Sunday, January 10, 2010

Matric exemption passes less than earlier reported

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Jan 8, 2010 4:46 PM By Sapa

Only 19.8 percent of matrics qualified for higher education, not 32 percent as Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga announced, her department said.

Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga at the announcement of the national senior certificate grade 12 examination results for 2009 at the media centre Union Building
Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga at the announcement of the national senior certificate grade 12 examination results for 2009 at the media centre Union Building

Photograph by: EIZABETH SEJAKE

The figure of 32 percent quoted in the minister's speech was a calculation based on the total number of learners who had passed, and not on the number of learners who wrote the examinations," said departmental spokesman Granville Whittle in a statement.

Media reports on Thursday quoted the minister's speech, reporting that matrics with bachelor passes had increased from 18 percent in 2008 to 32 percent in 2009, a figure that showed a significant increase in university entrance passes.

"The correct percentage for the number of learners who have attained a bachelor's degree pass in the end of year examinations in 2009 is 19.8 percent," said Whittle, adding that the percentage excluded the additional bachelor's degree passes that were expected after the supplementary examinations to be written next month.

The incorrect percentage was a genuine error by the department, which was then provided to Motshekga. Neither the minister nor the department wished to mislead the public on matters that had such importance, said Whittle.

"As soon as this error was noted during the minister's statement on the results in Pretoria on Thursday, all journalists present were alerted to the fact."

Motshekga had been forthright throughout the process and had presented the "disappointing" results for public scrutiny, Whittle said.

In 2008 the percentage of learners who attained a bachelor's degree pass in the examinations was 18 percent of those who wrote.

Once the additional passes from supplementary examinations from 2009 were included, that percentage increased to about 20 percent of those who had written.

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Anonymous said...

Why do they refer to it as a bachelors pass? It isn't. It is a university exemption. It means you are exempt from having to write a university entrance exam; although these days I don't know anymore.

Anonymous said...

Our Minista of Edkesion looks highly intelligent! No wonder we have such glowing results.

h said...

I hate the way they call students 'learners'. They are students!

Islandshark said...

Any person with the slightest bit of common sense would have questioned that change in percentage in two consecutive years.

Unless you live in a country governed by criminal thugs where you don't actually believe either of the numbers, so it doesn't really matter anyway...

Anonymous said...

Why do all the SA ministers look mildly retarded, or is that a stupid question?
Maybe it's all the years of Marxist brainwashing.

Anonymous said...

..this angie, what a vision of lovliness and beauty...intelligence personified..

Islandshark said...

@ Anon 12:53 - How about Marxist indoctrination, sub-70 IQ and a good helping of mud hut mentality thrown into the mix for perfect idiocy.

Exzanian said...

If you add in the fact that 90% of those that passed are in any event unemployable, this revision does not make much of a difference. It's all just fodder for the underclass. No leaders, just more criminals, more beggars, more victims of the legacy of apartheid. The shit will bloom.

Anonymous said...

There is something that is obviously forgotten. Over 97 percent of the IEB matriculants passed. The IEB matric is provided by private schools, and is considered of higher quality than the state matric.

I wonder what the racial composition is?

Anonymous said...

To add to my earlier comment; 80% of the IEB matriculants received a university exemption.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder why the mineesta of Edyookashunn did not question the massive increase in lennuzz who managed to paaas. Was there not some concern over substandard matric papers before it was pointed out that the statistics were Rather African.