Thursday, January 07, 2010

Oz Does It Again: KFC Advert Dropped For Being Racist

I can't for the life of me see why this advert was deemed offensive. Very funny though. Seems only some groups can have the mickey taken.

[Source] Kentucky Fried Chicken's head office in the US has apologised for "any misinterpretation" caused by a controversial Australian cricket ad as furious debate raged in the American media about whether it was racist.

The commercial, featuring a white Australian cricket fan offering fried chicken to West Indies supporters, has been pulled from the air in Australia.

"KFC Australia is removing the television advertisement that was being run in conjunction with the Australian cricket season," the chicken fast food giant announced in a statement.

"We apologise for any misinterpretation of the ad as it was not meant to offend anyone."

The Australian TV commercial was picked up by the US media, including the New York Daily News and Baltimore Sun, and drew heated debate, with some Americans accusing Australians of being racist because it perpetuates a stereotype that African Americans eat a lot of fried chicken (Don't they? Chicken Licken would disagree).

The ad is one in a series where a cricket lover quietens people around him by giving them KFC to eat so he can enjoy the game.

The New York Daily News staged a poll on its website asking if the ad was offensive.

The vote was almost split, with 51 per choosing "No, it's just lighthearted and fun" while 42 per cent selected "Yes, it plays on stereotypes".

Six per cent voted "I'm not sure".

Readers inundated the newspaper websites with emotional posts.

"This was blatantly racist," one reader commented on the NY Daily News website.

Another wrote: "Yeah, coming from the same people who almost singlehandedly wiped out the whole race of aborogines (sic). You people are the worst. I've had friends who visited Australia and they told me how it is over there".

Australians, upset at the American response, bombarded US news websites and blogs to defend the ad and attempt to explain Australian humour.

"Oh dear," an Australian wrote on the Baltimore Sun site.

"Another shining example of how some Americans can be absolutely clueless about anything further away than the tip of their own nose."

The furore began in the US after the ad was posted on YouTube, attracting thousands of comments and sparking members of the public to post their own video responses.

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5 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

How the hell can that ad be considered raicst? Blacks can call whites "crackers" and "honkeys" all they want, but the second you do something to blacks there's a media up-roar. Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

It is considered racist as we all know that blacks like KFC and water melon. Go to the website called Chimpout and you will understand what the Americans see.

Viking said...

In the USA, KFC is always marketed by white people, but secretly to black people - like clothing brands. I queued in a KFC in Florida once, in which I was the only white person in the building,and all the poster ads on the while had white families eating kfc, I could hardly keep a straight face.
The ad is clearly about an Aussie cricket fan in a croud of -what - West Indies fans? nothing racist about that, the ad is saying everyone is united by kfc!

South Africa ran a similar ad recently, about a black guy in a bar full of white rugby fans.
Incidentally, this morning I read that one of the actors - Braam Greyling - was shot to death recently.

Anonymous said...

Think back to the days when Transkei was still operational. All the Blue Line busses out of Cape Town to Transkei always picked up the blacks at the KFC stores.

Fuck I saw a goat tied down on top of one of those busses one day. Thought it must be terrible for the animal to lay on its side like that for hours on end going over all the bumps.

Then again when you died and they wanted to bury you in the homelands they had to ensure that they put you in a chair after death so that when rigor mortis set in you were in a seated position. This way they would load your ass in the Blue Line bus and not have to pay extra for transporting a corpse.

Ohhh....the stories! Bloody hell I miss that country. Pitty its gone to the dogs.

Exzanian said...

Subliminally it does have a strong flavour of racism: The crowd of native supporters are easily seduced by their carnal appetites and diverted to gratifying their immediate hunger at the expense of a nobler goal, that may be achieved later, with greater self discipline. It's the truth though innit?