn't it. Crazy white supremacist theories, bereft of truth hey. Have you learn't nothing about me? You need help mate, you are fucked in the head."

I am not about to comment further on the debate, other than to say; I hope you find these occasional spats entertaining. If not, well at least it gives you an insight into life as a blogger.

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FishEagle said...

VI, although not always helpfull, they are always very entertaining. Haha.

Anonymous said...

VI - your response to BC is spot on. I wish he'd worry more about what's going on in his native country of the USA before even trying to qualify comments on a country that he really has no knowledge of (except for his few months spent there in a black township many moons ago). I also support the fact that ILSA has banned him as I really couldn't face his "comments" that are so obscure and off the mark. The USA has a marxist in it's White House halls, running the country into the ground so surely that should keep him blogging on his side of the ocean more than what is happening in Azania.

Pensioner said...

He is such a doos. BC if you don't know what that means, look in the mirror with some panties over your head:(

Anonymous said...

If I was BC I would worry about the USA right now. They appear to be in deeper shit than SA. In SA in the 80's we had to live through the thought of having our guts blown out in a shopping center by the ANC and the liberal Brits and Americans who would fund it with their 'donor money'. Its now the turn of the UK and the US. May they rot in fucking hell!

Exzanian said...

Watch carefully for the anon comments (none here on this post) that have a bleating, whiny, simpering note to them...That will be BC...

Anonymous said...


Then they wonder why people around the globe hate Americans so much. Maybe because they are so fucking dumb.

Islandshark said...

Wonderful - I hope this is also the last time we see that ignorant prick BC's name on this blog.

@ Anon - I think it is an insult to Americans to benchmark them against BC. He represents the most vile and dangerous characters on this planet - those who are clueless as to their limitations and will turn on you in the blink of an eye, like a rabid dog.