Friday, January 15, 2010

Obama and the missing Nobel Prize money

Slack boy in the White House has been getting behind in his chores. He forgot to pass the money he won for the Nobel Prize on to charity. Better hurry up Mr. President, people are catching on to your act.

by Susan Anne Hiller

The other day I pointed out the fact that
President Obama has yet to donate the money he was awarded as the Nobel recipient. Obama stated he would donate the $1.4 million prize to charity. It’s been several weeks since he received the money and no one knows what’s happened to it.

US Code is very clear in Receipt and Disposition of Foreign Gifts and Decorations. The code states:

1) The Congress consents to—
(A) the accepting and retaining by an employee of a gift of minimal value tendered and received as a souvenir or mark of courtesy; and
(B) the accepting by an employee of a gift of more than minimal value when such gift is in the nature of an educational scholarship or medical treatment or when it appears that to refuse the gift would likely cause offense or embarrassment or otherwise adversely affect the foreign relations of the United States, except that—
(i) a tangible gift of more than minimal value is deemed to have been accepted on behalf of the United States and, upon acceptance, shall become the property of the United States; and

(ii) an employee may accept gifts of travel or expenses for travel taking place entirely outside the United States (such as transportation, food, and lodging) of more than minimal value if such acceptance is appropriate, consistent with the interests of the United States, and permitted by the employing agency and any regulations which may be prescribed by the employing agency.
(2) Within 60 days after accepting a tangible gift of more than minimal value (other than a gift described in paragraph (1)(B)(ii)), an employee shall—
(A) deposit the gift for disposal with his or her employing agency; or
(B) subject to the approval of the employing agency, deposit the gift with that agency for official use.

While I have seen many dissections of how this code should be interpreted, as well as its history, there has been silence on it from the White House. And, there have been no further inquiries as to what Obama will do or has done with the prize money. I think it is fair to follow up–even if the 60 days have not passed–because the money, according to US law, should have been immediately turned over.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for Obama’s tax returns in April to see where the money went.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

The Kaffir in Chief (Obama) will find a way to keep this money. He is a typical kaffir - he will not donate the money, like the superior whites typically do.

Anonymous said...

The USA is currently in a froth as Obama promised, during his election campaign, to show all the health care negotiations on C-SPAN - not once but 8 times. Of course this didn't happen and all the wheeling and dealing (bribing) was done behind closed doors, out of public sight. What gets me is the most sincere way that Obama promised showing it on C-SPAN (FOX news put a package together). Americans have lost all trust in him (rightly so) and his popularity is now below 50% (once at 65%). Lets hope he keeps this up and continues to show his true colors and the USA people wake up!!!

Anonymous said...

The question is, is the prize money a "gift" or something else like a monetary reward? If not strictly a gift then he could keep it.