Saturday, January 09, 2010

SA Is Two Nations: and Both of them are Black!

I wrote three years ago that the ANC Alliance has only one common policy – anti-white racism.

The ANC Alliance is a “Unity Government”, which means a “Co-alition Government”, which is the most unstable and vulnerable type of democratic government, because the main opposition is in government, and policy decisions can never be agreed or decided.

Which is why we have had jobless growth, and the loss of 5 million jobs since 1994. Trevor Manuel, Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale and the “democrats” want a free economy which encourages entrepreneurs(as long as they have a BEE partner). The SACP and COSATU want nationalization, seizure of land, and “worker control” of industries.

We have only attracted investment into buying existing shares, and into land and its spin offs – agriculture and tourism. No new industries, so no new jobs. Investors would rather build factories in China or India or Brazil, where Cosatu won’t call a strike as soon as the investment turns to profit. These companies now include Sasol and Anglo American, thanks, according to Terry Crawford Browne and Andrew Feinstein,to Trevor Manuel who needed to fund the Arms Deal and the ANC election campaigns.

Zuma may be very popular – but only until he makes a decision on policy! Meanwhile bad blood builds up in the Alliance.

Which is one of the reasons for the growth in strength of the DA. People know what their policies are, and know what they are voting for. Malema and Cronin may contradict each other, and Zuma contradict them both; but Helen Zille and Athol Trollope sing from the same hymn sheet.

I suggest that Cope be careful to do the same, or they risk becoming a shadow of the ANC Alliance, with no clearly defined policies.

Analysts agree that the reason that Chamberlain and his two predecessors took the disastrous route of appeasing Hitler for too long and allowing him to re-militarize Germany, was partly that they were in a co-alition government and there was no strong opposition.

Reconciliation between white and black is irrelevant, and has been since 1985. Even if all 9.1% of the whites were racist, it would make no political difference. In fact they are less racist than the blacks, who have been deliberately incited in the Mbeki years ( who,I believe, became a Black Supremacist in exile with some bizarre results like AIDS policy and Timbuktu).

The only whites left are the poor, the rich, and the old. Helen Suzman’s children, and Allistar Sparks’ children live out of SA, and so do the children of most former white activists. Mbeki alienated the very skilled middle class that the country needed the most, but helped his pals make big bucks with the rich white elite.

Take the open borders policy and the refugee situation as one example. The black poor want the 3-5 million Zimbabweans returned to the farms where they were workers. The black elite, with Tokyo as front man, want the ANC to join the rest of Africa’s leaders in mining deals, so won’t alienate Mugabe.

The reconciliation needed in SA is not between white and black; but between black poor and black elite.

Lyndall Beddy

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