Thursday, January 14, 2010

O Canada: Why Do We Have To Import Haitians?

For the record; Canada's racist Governor General is from Haiti. So it seems, we will now have Haitians running around, all over the place, instead of Somalians for a change.

OTTAWA -- The federal government is evacuating Canadians from Haiti and may institute a humanitarian immigration program to allow hundreds or thousands of Haitians into Canada.

The first 100 Canadians evacuated from Haiti by this country's military are en route to Montreal via the Dominican Republic and are scheduled to arrive at 11:30 p.m. ET Thursday at Trudeau airport.

"Over the next few days, we hope to evacuate as many Canadians as possible," Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon said Thursday.

The evacuations were announced at a news conference along with the government's program to match individual Canadian donations to registered charities providing relief to earthquake victims in Haiti. Funds, which will be allocated to Canadian and international relief organizations already established in Haiti, will be matched up to a total of $50-million, International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda announced.

"Many Canadians are deeply concerned about the suffering and loss of life as a result of this catastrophe in Haiti," Ms. Oda said in a written announcement. "Canadian citizens have shown time and again their generosity with countries in urgent need, and our government is prepared to match their contributions dollar for dollar."

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney was examining the possibility of easing immigration rules to allow Haitians into Canada, where more than 100,000 Haitians live, many in Montreal.

Mr. Cannon said Quebec is looking into what it can do under its immigration program, suggesting the two governments would work together. No decision had been made as of Thursday morning.

The first group of what could be hundreds of Canadians air lifted out by Canadian Forces in coming days were travelling via the Dominican Republic.

About 6,000 Canadians live in Haiti, about 700 are registered at the embassy in the capital, Port-au-Prince, and more than 100 have taken shelter in tents at the embassy compound. They have food, water and power supplied by generators.

Mr. Cannon said the evacuations, in which injured and children are given priority, will continue "as long as there is a requirement to be able to do it."

The situation would ease when commercial flights are operating again after the U.S. military restores full service at the airport at Port-au-Prince.

"The first wave of evacuees has arrived in the Dominican Republic with approximately 100 Canadians on-board, and will continue on to Montreal to arrive late this evening," Mr. Cannon said. "They will be arriving on the Hercules aircraft that travelled to Haiti yesterday. Over the next few days, we hope to evacuate as many Canadians as possible as we continue our operations in Haiti."

The new initiatives were announced as the first component of the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART), the Canadian military disaster operation, was en route to Haiti, carrying water purification equipment and other vital assistance.

Defence Minister Peter MacKay said two ships, HMCS Halifax and HMCS Athabascan carrying a Sea King helicopter, were expected to leave Halifax on Thursday and would take four to five days to arrive with relief supplies. A C-17 transport aircraft, carrying a Griffon helicopter, was scheduled to head out from Trenton, Ont., Thursday.

Mr. MacKay said Canada is creating a "substantial footprint" in Haiti with its quick relief efforts.

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Anonymous said...

Canada has more than enough of third world trash from Haiti. yet somehow we are so stupid and self-destructive more will be imported into this country. As it is now Haitians are responsible for a lot of crime. And they are despised by all.....useless turds.

Viking said...

Fuck, no.
They are worse than Somalians and that's saying something.

Could we not just pay them to stay there?
I think I support aid after all....

Anonymous said...

Haiti represents a very interesting situation, which has simply been brought into focus with the current tragedy.

They have been "independent" for about 20 years, and so it is difficult for the liberal/PC idiots to blame colonialism for the nonstop catastrophe that has always been, and is Haiti.

Of all the places in the world, this one has to be up there for the imposition of what Murray & Hernstein called in "The Bell Curve", a 'custodial society'. And I am talking here about its imposition by the UN, with the full knowledge and support of the World Government PC crowd, for whom Haiti is the ongoing, draining sore that forever gives the lie to all the BS they speak.

In the spirit of "never wasting a crisis", watch out for martial rule in Haiti, to be sparked by the riots to come, and imposed by the UN. For a long time.


Anonymous said...

Why do the liberals feel sorry for these lazy savage kaffirs?They are not, and never will be productive members of society.

Anonymous said...

Jesus, I feel depressed at this news.

Anonymous said...

When in Canada, the lazy kaffirs will be sitting in their government paid for housing, eating government food, and collecting government welfare.

When they feel like getting off of their lazy butts, the welfare Haitian kaffirs will go out into the neighborhood to murder, rob and rape.

Why are liberal politicians so stupid?

Anonymous said...

Since 1994, the USA (and other countries) have poured over $3BILLION into this god-forsaken country. A UN advisor admitted today on Fox News that the money is unaccounted for (big surprise). When Bill Clinton was in office, Haiti was his "special" interest country where he made sure $$$ went to - with NOTHING to show for it. I'd give them nothing and let them sort themselves out. Hopefully the strong (with IQ's) will survive to lead their country out of the corruption; lawlessness and gangsterism that they currenty live under...

Anonymous said...

Oh please anon, in Norway they get free movie tickets too. This I am told is to help them intergrate. Free house, food, money, movie tickets, health care - fuck I just might go and live in Canada. Oh...wait - Hutley!

Anonymous said...

Ag no!

Dmitri said...

There is a song with lyrics..."it's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine..."

Reading everyday about how the poor kaffirs have to be helped in everything makes me want to puke. Haiti independant for 30 plus years and look at the place (before the 7.0 quake). Can you honestly tell me that in 20 years of "self rule" they could not at least keep it clean???

Anonymous said...

Please get your facts straight. Haiti got independence from france on 1 January 1804. That makes them independent for the past 206 years. Not 20 years or 30 years as in the comments above

Anonymous said...

Haiti's been independant for over 2 centuries - not 20 or 30 years

Viking said...

I think Dmitri means since the end of the Duvalier dictatorship ...

but, yeh - 200 years without colonialism and Haiti hasn't progressed an inch despite billions in aid.

But don't worry, they have plenty of child slaves to help rebuild:

Anonymous said...

Actual i do think Anonymous@8.27 is correct.

I am black, and Haiti represents a huge public relations nightmare for black people, not to mention the seeming correctness of the Bell Curve.

Today one of the main reasons they use for their abject failure is that 200yrs ago the western countries imposed a trade embargo on them, and thus the rest is history. Look at eastern europe - Lithuania, estonia, croatia, latvia, even the armenians and abkhazians are barely 20 yrs old(post communist europe) and yet they have developed far better systems.

Black people cannot continue hiding away from the truth of their failures (this is why I really hate the PC police).

1). Most of the poorest countris in the world are in africa. We have most of the resources that the world needs, so why not form a cartel and get more for our resources - CORRUPTION & SELFISHNESS = SICK VALUE SYSTEM.

2). Corruption - exists all around the world.
European official gets $10 million, he and friends skim off $1million (eastern europe), western europe, maybe $100 000.00.
African official gets $10m, he and friends take $9m, and leave only $1m for the majority.

What erks me most is that Africa (alongside Russia and Canada) are the only 3 places in the world that are resource sufficient and self-sustaining without need of outside help, and yet we are the butt of every negative joke.

Maybe there is a curse somewhere, but that would be a new excuse.

To annoymous@1.35, sorry the greater your I.Q in africa, the more likely you are killed off first by the less smart, but heavily armed vilage thugs. Look at Zim (teachers killed and persecuted), In Congo and even southern Sudan, Sierra Leonne (Doctors killed - how dumb can you get, what if you're shot up, who is going to treat you?.

Africa is regressing (In Uganda there is an increase in withcraft, trade in body parts, especially of albino's). everywhere else there is this delusion that building nice big tall structures makes you developed, yet you ignore basic educational, research and heath infrastructure.

Maybe the impending implosion is needed so as to get a new start for the continent. Hopefully nature will have found a genious way of making sure most of the survivors have higher IQ and developed values.

Anonymous said...


However, regardless of all the negative history of Haiti. I hope they do save as many lives as they can and Hopefully the country and the people of Haiti get a new start, and maybe turn a new page in their history.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, a typo; I meant 200 years of independence, not 20.

Mea culpa.

Point is, it's not our fault; if anything should sober up the liberals, it's the state of Haiti after 200 yrs of "ruling" themselves.