Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shock Doctrine for Haiti

This fresh from Facebook.

A new FB Group is aimed at protesting the use of a "Shock Doctrine" in Haiti, such as forcing free-market reforms on the nation as a condition for aid. Naomi Klein is cited as the group's heroine and that should tell us enough about the ideology of those behind yet another pointless "movement".

This is from the group's homepage:

The shock doctrine is the idea that disasters are a chance to push through radical right wing economic reforms. The people of Haiti need help.

We must dig them out of the rubble. We
must feed and clothe them, and then we must work with them to re-build their country. [as we have been doing for years]

Yet some see this as an excuse to strip their economy of what assets
it has left. Some see the shock of the earthquake as an opportunity to impose unpopular policies on a grieving people. America's radical right have long seen disasters as a chance to push devastating policies on the distracted poor.

They know it is the only
way people will accept their economies being plundered. [what economy???!!] This "Shock Doctrine" which brought us General Pinochet and Russian oligarchs is now moving swiftly on Haiti. These are the people who forced through the privatisation of social housing after Katrina - pushing the poor out of their homes without their consent.

They used
the Asian Tsunami as an excuse to take coasts out of the possession of poor fisherman, and hand them to western hotel conglomerates. And now, one of the most influential American think tanks - the Heritage Foundation - is already suggesting they do the same to Haiti.

The IMF are alleged to have demanded pay freezes and energy price
hikes in exchange for a help. We must help the people of Haiti build a country they want, not one which is forced on them by the people who brought us the credit crunch, South Americas generation of dictators, and George W Bush. See here, for example:

I had to laugh. The Asian Tsunami?? They are effectively saying that the devastated coastal regions should have remained populated by penniless fishermen so that when the next Big One comes along, another 200,000 of them will be wiped out. When will liberals allow people in the Third World do some activity other than catch fish and sow rice fields?

Haiti has not managed to look after itself in its 200 years of independence, and now they have encountered a crisis that has already made them dependent on other countries' help. Western countries, plus a few others.

This is a great opportunity to throw around some ideas, just as a suggestion, to help this struggling nation dig itself out of a pit instead of calling for help.

Those words "
We must dig them out of the rubble. We must feed and clothe them, and then we must work with them to re-build their country" are a haunting reminder of what awaits any country that isolates itself economically and decides to be rich in "other ways". The socialist paradise that liberals have in mind for Haiti is the same one they have in mind for Indonesian peasant fishermen, a life doomed to abject poverty and, more importantly, vulnerability to the next sack of shit Mother Nature decides to throw at them.

This is the same Mother Nature, by the way, that these liberals have been telling us to go easy on, as we are having such an adverse effect on Her. Haiti has shown us that she is an unpredictable, vengeful bitch who is not in the least bit interested in the fate of Her inhabitants.

So, here is an idea for Haitians to help rebuild their country:

Build a massive, giant fuck-off airport, and serve as a hub for the entire region of the Americas. Profile passengers until their prisons are full of would-be terrorists and market their airport as a PC-free zone. Do deals with airlines and get them to pass through Haiti on the way to and from the US and other countries.

Or is that too "radically right-wing" for you?

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Anonymous said...

Hey Viking - your ideas are way too extreme for former Senegalese people...This is an African country afterall. You need to start slowly - like running water and a sewage system; then slowly build up to building proper houses and schooling etc...That should take them about 100 years to sort out.

Laager said...

What is the problem with the west?

The best model to copy for a majority African population is South Africa.

South Africa is the most successful country on the African continent for one simple reason:
It has the largest white population, permanently resident for the longest period of time.

Depite what the liberal left would want you to believe an upliftment policy was in operation giving South African blacks the best standard of living on the continent - as did Zimbabwe/Rhodesia with Ian Smith in charge

Along came the instant gratification mob beating the "evil white man opression" drum. As we know the rest is history.

So now all the liberal students wanting to uplift the 3rd World have 3 fine case studies to compare.

[1] Haiti - 200 years post Uhuru with not a white man in sight to achieve something. Result: Basket case

[2] Zimbabwe - 25 years post Uhuru after inheriting a working jewel, expelled the white man and installed a Gucci Socialist ruling elite. Result: basket case

[3] South Africa - pre 1994. Capitalist with the white man managing and the black man copying at his own pace. Result: Success

It makes you wonder just what these influential liberals actually learn at their left wing universities. They don't even have the savvy to copy a working success story.

Viking said...

yes, Anon - but the Haitians won't be running the airport :D

They can hang around and sell stuff outside, and work security!

Laager, spot on as always.