Monday, January 04, 2010

Schabir Shaik: Pardon Pending

It is things like this, that leave me feeling really despondent. Despite the appearance of a democracy, the ruling party knows it can do whatever the hell it likes, given that the electorate are so pig shit stupid, and will tolerate anything. South AFrica is a de facto dictatorship.

A leading South African political commentator Steven Friedman on Monday expressed his opposition to the granting of presidential pardon to the notorious apartheid hit man Eugene de Kock and the convicted fraudster Schabir Shaik.

This comes amid reports on Monday morning that President Jacob Zuma held a secret meeting with De Kock at Pretoria Central Prison on Sunday, the second such meeting between the two men.

It is said that during Sunday’s meeting, which the presidency denied knowledge of, De Kock gave Zuma critical information on the involvement of others in the apartheid hit-squad, which he commanded.

During a brief press conference on Monday in Johannesburg, Friedman said it was “unacceptable and inappropriate” to extend presidential pardons to criminals whose illegal acts were politically motivated (I'm not sure this wording is correct, because this is exactly what the TRC amnesties were all about).

Shaik and De Kock, he added, had been convicted in a fair trial which had been provided with evidence proving their guilt for their respective crimes beyond reasonable doubt.

“Granting them presidential pardons will create a perception that the politically connected can get away with everything (I don't think it is a perception anymore vis-a-vis Zuma, Selebi et al. Let's not forget most of our parliamentarians have criminal records).

“This is more like condoning serious crimes and it is going to make a fight against crime a lot harder,” said Friedman.

He argued that the principle of presidential pardon ought to be applied to very unusual circumstances, which excluded any political situation or politically related crimes (Except we know why Zuma is doing it).

De Kock, the man dubbed “Prime Evil”, led the notorious Vlakplaas hit-squad which was responsible for a number of brutal deaths of anti- apartheid activists.

Shaik, a former financial adviser to Zuma, is being considered for a presidential pardon for his fraud and corruption conviction.

According to the leader of the opposition Independent Democrats Patricia de Lille, Shaik was sure to be pardoned because of his close association with Zuma.

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FishEagle said...

Surely Zuma doesn't think that he can bargain with a critical white public - De Kock for Shaik??? Such an insult!!!

Treacle Bender said...

...there is always a hidden motive behind everything a munt does.

To think that this so called prez is dreaming of marrying his 6th wife while still on honeymoon with the 5th...and this all in the name of tradition...a word widly used by the great unwashed when moralities are questioned...PATHETIC!!!!

Anonymous said...

Look, Zuma does not have a choice. Shaik obviously have material that is condemning to Zuma and he has made it clear that he will not sit in jail alone.

So unless Zuma wants to become one of the only presidents to serve his term in more than one place, (jail and presidency) he has to make a plan. The ball is in his court so to speak.

Zuma is hoping that the release of de Kock would placate the white populace, leaving the way open for Shaik's release.


Lime said...

Nothing "good" that Zuma does is done for no reason. There's always a trade off.

s said...

Steven Friedman!!!!!
Why am I not surprised?
Isn´t it odd how these self rightious jews always become moralists when it´s not Israeli´s carring out targeted killings in Gaza?
And no, this isn´t an anti semitic attack. It´s just the plain aweful goddamn thruth.

Vanilla Ice said...

@s. No it isn't odd, because there will be Jews who oppose Friedman just as vehemently, as some support him.

Brandon Dienar said...

As a white, 29 year-old South Africa it really saddens me to see this blog. We really do live in a great country, with a great political story which is still unfolding. Using words like "munt" and blaming race is such a cheap shot, it's not even worth the time in reading or listening to. I think it's rather pathetic.

Why not start appreciating our cultural differences, South Africa is a country with great humour and great tragedy and truly beautiful because of it's situation, one which it's still struggling to come to terms with and this only comes with maturity, none of which you are showing on this blog, nevermind intelligent and open debate.

I guess the rest of your lives are equally dramatic, just murder, rape, drugs, Satan and 2012 ... cause that's the reality of our world, right?


FishEagle said...

@ Brandon Dienar, I have given up hope for South Africa. I'm not going to have a debate with you about it here. You can feel free to read the blog on a regular basis if you are genuinely interested in the reasons. I just have to say I don't know which is worse - the fact that the society doesn't function because it's being lead by a less intelligent race with an average IQ of 67 or because the whites, who have intelligence, do not use it.

Brandon Dienar said...

@FishEagle stated:

"I don't know which is worse - the fact that the society doesn't function because it's being lead by a less intelligent race with an average IQ of 67 or because the whites, who have intelligence, do not use it."

The fact that you think the former as fact, proves that you form part of the latter.

Anonymous said...

Brandon, how strange that you would consider this blog to be counter productive to South Africa, as all it basically does is to report about factual nonPC news that you won't find in the main stream media.

I on the other hand consider the reality of the South African criminal to be counter productive to South Africa and unlike you I am a realist.


Anonymous said...

Brandon why do you have blue gums?
See how my IQ gives me the advantage.

IQ difference between the races is a fact and unlike global warming this science has been settled a long time ago.

Anonymous said...


Seeing that you have been brain washed into believing that the races all have the same IQ, allow me to briefly educate you.

Now before we begin in earnest I must bring to your attention the fact that their is a certain agenda that is being pursued by globalists and this agenda is egalitarianism and multiculturalism, so many of the facts that you are going to see might come as a surprise to you, as the globalist main stream media did not report on them, because it didn't tie in with their political agenda of globalism.

The point I am trying to make, is that bantu's only tend to belief the shit they hear via the controlled media and thus they are ignorant of what has been transpiring in the real world of science.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you lot have just missed the point. South Africa has become a puppet show. Now enjoy the show and let it be.

It will unfold and the truth will come to the fore in some point in time. Till then -- pass the popcorn.

FishEagle said...

@Brandon Dienar, sadly, that is a matter of opinion.

h said...

Brandon, if you really want to understand what many of the people on this website are trying to convey, do yourself a favour and spend an hour or two reading.

You can only fool yourself for so long.. Eventually you will come around and realize what is going on.

PS.. How is IS treating you these days?

Anonymous said...

Brandon Dienar. You can start with this website...

Come back when you are educated so we can debate you properly. We do not beat up on intellectual cripples and toddlers.

Vanilla Ice said...

@A4. Sorry mate, I had to delete some of your stuff; not because I disagree with it but because it encourages lazy thinking. All it did was encourage Brandon to cut and paste reams of garbage. If I allow this, next thing BC will be cutting and pasting every self-serving article on the internet.

@Brandon. You have no clue what you are talking about. You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts. I suggest you read from peer reviewed sources before you blunder into a subject you know nothing about. If you are too lazy to conduct a literature review, one can be provided. Moreover, as is typical of your kind, you observe a word like munt, and that is "proof enough" that we are all condemned. Why don't you review our collective political profile, or grasp the concept of the bell curve, before you rush to ridiculous judgement. Your Kool Aid has too much urine in it; the acid has fried your brain.

Anonymous said...

No problem.

Brandon, please read this link...

The link clearly shows that the main stream SCIENTISTS all agree with the fact that their is IQ discrepancies between the races.

Fact is that there is a certain agenda that is being pursued by globalists and this agenda is egalitarianism and multiculturalism, so many of the facts that you are going to see in the link might come as a surprise to you, as the globalist main stream media did not report on them, because it didn't tie in with their political agenda of globalism.


Sakkie de Kok said...

Interesting post Brandon. I agree with you that pessimism can be a negative emotion, but the reality is, I find it extremely hard to reconcile over 3000 of my fellow white farmers being murdered without feeling just a wee bit uneasy knowing that my family and I might be the next victims on that tragic list, maybe even tonight, who knows.
Now, you might be able to keep a cheery smile on your face wherever it is you find yourself as you read this, but from where I´m sitting, things look pretty bleak. Can you understand that? Can you maybe see why I don´t share the humour and the beauty you talk about, when all I see is the tragedy being played out around me?
I´ve lost 5 friends in the past 15 years ou swaar, good honest hard working farmer friends and their families, well 4 were anyway. The fifth owned the trading store in our district and had his head removed from his shoulders with a 12 bore shotgun for the contents of the till, a grand total of 44 rands and 23 cents. Mooi ne?
So, knowing this, I wonder if you won´t review your judgement of us, and try and find it in your heart to forgive us and try to understand where this anger and frustration is all coming from.
If the worst thing we ever do in our lives is refer to blacks as a munts, then, under the circumstances, I hardly think you can heap all the blame for the murders, crime, rapes and genocde taking place, on us. I think it´s just a dash unfair to accuse us of creating a bad atmosphere and souring race relations. Don´t you?
Do you honestly think if we stop calling them munts and walk around with big smiles on our faces, they will stop killing us?

Exzanian said...

VI, spotted! BD is BC. Trojan worm incoming!

Viking said...

best reply yet.

Brandon, take a look at the 'about' page to get an idea of what ILSA is, er, about.

FishEagle said...

Sakkie, GREAT reply.

Anonymous said...

Look, Brandon (and everybody in fact) need to read the references which have been posted, and to have some time to try to access independent and objective sources and spend time thinking it through.

But he does make a point: must it all be negative, with no way out? As someone who lived in Southern Africa in the 70's, we were totally convinced it would all end in an utter bloodbath. I know some have been murdered horribly, and I know that more will be brutaly kiled in the future (Sakkie, I'm betting, and hoping, you sleep with a little something under your pillow). But the mass bloodbath has, for the time being, been averted; and, I can state here quite categorically, had white SA not capitulated, a certain American administration would be making plans to invade SA (hmmm-I wonder which administration?). It was just not sustainable, the way it was.

So, the challenge to you and your readers is this: can you see anything positive in the future? If so, what? A Boer homeland in part of the western Transvaal and OFS, with separation of the Western Cape? Or a Brazil type outcome with the affluent of all races living in gated communities with Berlin Wall-type security? Mass white exodus to Canada and Australia?

Or, as I think, the international situation changes; the BNP holds sway in the UK; Zimbabwe is invaded by the new UK; the USA turns back from the abyss of PC suicide;Europe wakes up; whites are emboldened to enforce their own security in SA, encouraged by the entire civilised world; but apartheid is NOT re-introduced and race relations are much more humane and civilised (but not, of course, perfect).

Fantastical? Maybe. Readers-you tell us your constructive way out
of the mess.


Anonymous said...

Main stream media and Main stream science hardly ever sit at the same fire any more, when the subject is in any way related to multiculturalism or egalitarianism.

The reason for this is that the main stream media is CONTROLLED and those in power, the controllers are pursuing an agenda of multiculturalism. So everything that can advance this agenda is pursued by the main stream media.

Often science is at loggerheads with this POLITICAL agenda, especially when it comes to recent genetic research between the races and related subjects like IQ.

When the science does not agree with the political agenda it is censored by ignoring it.

Thus if no one reports on it, no one is the wiser.

Recent genetic research has proved a larger genetic difference between the races than anyone ever anticipated. The main stream media however continues to report old out of dated facts about this.

Censorship by selective reporting.
Lately they have begun to outright lie about scientific facts that don't agree with their political agenda.

If you truly want to become educated the only advice I can give to you is:

"Search and you will find"

The truth is out there and it is never what you are told.

However, since someone pointed out that you are a bluegum, I can safely say that the objective, scientific truth does not interest you, only a version thereof that won't harm your ego.

Ego is truly all you lot have, isn't it?????


Viking said...

Anon 3:42pm

You raise a valid and thought provoking question, and one which would need a post in itself to answer.
No doubt most South Africans, and others, wake up every morning in one of two minds. Will today be better, or just another groundhog day in Arsezania?

I would love to see Boer homelands (although I have no personal ideological investment in them) and an independent Cape, but how long these would last is another story.
There may have to be "special protected regions" for tourists at some point in the very near future, so why not for citizens too?
There are already walled and gated communities, and heavily armed malls, so its not much of a stretch to imagine private towns and even cities.
The next five years will tell, I think.

Viking said...

To that I should probably add - although this part should've come first - that I would RATHER see a well-managed, democratic, FEDERAL, free, safe, economically viable state in South Africa.

Brandon Dienar said...

Wow! I am admittedly surprised by the amount of feedback my comment has generated, especially considering the simplicity of it's content. I have been called everything from a lazy thinker to a bluegum - with comments derailing entirely to mainstream media conspiracies without any further input from myself. Needless to say, on the surface it looks like a lot of noise with little value to be gained from the discussion.

I thought I would however just acknowledge the comments and will take the time to review the links provided, even if just to understand why the underlying tone of the readership are what appears to be a tremendous amount of resentment and anger. What I don't seem to be able to find is clear responses on what the proposed solution to the problems are that you perceive to find yourself in. In this regard, I would like to thank Anon this morning for bringing some sanity back to the thread and look forward to seeing what the positive outcomes, if there are any or what needs to happen for this to occur.

H - You found a friend in Google, albeit it outdated.

I hope to respond in more detail once I've had an opportunity to review the links provided.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Viking.

Please do think about putting it up as a separate post; a challenge to people to think about constructive but realistic possibilities for South Africa.

We might all get a pleasant surprise.

Or maybe not.


FishEagle said...

Anon 3.41. Great comment.

A4, have you considered that the same principles regarding the main stream media and main stream science that you discussed in your comment apply to global warming?

h said...

For me, only apartheid will work and that is the only way that whites can live in safety and prosperity.

Complete separation between whites and blacks is the best option for the survival of the whites on this planet. Anything else is just delusional and will only end in tragedy.