Thursday, December 31, 2009

More Joys of Diversity; Wolverhampton Fifth Worse City on Earth

Why Wolverhampton? Could it just be the Wolverhampton is one of the most "diverse" cities in the United Kingdom?
25% of the population are "minorities". That's one hell of a minority. Wolverhampton is living proof that Diversity is a failure. Who ever thought it would be otherwise?

From YahooNews:

Civic leaders in Wolverhampton rejected the findings of a Lonely Planet survey which ranked the city as the fifth worst place on earth.

Wolverhampton on world's worst list

The list, topped by the US city of Detroit and based on traveller feedback, saw the West Midlands city deemed to be less attractive than the capital of El Salvador, as well as other "hated" cities in India, Tanzania and Mexico.

Wolverhampton was placed fifth on a revised Lonely Planet list of nine most hated cities following "swift and fierce" reaction to an initial request for travellers' least favourite destinations.

On its website, Lonely Planet gave reasons for the selection of the cities other than Wolverhampton, describing Seoul in South Korea as having no heart or spirit.

But Wolverhampton, which can trace its history back to 985 AD, was described as being "so bad that we don't even have it on this site!"

In a statement, the leader of Wolverhampton City Council, Neville Patten, said it was "quite obvious" that representatives of the respected travel guide publisher had failed to visit the city.

Mr Patten said: "The picture they paint of Wolverhampton is not an accurate one.

"If they had come here, they would have seen that Wolverhampton is one of the most progressive cities in Britain. Wolverhampton is such a friendly, open place which is why so many people want to come and live and work here.

"We have first class facilities for residents and visitors and this is certainly not a downtrodden or Third World city.

"I would like to invite Lonely Planet to actually come here and take a tour so they can see for themselves what a vibrant place it is."

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Anonymous said...

The Wolverhampton City Council sound a bit like FNB's Homecoming Revolution: no substance.

beefykeefy said...

yow cor beat it its bostin

Anonymous said...

What Mr Patten meant to say is "it will soon be downtrodden and a third world city"...